Monday, December 8, 2014

The Revelation #OFW63

We waited until office hours to book our flight going to Bacolod City. I brought Aira with my own accord that I greatly took care of her even in a single minute. Inside the plane, I thoroughly watched her but she slept all throughout our travel. I, on the other hand felt the extreme emotional worry that I cannot explained. The thing that bothered me was unknown to my conscious mind, but I anticipated these deep inside.

After disembarkation, we went to the city center, looked for a hotel and rest until lunch time. I chained Aira on the bed, went outside the hotel to buy her personal supplies. When I’m back, she’s sitting looking at me that I put the plastic bag in front of her saying nothing. I gave her wrists a freedom to check the content of the bag.

“Can I have a bath now…,” she said while taking her clothes off. I answered, “Yes,” in a manner that I felt awkward about her actuation. She’s young and beautiful I knew that from the start. I was not inclined for her situation. All that matters to me was the game that excites me, and the energy that’s being released by my body when in danger. I needed it; I knew it.

I saw her came out in the bathroom wrapping her body with towel. She went directly to me sitting in a sofa.

“Where’s my new dress? You bought some personal hygiene only?” She demanded like a child in front of me. I got surprised by her action that I stood at once and held her arms.

“Don’t worry…I’ll stay with you until the end.” She surprised me again, that I went outside the hotel and bought her a pair of jeans and T-shirts. I came back hurriedly, opened our hotel room and find her in the kitchen making smoothies for both of us.

“Where did you get that stuff?” I asked her.

“Inside the fridge, why?”

“Nothing…is it fresh?”

“Yes…try this..,” as she gave me the drink. I tasted it and gulped instantly.

“Do you trust me now sir?”

“Why I have to do that to you?”

“Because I liked to be with you…I mean….always be with you. You know, I’m longing for my father for a long time now. My grandfather wanted us to forget him.”

I kept my silence thinking of my situation looking at her while she’s talking; when a sudden banged at the door made us both to be near each other and hide at the back of the fridge, where the towel wrapping her naked body dropped at the floor. I hastily got the towel in a crouching position and gave it to her. I fingered the gun that I kept inside my pants.

“Marco, I know you are there…where’s the girl? Let’s stop this craziness of yours!” I heard Danielle shouting at the other end of the dining hall. I knew it’s her.

“Why you wanted the girl?” I shouted back at her where my energy started to rise.

“You don’t know? I saw her in Manila….. I’m sure she’s my daughter! Don’t be a fool Marco!”

With my amazement for what I’ve heard, I suddenly looked at Aira who was looking for me too. “Danielle…your mother…,” as I whispered to her. She nodded positively. “Why my mother’s here?”

I caught by my sudden emotion that I held Aira’s body to stand up, clamped my left hand over her shoulder and make her a shield to Danielle.

“Are you alone? Show yourself at the open! Now!”

I viewed Danielle aiming a gun, eyes on us and ever ready to kill. I estimated my position to her angle and anticipated the recourse in defending Aira too. My conscience was to defend Aira, not as a shield but bait for Danielle to come out openly.

“Now Danielle, who is this girl I’m holding?”

“She’s my daughter Shaira!”

“Our daughter…?”

“Yes Marco!”

I whispered into Aira’s ear, “Is she your mother?”

“Yes…,” that she started to cry and said, “Why the two of you are fighting each other?”

I didn’t answer for Airas’ question instead, I asked Danielle, “Where’s Roger Ferrer….your husband?”

“He’s with Mike Luna at your house.”

“He’s alive?”


“Are you sure?”

“I said yes!”

“Then why you’re alone in pursuing me?”

“Because I want to get my daughter….that Roger didn’t want me to!”


“He wanted the money only….not my daughter!”

All of the sudden, I saw Danielle fall on the floor and blood started to spread onto the carpet. Aira cried miserably, ran into Danielle’s lifeless body and shouted in pain. I pulled her shouting, “Come…quick…”


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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Female Hostage #OFW62

When we arrived, I parked the car in front of the gate. I held the lady’s arm pretending to be my lover. I opened the door, seated her at the sofa and tied her wrists and mouth.

“Now, can you answer my question please? Cooperate with me, do what I told you to do…then you’re safe. Do not make any move that makes me angry, understood?”

She nodded with fear in her eyes….full of tears.

It’s evening time that I went into the bathroom to cool myself from the tiring chasing incidents. It gives me the liberty to release the tension from being chased by the two-hungry people. My wound’s deep when I checked, that I hastily dried myself, went outside the house to buy medical items from the nearest pharmacy.

She’s still there looking at me while I’m busy tending my wound, took off my mask, maybe she’s amazed with my facial feature; different from what she thought to be.

I’ve got the bullet inside my flesh, applied medicines and wrapped with bandage. I prepared our food, gave to her a plate which she eluded at first, but I insisted that she had to ate the food. I helped her when my mobile phone rang, “Marco, it’s me, Mike Luna. You heard the news about the chaos that you made?”

“Not yet Mike, I’m not reading the newspaper.”

“Be careful with the police and other government authorities…they’re following you.”

“Of course I will Mike.”

“Marco…Roger’s dead and Danielle left for this job.”

“Ohhh I see….what happened to him?”

“He was shot by the police yesterday in San Agustin Church in Intramuros. And, I heard that you captured a lady with you?”

“Yes Mike, I’m feeding her now.”

“So, where’s Danielle now?”

“She already knew your apartment and the girl…”

“The girl why?”

“She’s together with a man, right?”


“Danielle knows the identity of that man…that she wanted to help him.”

“Well…tell her to find me…and beat me…and kill me!”

“Where’s your next destination, so that I can give a hint to Danielle?”

“Where I studied…my college years….”

“Okay Marco…don’t worry at all…I’m here for you…bye!”


I kept wondering why Mike Luna said that, but I observed the girl, she’s beautiful like Danielle’s beauty. I sat beside her carrying my canned beer because my intention was to asked her identity. And, I’m curious about her; that I had to know so that I could talk to her when I needed something.

“What’s your name?”


“How old are you?”

“Seventeen going to eighteen…”

“Not a girl anymore but a lady….a woman…..right?”

“Yes sir….”

Still looking at her I remember my daughter but I persuaded myself for other things to talk about.

“When you need something or going to the bathroom, kindly tell me okay?”

She nodded and looked at me. I checked the house and the surrounding for our security. Any moment Danielle will shower us with bullets from her machine gun.

I switched on the TV; Saan Ka Man Naroroon was aired at that time. I watched the drama episode for twenty minutes which Aira’s watching too.

“You want to clean yourself first before sleeping? Tomorrow…I’ll buy you some of your personal items…I mean personal hygiene stuff…”

“Sir…not now...tomorrow after you buy me…”

“Buy me what?”

“I mean sir….personal…things…tomorrow…”

“Okay…go to sleep now...tomorrow we’ll travel.”

I handed-in one of the throw pillow to her which she accepted and hugged instantly. She has the charisma that pulled my being into her, to know her fully and why. I kept my distance to her, I swore to myself before sleeping near her.

I dreamed of something’s scary that I suddenly woke up, looked at the wall clock and it’s two in the early morning. I tried to decipher my dream but in vain. The stillness gave me the feeling of remoteness inside my heart. I observed Aira in the other side; she’s sleeping tightly. I sat down to clear my mind for a minute, went to the kitchen and drank a bottle of orange juice.

I heard a faint sound coming from the front door which I quickly went to the door and observed. I am sure somebody’s outside near the car where I parked. I peeped in the curtain that I saw a shadow near the car and other one at far end of the road. I squatted for a while, went to Aira in crouching position and woke her up.

“Aira wake up…quick….,” whispering to her but with urgency. She followed what I said where I gathered my things especially the back pack. It’s always ready and handy. We groped our way to the back door in the kitchen going to the concrete wall where I pushed her up totally into the other side. I carefully lifted her up for easy access to the narrow way going to the other street. We ran as fast as we can, going to Roxas Boulevard but the assassins were following us. They’re not together on this pursuit but instead allowing themselves to run after us.

As we ran farther from them heading to the corner of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard, we turned right going to EDSA-Pasay Rotonda, where I decided to enter into a Beer House. But the assassin fired a shot to us that a customer was hit in the stomach. The Police Patrol car arrived in the Beer House that we distanced ourselves to the place. We continued running even though dangers were looming to us.

I stopped a taxi cab which gave us freedom to go wherever we want, but it’s me who would decide for this game. My planned travel going to Bacolod City was finally materialized for this event. Even though I’m not sure which way I’ll decide to go, still, my conscience dictated me to proceed.

The thing that kept on bugging was the way the assassin stared at Aira when we’re in the Beer House. I knew its Danielle alone, but why she’s acting that way?

“Brother, take us to Manila Domestic Airport…hurry please…”

“Okay sir.”

We disembarked at the taxi cab, went inside an open restaurant and seated at the secluded area near the restroom. I ordered two meals for us and wait.

“Don’t make a move that betray me okay? Behave….if you don’t, there’s no other way but put this in your wrists.”

“Okay sir…I’ll behave as what you’ve said.

Our food arrived after ten minutes and I asked the waiter, “Friend, is there a travel agency here that’s open this hour?”

“No sir…just ask the one in-charge inside that terminal….if you can avail as a chance passenger.”

“Okay thank you.”

We ate our food without saying a word, just glancing to each other once in a while. I don’t want to reveal my true self to her. And, why I have to do it? She’ll ask me if she wants something. I looked at her, observed and gobbled up the remaining burger.

“You want some more?” I asked her while my mouth was full.

“I’m full...sir…”

“Don’t be shy…I want to eat some more...”

“And why you’re eating that much? Are you going to die?”

“I’m doing this as a game to excite me.”

“Life is beautiful, do you know that sir? Like this one, eating our food to live…for tomorrow.”

“Are you hoping to live when your life is in danger?” I asked her with sarcastic tone.

“You see, we eat our food as much as we want…. to live. Our lives depend on what we decided upon for ourselves…..”

“Maybe….maybe not….it depends…,” when my mobile rang, disturbing my thoughts about life. “Hello…Mike, what’s up?”

“Marco, where are you now?”

“In Manila, why? Is there an update?”

“Yes Marco, I disposed Roger’s body secretly…and…everything’s okay according to our agreements…and…Danielle asked me your whereabouts?”

“As what I’ve said….heading to where I’ve studied my college education…Mike, did Danielle hired another assassin for this game?”

“No, I think….none…none whatsoever…”

“Okay bye! I trusted you Mike about this game.”



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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Game FX Forever #OFW61

I hurriedly left the stage, walked briskly towards the sanctuary room, open the locked door and undressed naked. I hastily put on the camouflage, get dressed and carried my back pack. I opened the secret passage where the vehicle was parked for this purpose. I switched it on, push the accelerator and left through the back door.

From Santa Cruz, Cavite City I traveled to San Rafael 2 up to San Rafael 3 going to San Sebastian, Kawit. I stopped the car at the roadside to urinate, but observed the place and the situation. I continued my unknown journey while I read the pamphlet about Cavite province.

Cavite, one of the provinces comprising the Southern Tagalog Region, lies immediately at the southwestern entrance of Manila Bay across the Bataan Peninsula. It extends eastward along its shoreline in the north up to the historical Zapote Bridge and the inland terrain in the south up to Carmona. It is bounded on the east by the provinces of Rizal and Laguna, on the south by the province of Batangas, on the west by Philippine Sea and on the north by Manila Bay and the City of Manila.

My mind’s wandering where I can give Danielle and Roger the value for their effort to do this Game FX. I liked the mountainous terrain but the setting in the city can give more excitement to me. I decided to travel heading to Redemptorist Church in Baclaran.

I entered, kneeled at the pew and released the things inside my heart. I prayed for my children, the people who trusted me and to all Filipinos who suffered poverty and discrimination. I washed my soul with the tears that I could not control anymore. I stood up, made a sign of the cross and slowly walked to the Dimasalang Street where my heart’s crumpled over my family because of the fire that gutted my house. I can still smell the burned-ashes of my struggling neighbors who toiled day and night for meager salary for a family of ten members. The same were true for Overseas Filipino Workers, who dreamed to have a better paycheck abroad, but their souls were being sold to the history of the Philippines.

I looked around to savor the emptiness that I felt where it’s better those days when I have nothing, no money to depend upon, where I sacrificed myself to fulfill my dreams. Now that I reached those dreams, still I’m empty deep inside….wanted to end life… I continued walking until I saw an apartment with sign board hanging at the steel gate; it’s written, “Apartment for Rent.” I thought, the best way to have a shelter while gaining insights about the Game FX and I could devote my spare time hanging with my worries. I brought my ATM card that I used to withdraw money for the payment and for my daily undertaking.

I talked to the owner of the apartment near GGCruz Street near the Redemptorist Church, paid him and ready to organize the new place. I took off my camouflage, cleaned the apartment and installed some decors and lightings. Whatever the result for all this game, I’m sure that it’ll surely excite me all along. I lived by myself for a month in that area, that I trusted some neighbors to do the maintenance of the place. It’s Wednesday morning, Baclaran were full of vendors all over the place especially at the front of the Church. I was inside the church praying when I saw Danielle passed by my side. I slowly stood up rearing to go out when Mike called on my new phone imported from Finland which he gave me the updates of Danielle and Roger, “Marco, it’s been a month since you left the house, and more news are circulating that you’re hiding somewhere in the north of Luzon. So, give me the update always, so that I could relay some hint to Danielle and Roger, to make this feasible, okay?”

“Okay Mike….I’m in between of Paranaque and Pasay…a place to worship…”

“I see…for them…they’re near…in your place...They have a mobile phone too, all of us are connected to each other…They can hear our conversation…okay Marco? Beware of the authorities….do not entangle with them…they’re moving too because of this Game FX..”

“Thank you Mike…bye!”

I switched off the mobile phone, put it on my pocket and carry my back pack and heading towards the back gate going to the narrow street full of vendors. I can hear the beating of my heart; my eyes were focused to where I saw the lone shadow of man wearing black jogging suit. I knew it. It’s him…Roger. He’s following me that I hastily find my way up to Baclaran LRT station. I queued for my card where Roger was behind me. I quickly entered into the train while I searched him in the throng of passengers. I positioned myself standing in the aisle, so that I could have time to run in case Roger appeared. But when I faced to the other side, Roger whispered to me.

“Do not move Marco…you see this inside my jacket?” I looked at him squarely without saying a word. He whispered again, “We’ll get off at the next station…Vito Cruz Station…do not make a scene…do as I told you.”

We disembarked at the Vito Cruz Station, where Roger’s behind me. He followed me up to the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. I saw group of youngsters wearing basketball sports outfit, which I ran to the group, hide from Roger’s view and hurriedly ran fast as I can heading to Harrison Plaza Shopping Center.

Roger still following me running but my energy was helping me. I hid at the Department Store where he passed by through the other business establishment. I went outside and continued to run but he saw me, that Roger fired his pistol which chaos inside the mall ensued.

I continued running up to the front door going to other side of the road, the Central Bank of the Philippines side. I kept on running until the intersection of Roxas Boulevard and Vito Cruz Street, turned right heading to the Luneta Park. My actions triggered some passersby that I changed my way near the seawall. I watched my back while jogging where I could view the position of Roger. He’s nowhere to be found that I slowly searched him in the crowd. But I was wrong; he’s following me all the way.

I felt my blood rushing all over my body that my energy risen to the highest degree. I resumed my pace that at last, I went across the road to enter the Luneta Park, still reeling to be chased for enjoyment. I was heading towards the Luneta’s Fountain when Danielle appeared from nowhere, while Roger still following me. I ran to the other side heading to Intramuros where the two of them are behind me now.

At the secluded area, Danielle fired his gun to me which hit my left arm. Blood oozing continuously that I tied with my handkerchief while running into the San Agustin Church. I entered the church and hid under the small altar. I saw a lady together with a man kneeling and praying. I managed to tie carefully the wound in my arm and observed them.

They entered the church searching for me that the man and the woman were disturbed with their prayers. Danielle and Roger passed by their side without noticing them. I grabbed the young woman to make her a shield, but the man started to jump at me, but I eluded him. I aimed the gun at him and hold the young woman tightly.

Danielle and Roger saw the incident but they’re far from us. So, I hurriedly pushed the lady outside the church.

“You have a car!!” I shouted at her.

“Yes…over there…”

“Where’s the key? Hurry!!”

“Here,” as she gave it to me.

I hastily opened the door, “Get inside…hurry!!!”

I drove the car, speeding as fast as I can going back to Luneta Park at the Roxas Boulevard, where I instantly thought to bring her at my apartment in Baclaran. She started to cry inside the car. I looked at her without any feeling at all. Sorry, I thought to myself.


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Friday, November 28, 2014

The Media And The Beginning Of Game FX #OFW60

“I’m excited to know that people all around the globe are focused on my endeavor…I like it Mike…it makes me feel very important person, that they’ll give their attention to me…And, it’ll erase the worries I have had…Mike please, I need this very badly…,” as my tears are falling down my cheeks which I knew deep down my heart that I loved my children from Ayah Isabel and Danielle.

“Marco….don’t…I can’t …please don’t …I can’t bear to see you like this…come on man!!”

“Mike….I’m lonely…I missed my children…”

“You need your booster now? I’ll get it for you?”

“Yes…before I begin with my Game FX…yes Mike. You know, those drugs are giving me much energy to live…to keep living….but I’m dead inside!”

“I know Marco…I know…relax okay?”

I stood in front of the huge mirror looking with my reflection, asking if it’s me or another person inside of me. I’ve got no answer but still I continued looking the wholeness of Marco Fernando, the thrill-seekers. I removed my shirt, got naked fully and again looked the image of myself. I turned to the left, turned to the right and fingered a pouch of diamonds. I went to the bathroom for my shower, towel-dried my body and back in front of the mirror naked when Mike appeared at the door.

“Marco, get ready now….one more hour to go, we’ll start the party. The crowds are very eager to see and ask you some questions.”

“Yes I’m ready.”

“Put on your brief Marco and the servant will massage your whole body…light massage will do….”

“Okay fine.”

After 10 minutes of light massage, another servant gave a glass of orange juice and took a rest on my bed.

The time has come for me to wear my single-breasted tuxedo suit with the help of my servant. Another whole body viewing of myself together with the servant; I was satisfied with my outfit when Mike entered, embraced me tightly and said, “Good luck Marco Fernando, you’re the best!” While holding his shoulders I said, “Thank you…I love you brother!”

Mike escorted me from my room going to the huge veranda overlooking the gigantic receiving area for our guests. The scene was so panoramic, grandeur and elegant. Even I couldn’t decipher my true feeling about my status as a billionaire.

I looked down at the guests who stared and applaused when I raised my right hand to them waving. I am not an actor in the movie; especially in opera house, but I had the charisma to tumbling them down through my antics. I used this before and it’s needed now.

Two beautifully sculptured stair railings are built for this purpose which made my entrance a dramatic one.

Cameras and videos of different brands, started to blind my vision. It hurts. I knew it. I continued my everlasting smile to them descending from the stairs together with Mike and the guards. I don’t like this way, it’s like I’m a prisoner!

I remembered those times when Ayah Isabel and I were walking from West Avenue up to the Luneta Park to discover something beautiful about Manila. Those were the days...those struggling moment of our lives...those stairways to my life...alone.

I couldn’t believe that Danielle contributed so much with my life ever since I was a struggling student; a nobody from the province of Negros Occidental, a trying hard person with lots of dreams, a dreamer, but now, I wanted Danielle to kill the erase those dreams.

I slowly went up the stage escorted by Mike Luna and the guards. I sat on the chair while Mike delivered his speech as the opening ceremony. I observed my guests sitting on their respective tables; buzzing and talking which made the area like an astrodome. Media people were moving from one place to the other to get the close-up footage of me and the activities.

In a table near the stage, I noticed Danielle and Roger were having their time chatting to each other, or discussing their strategy with the job? I don’t know, but all I knew Danielle wanted the job so much, to pin me down. I saw it in her eyes when I focused my sight on her. I liked what I saw on her eyes; her motivation to play this game.

At last, I stood behind the rostrum where I received a standing ovation for my guests. I waved my right hand, they stopped buzzing and I spoke my first words. “Good morning people….thank you for coming and I really glad your presence here today,” that I suddenly shouted, “Game FX!!” Everybody stood up and shouted; “Game FX” too, clapped their hands to the highest level. I raised my right hand again to silence them. It added to my ego to know that I can command them through this way.

“Today, it’s the starting point of the Game FX, truthfully, large sum of money’s at stake and the danger that comes with it. But this is my decision…its final. Agreement was approved by the two hit men. Truly, I think you know them too. Enjoy your food and drinks….All the guests will receive an envelope courtesy of my kindness to mankind. Mike will be in-charge for this gift. Right now, I’m ready to answer your queries...”

They applauded as a sign in thanking me. Media people at the front started to ask me.

“Sir Marco, I’m from FNN International; my question is….Why did you decided this dangerous game that could result to your death? Thank you.”

“I liked excitement….and I have all the material things that I ever wanted in my life. So, this excitement doubled when I knew that my ex-lover will do it.”

“Sir Marco Fernando, do you still love your ex-lover Danielle?”

“Actually, I have two children from her which she kept away from me….I missed them….She’s married now to Roger Ferrer, also, the accomplice for this Game FX.”

“And why you selected them to do this job, Sir?”

“As I said, it excites gives total the way I have to go, thank you.”

I hurriedly left the stage, walked briskly towards the sanctuary room, open the locked door and undressed naked. I hastily put on the camouflage, get dressed and carried my back pack. I opened the secret passage where the vehicle was parked for this purpose. I switched it on, push the accelerator and left through the back door.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

The Game FX #OFW59

Danielle and Roger Ferrer left the hotel after signing the documents and my men were ever ready to monitor them all the way.

After performing my daily ritual; injecting adrenalin-boost, workout and taking my diet pills, Mike reminded me to review once again the signed documents of Danielle and Roger. He persuaded a run-down for me to interpret by my own accord. I made these rules and I knew it beforehand that it’s very dangerous but I liked the excitement. Danielle could avenge her hatred to me and she could end up a millionaire too.

I knew Mike understood what I wanted him to do, but still kept on asking and reviewing about the agreement.

“Marco, do you realize this?”

“Yes Mike, I know what I’m doing.”

“Here on the document, it says that Danielle and Roger Ferrer follow you everywhere you go, find you…any terrain… and kill you….and your dead body must be brought to me to execute the transfer of money involve?”

“Yes Mike.”

“And, they must use any modern equipment to track you down including the old ones…as in anything they like to use against you?”

“Correct…and I can only use improvised objects…or tactics… manually to defend myself from them…and kill them too. Any military and authorities intervention must be kept at bay…if possible elude them….or eradicate them with my own accord. That’s the beauty of it…I liked it then…it excites me.”

“Marco, you don’t want to live anymore…it seems that living is like a game to you…why my friend?”

“I’m a damaged person, can’t you see Mike? I’ve got everything I have but I’m living with those drugs…and…and worries about my family…I’m alone…only you…don’t ask me anymore like that, okay Mike?”

"As you wish Marco…Also, in the document….you can use your ATM card only but not the actual money…and I will monitor the three of you…every hour. Gadgets are required for the three of you.”

“Yes Mike….rules must be followed by the three of us.”

“We have to announce this party, in the beginning of the game…..called Game FX…invites all classes of people; media, socialites, models, actors, actresses, banker, businessmen, writers, dancers, film makers, social climbers, friends, families, employees, politicians, etc..…etc…..Marco, it needs two months of preparation…..I supposed…”

“It’s a must Mike….to announce to the whole world….”Bored Billionaire Hired His Ex-Wife and Husband as Hit Men For The Game FX”…..Mike, am I correct…or…”Bored-Drug-Addict Billionaire Hired His Ex-Woman as Hitman To End His Life Called Game FX”….which one’s the best Mike?”

“Okay…okay Marco…but please....if ever you change your mind….just pray to God and ask forgiveness.”

“Hoping to find answers Mike….this is the only way…”

“I’ll start right away Marc…by the way, how’s your preparation for Game FX? Anything I can do for you?”

“Just check my adrenalin-booster, ATM bank cards and a rosary.”

“Okay Marco, I’ll go ahead with my assignments. Just stay foot here, don’t leave okay?”

I heard Mike last words but my mood swings indiscriminately that I nodded my head for confirmation. I stood up, went to my personal bar, poured whiskey on a transparent glass and gulped to quench my thirst. I poured another double shot to directly wash my throat towards my stomach. My body started to quiver profusely that I ran to the sanctuary room. The coldness of my flesh ran deeper into my bones, my vision formed distorted images and my mind’s floated into the air. I felt the world was distorted because of me. Images of the past kept hunting me forever. I can’t hide it anymore…Those evils remained on my being. I shouted in pain…”Living’s not an option anymore! You devil!! Go away! Go away!!!!!!”

Unknown feeling kept on agitating my soul, my vision’s vague and I held my body closer to my heart. I felt somebody’s injecting in my arm that I slowly recovered from wrath of the devils.

Outside the fence perimeter of my mansion, thronged of curious-media people; local and international, built their makeshift shelters in front my house. I can see them through my room where I observed some of their activities. They’re curious about Game FX and they wanted to know more about it. In fact, they arrived early as scheduled by Mike Luna.

It’s publicized globally; really, it made tremendous waves across the continents!

All over the world, Game FX was spreading like virus which gave hungry media people to know firsthand about my decision. Mike submitted some insights about the agreement we had with Danielle and Roger. Curiosity was the answer for some people why I have to hire my ex-lover as a hit woman and why I’ve decided this way, since I’m a billionaire.

Mike did all the preparations from decors, food, event personnel, servants, waiters and even maintenance staff. Every angle of his assignments was delicately composed of his prowess to organize people, equipment and time. It showed his ingenuity organizing this kind of event which composed of thousands of guests in one setting.

I was very happy for the result that I prepared myself for this occasion. My energy doubled when I knew that my plans are forming like what I wanted.

“Marco, the time has come, seven hours more….has to begin the party. Are you ready with your speech?”

“Yes Mike, I’m ready and excited!”

“I instructed our guards to strictly observe the policy, “For Invited Guests Only.”

“Great Mike….take good care of everything…my trust’s on you my friend.”

“I received reports that Ayah Isabel and your children are secluded in a secret place….Danielle and Roger too, in Dubai, they’re instant celebrities…but your two children for her…not to be found until now.”

“Thanks Mike, any more news?”

“There are other speculations that your soul’s condemned by the devil according to Christian’s believers. Government institutions all over the world are clamoring about this Game FX you’ve created, that the UN’s investigating about this, including the gigantic Americans. But, media and cyber people are fighting back for their freedom of expressions. Marco, this is much of a chaos when people notice you in the street….and media people will follow you everywhere…Are you aware of this friend?”

“I’m excited to know that people all around the globe are focused on my endeavor…I like it Mike…it makes me feel very important person, that they’ll give their attention to me…And, it’ll erase the worries I have had…Mike please, I need this very badly…,” as my tears are falling down my cheeks which I knew deep down my heart that I loved my children from Ayah Isabel and Danielle.


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The Meeting with Danielle and Roger #OFW58

Our meeting is scheduled seven in the evening at the Paradise Inn and Suites Eagle Ridge in Cavite; a beautiful place with clean and comfortable rooms. The venue was suitable for my taste and well-being. Mike rented a private place for us to talk personally and ensured that the waiters are fully advice for this purpose. I position myself on the table facing the garden with man-made falls along the open space of the hotel side. It reminds me of the beautiful scenes I saw while visiting other places outside the Philippines. Mike’s standing beside the concrete pillar holding the suitcase, waiting for the invited visitors.

I view the couple approaching me at the table and I instantly stood up to greet them, “Hi Danielle….Roger…take your seats...nice to see both of you again…” Both of them sat on their respective places saying nothing with my greeting. The waiter approach us to take our orders. I sensed their aloofness to me that I changed my strategy, for them to catch my bait. I kept my silence looking at them squarely. They noticed the situation that Roger started to talk.

“Marco, we’re glad to see you again.”

“Me too, but it seems that your wife’s...,” my word’s trailing deep inside my throat.

“Forgive her Marco, she’s happy too…but…,” Roger stops and looks at his wife.

“I hated you so much Marco….that I want this meeting very badly!” Danielle said suddenly.

“Ohhh I see….then it’s the best time to talk to you Danielle. Can I ask you why you hated me so much?”

“You knew it bastard!”

“Me a bastard? It’s you my Lady Danielle…looks at you now......a poor-struggling lady of the beautiful city of Dubai?”

Danielle stops abruptly when she sensed my anger. She turned her head sideway to the left where she can view Mike and three of my men are sitting in another table.

“You know Danielle…Roger…I know all about the two of you….everything…that I heard…you want to talk to me? Am I right?”

“Yes Marco, that’s right.” Roger answered. “Sorry for my wife’s behavior.”

“Then…tell her to behave in front of me…you need me more than I need the two of you!” I shouted at them, faking my way to get them.

“Sorry Marco…I’m very sorry…” Roger said while Danielle keeps her silence looking at me.

“Then, how can I help you?”

“We need large sum of money now…have to pay for our debts.”

“How much?”

“Five million pesos.”

“Five million? How can you pay for that amount Roger?”

“I’ll try my very best to pay you….,” then Roger looked at his wife.

“What’s my assurance for this agreement?” I asked them squarely.

Suddenly, Mike signaled to me where I excused myself and stood up. He reported the additional subjects about the couple which gave me another idea in gaining the situation. I came back on the table and spoke.

“Forget it Roger…I have an offer for you and your wife. I will double that amount if you agree with me.” I make a sign to Mike about the suitcase and he hand over one folder to me. “ it, I’ll give you thirty minutes to read and decide…you can leave and be back here after 30 minutes, okay?”

“Okay Marco.”

They left at once heading to their hotel room without knowing that I instructed my men to monitor them at the CCTV. After five minutes, one of my men reported to me that the two are fighting for their decisions. Danielle wanted so much about the money and to take her revenge with me. While Roger has the inkling of her decision, keep his stand but wanted the money very badly.

“Okay, continue monitoring them until they’ll coming back here…go..go..”

“Yes sir…yes.”

Mike and I waited for my men to report again, but I viewed them all coming to us on the table.

“Mike hurry…talk to them…and report to me even they’re here…go!.”

When the couple appeared, I used my acting ability to persuade them even though I’m not saying a word. That’s the way I’ve learned when dealing with bastard people like Danielle. I observed that it works well, and I opened up my acting strategy. I posed Italian-style, shrugged my shoulders and looked at them directly onto their eyes. “So, what can I expect from both of you now?”

“Yes Marco…I agree with your terms and conditions….all the way,” Roger said confidently.

“Okay, then Roger….could you please step back…I’d like to talk to Danielle alone?”

“Yes sure Marco.”

Roger stood up, sat beside Mike in another table nearby. I started to release what I want to say to Danielle.

“Now that you approved with my terms, I give you this chance, remember…” I said to Danielle.

“Yes Marco…. because I want you dead!”

“I’m sure you will…because you’re nothing now…and I’m ahead of you a billion times…see Danielle…that’s why I dare you to catch me…once and for all…or you still love me?”

“You fool Marco…I hated you so much…I’ll kill you this time to avenge for my children!” Danielle shouted at me.

“So, you brainstormed them for your baleful motives? Oh, what a wonderful mother you are Danielle! They’re my children too! You took away from me….You knew that I loved them, that’s why you kept away from me!” I shouted with rage that Mike came nearer to me, pulled me out behind the wall. He injected through my arm that I calmed down instantly. I went back for the couple, “I expect both of you….don’t be late.” I said to them before leaving the place. Mike and my attorney prepared the documents to be signed by them, explained fully the agreement and answered their questions on-the-spot. The couple had no knowledge that I was inside my tinted car observing them.

Danielle and Roger Ferrer left the hotel after signing the documents and my men were ever ready to monitor them all the way.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.
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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Bored Billionaire #OFW57

The early morning breeze touches my face when I clear my mind along the shoreline together with Mike, where my new mansion was built. The vastness of the sea gives the feeling of calmness on my conscious mind. It’s hard for me to think it over and over again the worries I’ve had for the past months. After yesterday’s cleansing of my entire-self, I’ve found temporary serenity, even for a shorter time. I value this moment when I knew it’s pulling me down. I need it. I cannot push through my normal life anymore. I need a boost every now and then. The drug to sustain my heart and mind.

Mike’s behind me a few meters away when I try to look back, I wait for him. I want to ask him what’s happening to me, or anything he can give….I look at him squarely, hold his arm hard and said,? “Can you help me” He hold my shoulders, “Marco, let’s sit over that boulder….come…let’s talk.”

His words are trailing on my mind, as if the coolness of the seashore engulfs my heart and mind.

“Honestly Marco….yesterday’s such another day for you…like what you’re doing when you felt it…the drug’s eating you up….you knew it but, you’re still using it…as if your food…your supplement. You’re a wealthy person now, famous, and anything you wanted….but you’re getting bored….that you worry too much about your kids with Danielle…and…and your daring stunts worldwide that your fame’s spreading like wildfire….,” his words stabbed my heart so much, but that’s the truth. “Mike forgive me…finalized the meeting with Danielle and Roger next week…I have to do something in the sanctuary…no calls, no guests, nothing…okay?”

“Can you tell me what’s on your mind?”

“Mike, after finalizing everything….I’ll tell you.”

We go to the sanctuary room together wherein I instruct Mike what he’ll going to do. He answers positively, “Marco, I’ll do it but please be very careful…I love you friend…” Mike prepares all the things that I wrote in my notebook and lock the door.

I begin to write, with all the understanding of my life in general. I have had all the things that I wanted in life, but I cannot fathom my inner self, it seemed not complete. With the worries that’s bothering me for a long time; I tried my very best to comprehend things and balanced myself for whatever outcome I may decide to do in the future. The worries that I absorbed and the boredom constituted the decaying of my self-esteem which I cannot controlled normally.

I continue writing to the best of my ability; create the documents that I wanted for them to understand. It’s really the incentives for their goodness all throughout my life. They’re the moving force that binds with my being. Truly, a driving force indeed.

I gave my best to be a billionaire, to help others and to show my wealth to the whole world how lucky I was. But the pain still remained forever. I have to live with it.

The love that I had with Ayah Isabel lingered on but she didn’t have that saintly image to understand me. She despised for being me, the true colors of my life. I was thinking that she had been born to understand and love me, but the love was different from what I wanted her to be. I wanted her understanding so much for the sake of our children, but she distanced herself without thinking that I can be capable of losing them at the end. No matter how far away I was with her, still with the children are the reasons behind.

I totally finish all the documents for five days where I open the sanctuary door slowly and go straight to my private room. Instantly, Mike appears before me, ask about my health, if I’m okay all along for five days inside the sanctuary room.

“I’m okay Mike, don’t worry I can manage…read all these documents especially the one intended for Danielle. I have to take a bath…and Mike please…prepare for our drinks…let’s discuss something…,” as I left him wondering.

The coolness of water splashes within my body give comfort for my plans for the coming week. I knew the consequences and the danger that lies ahead. I have to do it. I have to give her a chance whatever it may takes. After bathing, I slowly towel-dry my whole body with the ease of gaining my momentum for my plans. It excites me, remembering the whole situation; really giving the time of my life.

Still the towel wrap on my hand I instantly move at the poolside where Mike’s waiting for me. He pours whiskey on the transparent glass, offer to me and I drink bottom’s up. It gives a chilling effect which I sit beside him looking at the pool.

“Marco, I read the documents….can you tell me what’s going on with you?”

“I have to do it….it gives excitement…with my boring life…I knew she’ll do it…”


“Because I want to return her a favor for what I’ve done to her. Besides, Ayah Isabel won’t let me into her life…ever again.”

“Can we find another way? Not this way?”

“Do as what I intend to do….sign the document…your document, so that you’ll safe whatever happens to me.”

“I can’t Marco….I don’t need that money…I want you to live….,” his voice stuttering with pain.

“Please Mike….don’t…I like to see you as a brave person…loving the way I live…”

“I’ll do it Marco…just for you…let’s drink…”

“Want to swim with me…come…” Mike undresses himself hastily and following me into the pool. We challenge each other swimming to and fro between pool edges and play in water like children. This moment is undivided from other rigors of our daily lives. We contributed each other moments to what God had bestowed on us. Tomorrow is another day.

The new three-hectare mansion that I built lies along the shoreline of Cavite wherein I kept it secret to anyone who knew me except Mike. I totally secluded myself to the hustle-bustle of modern living. In fact, I liked it this way for not showing my true colors to the media people who wanted to extract juicy items about me and my wealth.

As what we agreed, Mike prepared a special meeting with the couple; Danielle and Roger Ferrer of Dubai City, where they lived after marriage.

I instructed Mike to make sure that this meeting would give a positive result even though Roger’s coming with Danielle. I need the presence of Danielle, not Roger, but I can use him in some other way.

Our meeting is scheduled seven in the evening at the Paradise Inn and Suites Eagle Ridge in Cavite; a beautiful place with clean and comfortable rooms. The venue was suitable for my taste and well-being.

Mike rented a private place for us to talk personally and ensured that the waiters are fully advice for this purpose. I position myself on the table facing the garden with man-made falls along the open space of the hotel side. It reminds me of the beautiful scenes I saw while visiting other places outside the Philippines. Mike’s standing beside the concrete pillar holding the suitcase, viewing the visitors to come.

I viewed the couple approaching me at the table and I instantly stood up to greet them, “Hi Danielle….Roger…take your seats...nice to see both of you again…”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

The New Billionaire #OFW56

I took my time inside our room where I slept without knowing it. I woke up but still Ayah’s not around and the children too. I went outside the condominium, hailed a taxi cab and went to a shopping mall near the Global City. I consumed two shot of espresso in a coffee shop, rent a car and drove to Villa Verde Subdivision in Imus, Cavite at the Governor’s house. I asked the guard about the Governor and the children, but still the same answer I’ve got. I went outside the subdivision and drove back to SM Shopping Mall in Makati. I sat down in one of the coffee shop when I saw Ayah and the children walking past the shop. I hastily paid my bill and followed them.

They went inside the pizza restaurant where I still followed them. When they sat down, I appeared in front of them. The children kissed and greeted me while Ayah not minding us. I sat beside her.

“How are you my love?” I whispered to her but she didn’t answer me. “Anne, Kent, what do you like today?”

“Daddy I like Hawaiian pizza…but we’ll be having three pizzas to all of us and two pitchers of cola drink.”

“Yes that’s fine….call the waiter…”

We ate together and the children enjoyed the food while Ayah’s not in the mood to talk to me. I talked to my children as usual, as their father which I observed them one-by-one. The time I spent with them was not totally in full force while I was staying in Dubai. I thought that this was the time to tell them about their education and to open up their concerns in front of Ayah Isabel.

“Guys, I decided to send you all to universities, so that all of you can interact with your friends while growing up. But be aware of the danger that comes with this new development. To all of you, do you have any concern that I want to know about?”

“Daddy, as for me I’m with you with that decision, and will take in-charge for my brothers and sister. Count on me Daddy.” Anne said.

“Very good Anne, I can count on you with this one…get in touch with your Uncle Eduardo for your needs, okay?”

The children approved with my decision and they’re glad for the outcome. Ayah’s only listening to us while sipping her cola.

“All of you must study and finish your schooling for a given time, no extra hang-out and be on time with your undertakings.”

We went home together which made me conclude that Ayah’s truly hated me. Her actions worried me too much, for I cannot make her understood my side of everything. I wanted that way of thinking from her ever since and I wanted it now and forever. My egoistic self was not to make amends but to keep at bay when things went wrong; study it and finds solutions. That’s me. But deep inside of me, it crumpled my heart by not learning to understand fully Ayah’s situation.

I met my brother Eduardo and Bryan, giving them written instructions on how to keep my children and Ayah, and of course the businesses in the Philippines. My planned itineraries were built in building my business empire in the Middle East, wherein Riyadh City’s the next destination.

At midnight time, Bryan and Eduardo went with me up to the airport for my flight back to Dubai. The weather was invigorating cool with light rain scattered in the airport area when I embarked on the plane. The thronged of passengers bothered me not for I was thinking of something that I cannot deciphered upon. The usual travelling from Philippines to Dubai didn’t give much excitement for me anymore. It’s rather usual thing to do despite the fact that our custom and tradition were very different from the Middle East people.

I arrived in Dubai with usual feeling, same as what I felt before, it gives me the power to go on with my ambition; to be a billionaire someday.

The next day, I composed my management personnel who were assigned to Riyadh City for our first business venture in that place. They in turn, disseminate information to them for their training. We took advantage of the season of coming to Riyadh wherein, we organized the main office along Takhassussi Road. The place was very convenient with our operations with a separate building for our inventories and maintenance. I built a commissary outside the city center as what the regulation of Riyadh Government.

We opened up four stores month after month which made my business revenues instantly higher by 40% compared to last year. The additional business assets were continuously gaining its momentum in the food market. I doubled the store openings afterwards that I recruited more staff to manage the spreading business.

I organized the whole manpower, selected more leaders, and unified the company’s system in the main office. I assigned my brothers; Eduardo and Manuel to be the COO of UAE and Saudi Arabia areas respectively. Bryan was left in the Philippines and recruited new staff for his manpower requirements.

I lifted-up some other business entities, assigned new leaders and monitored their developments. These businesses were moving steadily in upward movement that I took my time to discover some beautiful places around the world. Momentarily forgetting the family matters that I always entwined within my heart.

Together with Mike, we traveled from one country to another, developing relations with wealthy people globally. I developed new adventure with my newfound status that international media people wanted to extract some juicy-matters with my personal life. I wanted these people for my self-esteem to boast something from other people who have the money, but didn’t want to be what they wanted in life.

My new life gave me the courage to deal with wealthy people around the world. It relied upon my determination to live within the boundaries of my strength and capabilities. Really amazing to know the things that I didn’t have the knowledge before, but with my money, I can dictate the craziness of mankind.

“Mike, what do you think of me, I mean…my status in life? Really I want to know?”

I asked Mike Luna one day when we’re having coffee in the coffee shop. He looked at me, then, looked at the people passing by beside our table. His action meant nothing for him, but for me, it made me think differently. By his status in accompanying me everywhere, I trusted him with my personal undertakings. He’s right in some other ways, but I got his inner feelings to cooperate with mine totally. Our attitudes were reciprocal with our mindset, personalities and even dislikes.

With much luck on my side, I’ve got the title as the new billionaire, the “King of the Third World” in the business arena globally. I cannot say that I didn’t like the title but all I can do was to be with them as long as I’m gaining profits every second of my life.

I’ve got the latest and updated reports with my businesses and family through the centralized method of reporting; personal, business and news around the world. Eduardo, my brother was the one who’s in charge for this endeavor. Our communication’s bound for secrecy as what I instructed to him.

Even in Dubai, I knew what’s happening with my businesses and former friends especially Danielle and Roger. My heart still ached for my two children with Danielle which I didn’t meet a long time ago. He wall kept us separated. A pain deep inside who captured the essence of my well-being. I had children with Ayah Isabel but I knew that they’re protected all along. While these values kept on bugging me, peace couldn’t give much with my personal life.

“Mike…Mike…can you come here please…”

“Yes Marco…what is it?”

“What’s the doctor says about my health?”

“He said, continue taking the adrenaline-booster pills to sustain the energy you’ve sent everyday…..and stop taking worrying…”

“I’m taking my booster Mike…thank you…”

“You know what Marco, Roger telephoned me yesterday…wanted to talk to you….he said, very important….”

“Schedule him next week Mike, by the way, how’s your wife Lina?”

“She’s fine and my boy…in college now.”

I thought of Ayah Isabel at that moment, our children, three were in college and the two in high school. They’re growing up rearing to embrace the outside world; a place where they can explore its true meaning and expand their way of thinking through their noble hearts.

“Great Daddy Mike…”

“Thank you Marco, that’s because of you my friend.”

“You read the international newspaper today?”

“Nahhh, what about?”

“About your high profile lifestyle, it says here you spend millions everyday…..just to boast your wealth…”

“So what? What’s the point? They’re nothing Mike! Why…they can support me?”

“Uhuhhh…cool Marc…it’s just news…but it’s true, isn’t it?”

“Give me my golden box….come with me to the Sanctuary…”

“Marc, I told you before…stop this non-sense habit of yours….”

“Mike…go..…get the golden box!!” I shouted hysterically going to the Sanctuary room in the basement. I entered, felt the change in temperature and sat in the floor. Mike hurriedly prepare the solution and assembled the syringe.

“Mike don’t leave me…..okay…just stay…”

He injected into my arm to pacify my emotion, really it gave me the feeling of joy – the true happiness. It subside the anxieties and worries of my well-being. The drug diffused within my veins totally and instantly. The surrounding’s becoming vague while I held Mike’s arm. He carried me to my bed, positioned carefully and switched on the music player. The music soothed my mind and the wilderness besets within me.

Mike knows his job when this situation happened. He experienced this for a long time, where he took good care of everything within his reach. He’s loyal to me, that he gave his love taking care of my personal life.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The New Judas Iscariote #OFW55

The next morning I went directly to Al Riqqa store where our meeting was scheduled. I studied the business folders that were given to me for the agenda of the meeting. Opening of the new fast food stores in Riyadh was slightly different from Dubai environment. I considered some government restrictions for this purpose, but it showed the possible success with this endeavor.

I listed at least ten important persons that could put forward the business and needs my immediate actions. I had to form earlier the leadership of this business, to strengthen my foundation and development.

Ryan Mallari, Joel Arevalo and Arnold Castillano were the staff that I selected to manage the business in Riyadh city. I was quite vague with my selection at this point, but I would rather invested trusts to them than any applicants which I didn’t know their true colors. Assigning my relatives were another option that I was angling upon in the future. But they need thorough training first before giving them vital responsibility in my business.

I received a call from Roger which shifted my focus to my personal worries.

“Hello Marco, this is Roger Ferrer.”

“Yes Roger, what can I do for you?”

“As what I promised to you, I know where your children.”

“Good Roger, where are they?”

“They are in Imus, Cavite…in Villa Verde Subdivision and studying in Manila but guarded.”

“Roger, thank you for the info….your wedding with Danielle…”

“What about it?”

“I’m invited?”

“Yes of course, four days from now.”

“Okay I’ll try….in St. Mary’s Church?”

“Yes, same place with Edward’s wedding….the reception in Holiday Inn Hotel.”

“Okay then, bye!”

I closed our conversation, spotted some staff were coming and asked Mike a double-shot espresso coffee. The thing about Roger Ferrer was not on his relationship with Danielle, but because I wanted to explore his vulnerability to me. I could have done much damage to him if I want to keep my jealousy on hold. I fingered my mobile phone and dialed Roger’s telephone number.

“Roger, by the way could you come with me to the Philippines for this matter?”

“Marco, you know our wedding’s fast approaching and I have to prepare for this occasion. Are you that serious?”

“Well, if you want to help me…”

“Marco, after the wedding, I can be with you..”

“Okay then, thanks a lot!”

Mike asked me about the call and I lied to him. Given the chance to be with Mike was not the best option for the moment, but left him here in Dubai for other jobs. I told Mike to prepare my luggage for my travel going to the Philippines. My options were to talk to Ayah Isabel about our differences and to locate my children in Imus, Cavite.

“Marco, your luggage’s ready, I’ll drive you to the airport.”

‘Thank you Mike….take good care of the stores, and report to me at once if there’s a problem, okay?”

“Yes Marco.”

I left Dubai with a feeling that I could get what I want to be settled and can gave positive result for my children with Danielle. In the airplane I was thinking of something different when it comes to Danielle’s subject. It really gave me the most evil things just for the sake of making her the she-devil.

It's midnight when I arrived in the Philippines, took a taxicab and checked-in a hotel. I did not go to our condominium unit but instead took a rest in the hotel. Walter the hotel’s staff knew me that he offered again the lady named Merry which I instantly accepted it. I gave him the money, delivered Merry in my room and left.

“How are you Merry?”

“I’m fine Marc, glad that you come back.”

“Yes, just to solve a problem….you know, part of the business…”

“I’ll make you forget tonight…handsome….”

“Okay, tonight, you work for me, okay?”

“As you wish handsome…”

I ordered our food and drinks, went to the bathroom where Merry follow me and undressed me totally. I immersed myself into a half-full bathtub for a minute and rest for a while. I looked at Merry while she undressed herself while my mind still focusing on what strategy I had to apply with my children from Danielle and Ayah’s forgiveness.

I dedicated this heaven to myself, forgetting everything even tonight.

"Satisfied handsome, you're not talking much tonight?"

“Yes Merry…yes…tomorrow can you come with me in Imus, Cavite? We rent a car going there.”

“Sure, I’m glad for that Marc.”

“You’ll sleep with me tonight here.”

We ate and chatted to each other like husband and wife. She knows the game of this trade which she even offered some extra job just for me. She’s young, beautiful and intelligent, but she needs money for her schooling that I understood her situation so well. We slept together where she held me tightly kissing my neck and lips all throughout the night until we fall asleep.

The next day, Merry and I had our breakfast together hoping that the future of putting our lives forward could never be a failure. She wished me luck for my endeavors, in the same way I wished her the best of everything on her goals. Last night, we talked about my children with Danielle, that I needed to find them at Imus, Cavite. She wanted to help me with this one because of her sympathy with my situation.

I hired a car in a rent-a-car company nearby, bought some snack foods and drove towards Villa Verde Subdivision in Imus area. We located the place and asked about Governor Gustilo’s residence. We prompted to where the guard led us and observed the surrounding for any possible disturbances with our operation. I saw a servant near the gate that I instantly approached her and asked about the Governor. She answered that they were on vacation for a month now.

We tried our very best to stay for more hours to watch but the guard prompted us to leave the area. I drove fast the guardhouse, got my ID and thanked them.

Merry and I spent our time together roaming around; from Cavite up to Makati city. We enjoyed together the whole day and I dropped her in the commercial center.

“Merry, thank you so much for your time….hope we can see each other again…”

“You helped me…I want you and hoping to see each other in the future my handsome Marco…bye!”

I went home to Global City in Taguig where the guards helped me to get inside our condominium and slept in a sofa.

The servant woke me up the next day that I asked the whereabouts of Ayah Isabel and the children. They said nothing about them but instead prepared my personal belongings. I took a bath, dressed up and went directly to the office. I met Bryan and my two brothers in a conference room. Each of them submitted their reports to discuss among ourselves about the business in the Philippines.

Alone in my office room, I cannot disregard my thoughts touching the life I was treading on at present. It’s not the way I decided by my choices but the way I felt about what I can create history within myself. Really frustrating that, what I wanted in life was actually showing up, disintegration of my values, family problems and the way I handled them. Am I making mistakes with the way I handled Danielle and my two children? And the way I treated Ayah with our five children?

I summoned Bryan Gonzales again to talk with my personal undertaking about Ayah and the children.

“Yes Marc what can I do for you?” Bryan asked me after he seated in front of me.

“Honestly, I want to know the present situation with Ayah and the children. Can you tell me their overall undertaking from your point of view?”

“Really, I’m very much focused with the business, but also I expanded my mind for your family here in the Philippines. When Ayah arrived a week ago, I observed her that she was agitated with something. I don’t want to interfere with her personal concerns instead I’ve got her moving to put forward the businesses. The children were fine…they’re schooling properly. Are you expecting something negative?”

“To tell you frankly, Ayah and I….I mean…we’re not in good term when she left Dubai, that’s why…”

“Oh I see…better to ask your brothers about it.”

“Okay Bryan thanks.”

I called up my brothers through my mobile phone which they answered negatively about Ayah’s whereabouts. I dialed her number, waiting for an answer but in vain. I got a bottle of whiskey inside my office-fridge, drank into half, and thinking to call Anne instead of Ayah Isabel.

I was very anxious to hear her soft voice for the first time. I fingered my cell phone, looked at it closely for a few seconds, moved around the sofa and walked slowly towards the office bar. I poured an aged wine while looking at the hole of the bottle, swirled the wine in the glass and drank the refreshing liquid into my ever-quenching thirst. I slowly walked towards the window pane, I thought about beloved beautiful Anne…“Great! Hell!”I shouted with rage in my heart while simultaneously throwing the wine glass at the wall. I cried inside my office with nothing to hold on except myself. I had what I wanted in life, but now I felt the harrowing experience of family disintegration. It’s because of me…because of my ambitions!

I hurriedly drove home heading in Taguig to our condo units, hoping that I could talk to my children. The guards open the door for me; walk inside while looking for Ayah or the children, instead Eduardo my brother was there waiting for me.

“Brod…are you alright?” Eduardo asked me surprisingly.

“Yes…but first I want a bath…,” as I hastily undressed in front of Eduardo and went straight to the bathroom. I opened the shower, the cool water from neutralized my thoughts that I stayed for a long time. When I went outside, my brother was still there waiting for me.

“God…you’re still here?”

“Marc, I want to clear some personal things with you. You know, as your eldest brother, I want to know what’s bothering you…I mean with your life as a whole…”

“Don’t worry brother; I can manage to solve these things with my own. It’s such a hard thing to think that…life is not as what you think to be…that’s all.”

“Brother Marc, I know your Ayah and your children because I’m the one who take good care for them when you’re away. They’re intelligent…diligent and very ambitious for their future. They’ve asked me to talk about transferring school…I mean the school outside the house for their social upbringing must be maintained. I think you knew how being schooled inside these premises…?”

“Brother Ed…I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. Give you a call okay? Thanks for reminding me about this matter.”

“One more thing, I observed that Ayah’s been very agitated these past days, anything wrong my brother?”

“Yes, there’s something bothering me….and Ayah too, but I want to talk to her personally. Where is she right now?”

“She’s outside with the children to meet the university head. They’re with the three security men. Don’t worry I gave strict implementation with them with regards to your family.”

“Brother thank you so much, I’ll wait for them here.”

I took my time inside my room where I slept without knowing it. I woke up but still Ayah’s not around and the children too. I went outside the condominium, hailed a taxi cab and went to a shopping mall near the Global City. I consumed two shot of espresso in a coffee shop, rent a car and drove to Villa Verde Subdivision in Imus, Cavite at the Governor’s house. I asked the guard about the Governor and the children, but still the same answer I’ve got. I went outside the subdivision and drove back to SM Shopping Mall in Makati. I sat down in one of the coffee shop when I saw Ayah and the children walking past the shop. I hastily paid my bill and followed them.


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ayah Isabel Knows The Truth #OFW54

I drove the car with an uneasy feeling that I went to the seaside near Hyatt Hotel. I halted the car’s engine while looking at the waves in the seawall.

“What’s happening Marco, can you tell me the truth?”

“She’s behaving that way ever since, isn’t it?”

“Yes I knew that, but here in Dubai….are you with that woman all along?”

“Ayah don’t misunderstood me. I have to do what I think is right, isn’t it?”

“What I’m asking is, you’re still with her until now?”

“No, Ayah….she approached me about our lost son before, in exchange …to tell you the truth, before we separated in Bacolod City, she got pregnant with our first son….and….and another girl was born…”

Ayah Isabel cried in disbelief, open the car door and ran to the edge of the seawall. She poured her heartaches to the ocean while I followed her.

“Ayah…Ayah Isabel….” I held her arm to face me which I knew I’m guilty of my conscience for the truth that hurts her. For a long time, I never had the courage to tell her our relationship that ended with hatred.

“I love you Ayah, not Danielle…she’s ruining our lives…don’t get involved with this matter not because I lied, but with my way of getting things that benefits us. I knew I’d wrong with you…..but please forgive me Ayah….this is me…”

I embraced her tightly which my heart was bleeding seeing her crying. I love this woman, I knew deep down my soul.

“Ayah please….understand me….”

“Ever since I understood you Marco, but you kept your relationship with her…until here in Dubai….and where are the children?”

“I don’t know….she’s keeping away from me….”

“That’s why you’re after her all along to get the children?”

“Yes that’s the truth Ayah…can’t keep them away…I love them too….”

“Take me home Marco…”

I took Ayah home which she distanced herself by staying inside her room. I called up Edward and family to ask for forgiveness about the mess I had made. Edward understood my situation that he offered to talk to Ayah. I accepted his offer and he promised that they will come in the evening time. Lina and Mike too, assured me to help with this matter. I thanked them for their offer but deep inside of me, I cursed myself for whatever sin I had caused. The secret within my life started to show towards my loved ones. It’s my own karma that really connected with my life because it’s mine.

Edward and Vivian came in my flat and comforted me. Mike and Lina joined us too; and we talked over while drinking liquors.

“Edward, sorry, it’s your honeymoon tonight,” I said to them.

“We talked about it, and its fine with Vivian; we’re doing it every day...” Edward jokingly answered trying to change the subject.

“I’m happy for both of you….Edward you found your love at last.”

“Yes Marco but in your situation right now, I understand you and Ayah as well. I suggest Lina and Vivian can do the talking…”

“Yes Marco.” Vivian said.

“We’ll try our best Marc,” Lina said.

The two women left us and went directly to Ayah’s room. We resumed our conversation hoping that it can relieve with what I was going through.

“Marco it’s better this way that you told her about it; and the earlier the better than keeping it for a long time.” Mike said.

“You know Mike, I tried keeping it secret for her but I’m sure that she’ll forgive me in the long run.” I said.

“You see, Ayah reacted differently now, as if she’s falling apart.”

“Yes Mike, I’m deeply worried about her.”

We drank for the whole night that I passed out and when I woke up the next morning, I directly went to Ayah’s room, knocked, but nobody’s answering.


“Good morning Pareng Marco,” Mike said.

“Where are they….Where’s Ayah?”

“Don’t worry she’s with Edward and Vivian…and Lina too. They left together last night.”

“Why she’s not telling me?”

“You drink too much, that’s why my friend. They will go shopping today.”

“She’s okay or still angry with me?”

“I don’t know but she smiled when he saw you sleeping like a log.”

“I see…okay…get dress, we will take rounds with the fast food stores today.”

“Okay Sir!”

“And why you’re calling me Sir today?”

“Because… I played basketball yesterday night.”

“You…cannot live without that basketball?”

“Marco…you like to eat breakfast?”

“No just strong coffee.”

“Okay sir, your shower is ready.”

I smiled and entered the bathroom with a feeling that Ayah’s will reconciled with me. We went first at the Al Riqqa branch; checked the store interior, staff, stock items, equipments and the logbook. Mike and I continued our work to all stores businesses that needs uplifting of its operations.

“Mike let’s go to Edward’s place.”

“Okay Marco.”

Edward and family were not there when we arrived; we went to the nearest shopping mall to eat our lunch and observing the flow of customer’s from other business establishments. Dubai’s really were heading to its highest-level of developments compared to some international standards. Foreigners were making Dubai’s shopping hub; their presence were multiplying in every shopping malls we visited. At last we came across with Danielle, she’s alone inside the famous coffee shop. I approached her in the table while Mike was watching us.

“Hello Danielle, you’re alone?” I said smiling.

“Come, have a seat Marco.”


“I’m going to tell you something.”

“What about?”

“We talked and I told her about you….and our relationship.”

“Talked to whom?”

“Ayah of course!”


“Just now…she left…”

“What you did to her?”

“She was hurt by the truth….about us!”

“You bitch!”

“By the way, you’re invited to our wedding.”

“You foolish devil!”

“You bastard….ha-ha-ha-ha-ha….”

I dialed Ayah’s mobile phone number but she’s not answering and dialed Edward’s number. “Hello Edward.”

‘Marco, where are you?”

“Why Edward, what happened?”

“Ayah’s leaving…going to the Philippines with Lina.”

“What happened in the mall? She talked with Danielle?”

“They met accidentally in the mall and Danielle invited her to talk….I think Danielle said something about you…”

“Where are they now?”

“Just ten minutes ago.”

“Okay Edward, thanks, I’ll go after them.”

Mike and I went hurriedly to the airport for possible stopping them of their flight, but in vain. I decided to stay inside my flat thinking of solutions with my situation. I opened the TV and sat down watching the show when Mike came into my room.

“Marco you’re going to the Philippines?”

“Just what I’m thinking now, why?”

“I received the report about our selected staff, they needed your instruction.”

“Okay, schedule a meeting tomorrow.”

“Okay Marco I’ll do it.”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.
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