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The Conflict #OFW10

The Conflict #OFW10

The next day, it’s raining outside, alone in my room which Edward provided for me. He asked me to transfer to his boarding house, to save from the house rent, food and daily consumables. And, a temporary shelter for me, while I was waiting for our next meeting with the Governor. Today, Edward’s on duty. The more I stayed inside the boarding house, the more I wanted to release my energy. Without much fussed, I took off all my clothes, carried the dumbbell and began the basic way of exercising muscles. The rigorous exertion took off those energies that lived within me for the past two days. And today, the thoughts of Danielle and Ayah Isabel still lingered on.

I reminisced the time with Danielle; that lovely and silky skin, which made her, captured my insanity. She’s beautiful, modesty aside, kind with strong disposition. The world will stop when her loveliness exudes no boundaries. A woman with the power to captures a man’s imagination into the world of ecstasy. How I missed those first night with her!

Switching my mind to Ayah Isabel gave me another dimension of my soul. She was inside of me, I felt it. Never had I felt so beautiful when I imagined her. The charisma in her being that bewitched my whole being. A kindhearted Ayah Isabel, meek, and had the power to intertwine our souls together. A majestic beauty folded unto my wings, slowly proffered unto my heart and gradually exploded unto my imagination. She had the magic and all!

Lying alone thinking these two women made me forbade for whatever I had in my life. Other than that, my thoughts inclined to Danielle’s father offer. It was really sad to think this offer but I had to accept even though how hard for me. I was thinking to say goodbye to Ayah Isabel, she’s in her hometown, 80 kilometers south of Bacolod City. I gathered some important things that I used to bring when I was travelling alone; a backpack, briefs, bottle of perfume, ID cards and other vital items. I had to be in a hurry.

I went to the south bus station, hurriedly got a ticket, and sat at the back of the air-conditioned bus. I bought some cigarettes, caramel candies, juicy fruit gum for my travel. It’s a long journey from Bacolod city up to town of Cauayan. I really had to move fast before my meeting with the Governor. This was the only way to halt the craziness in my life; to bid goodbye to Ayah Isabel. It’s painful but I had to do it.

The clock was ticking, my mind kept on wandering why I had to finish this way. Why I had to say goodbye, and why I had to marry Danielle. It was the money that motivated me? The money in which, I wanted so much for a long time? The sun rises slowly in the horizon when I arrived in a small barrio of Tuyom, part of Cauayan in Negros Occidental. The freshness of the fields molded with my troubled mind, across the vastness of the hilly mountains, remained destitute on my vision. Really amazing was the way the sunlight spread its rays to the sinful human habitat called earth.

I arrived six thirty in the morning, walked some meters away, and stopped at the front of Ayah’s house. I gathered strength through deep breathing, knocked the door and Ayah opened the door amazed. The house was an ancestral abode with shiny wooden floor, a guest section and dining area. Windows were placed intricately for easy access of air to the interior and the whole house as a whole. It’s surrounded with light-peachy colored curtains, delicately positioned on each window; Spanish type of decorative paintings was hanging side by side on the wall. Totally terrific to view such kind of home interior designs. Lovely!

Ayah greeted me with disbelief at the door while looking back at the dining section. She welcomed me, brought me to a sofa and seated. She called her mother at the kitchen. Mrs. Maria Elena Gonzales appeared from us, smiling and happy. She’s about sixty five years, white hair but full, with a healthy body posture and her face slightly resembled Ayah Isabel.

“Hello Marco Fernando! We had met at the graduation ceremony, right?”

“Yes madam, how are you?”

“I am fine. Ohh…Manuel, my husband’s still sleeping. He’s tired for yesterday’s business transactions. By the way, I will cook chicken today.”

“Yes my favorite Mrs. Gonzales!” I said smiling. Mrs. Gonzales told Ayah Isabel to prepare breakfast for me and for them too.

“Marco, excuse me, I have to cook our breakfast. Stay here and find some magazines to read.”

I was reading the food corner section of the magazine when a man suddenly grabbed me, pushed to the wall and I received a final blow that I lost my consciousness. When I regained my senses, I’m on the bed with Ayah by my side. She looked at me and said, “Are you alright now?” I nodded, asked her about that man. She answered and started to cry, “He’s my eldest brother Bryan. ..He’s really angry…He told me everything about… that we’re living together in the city. Bryan was with his friend all day yesterday… drank liqueur, and he got this...knowledge about us. His friend was working in Bacolod City….” Ayah left, brought me some food and we ate together in bed.

Darkness falls upon the surface of the earth, every family member of the Gonzales clan were present at the dining table; Bryan, the eldest, Arthur, the next, Ayah Isabel, the youngest, Mrs. Gonzales and at the head, Mr. Gonzales. I seated myself near Ayah’s place, looked at their serious faces. I felt the anguish inside of me, when looking at people like this one, tonight. I thought that what happened eight hours ago, was the reason. I felt them, every one of them.

I edged a little to clear the monotonous tone of the atmosphere, glanced at Ayah Isabel, started to taste my coffee, put a little sugar and tasted it. I looked around again, seated comfortably ready for any issue that befalls upon me. I saw Mr. Gonzales scrutinize me by the way he looked in the eyes.

“Marco, I have been able to raise my children the proper way of conduct with themselves ever since they’re young, three of them. We loved them…truly, that we gave the best of everything to them. Now, I must tell this personally, what Bryan said to us. That you and Ayah are living in without the sanctity of marriage…do you truly love my daughter?”

Again, I glanced at Ayah Isabel but she’s not looking at me. I can see tears falling down her cheeks.

“Yes, yes I do Mr. Gonzales.”

“Since your loving each other, I decided that your marriage be consummated at once. We will organize this according to our customs and traditions. Don’t have to worry at all; we will finance this with our own. In three days’ time, we can do the preparation.”

I didn’t say anything at this moment, looked at Ayah and hugged her as tears still falling down her cheeks.

“Ayah, is it okay with you?” I whispered her while the whole family looked at us. Ayah didn’t want this to happen; she wanted me to complete my dream, to fulfill my long journey into a successful one.

“Father, Marco has to find a stable job first before anything else, before getting married.”

“There’s no problem for that Ayah. We’ll give sum of money for both of you to start.” His father answered back. Mrs. Gonzales left the table, went into her room, and brought a clutch bag. He gave to Mr. Gonzales.

“Here’s the money that we kept for you Ayah. All of my children have their own sum of money before they get married. Take it.”

Ayah took the money and put in my hand. Everybody left the dining table. Ayah and I went to the garden and seated on the bench. I held her hands, kissed her lips and savor the beauty of the night.

“So, Ayah Isabel, we’re getting married. Your heart is only mine, mine alone.”

“Yes Marco I am all yours, for you alone my love.”

We embraced to the tune of the night, kissed with our love so tenderly, and hoping for the beautiful days ahead. We went together to Ayah’s room which we took our clothes off. The coolness of the night spread on our bodies to unite. Our last connection was never unforgettable unto my mind and still lingered within my soul. I missed Ayah so much; I missed those total satisfactions it gave to me, and the ramblings of my desire for lovemaking. We opened our nakedness to the silence of the room, explored the beauty that was within us totally and shared the blessings that God had given us. Again, the ecstasy within us continue to grow even more while my hands exploring her innermost private parts through which she responded wholly by continuously releasing her fluids as a nectar of my soul. I tasted it with enthusiasm and I even sipped it slowly to sprinkle unto my veins. My hotness spread like wildfire over her body and injected over my imagination like fire in hell.

She smiled at me and whispered, “You’re the best Marco; you are always with me, wherever you go, I’m fully satisfied tonight.”

“You too my love; you gave total satisfaction for me, I love you.”

“I love you too Marco, until death…”

We were doing these wonderful gifts every night in different positions that gave us both the chain to tied-up our emotions and unification.


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