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The Decision According to My Heart #OFW7

The Decision According to My Heart #OFW7

The darkness falls and seemed lonely when I met Ayah at the Riviera CafĂ© & Restaurant. When I entered the place, I saw her sitting at the table alone, while Edward’s busy serving for another customer. The restaurant ambiance’s really awesome compared to other food establishments along Mandalagan Street in Bacolod City. It catered to a nearby hospital, schools, banks and other business institutions. A place to unwind after a hard day’s work, some people believed. But for me; it’s a place where my best friend toiled, a place where I started to know the rigors of city life and a place where I found Ayah Isabel Gonzales.

I seated myself beside Ayah and greeted her with a kiss, “How are you? Sorry, quite traffic…you know….” She looked at me with soulful eyes and nodded slightly. I looked around for Edward, my eyes met his questioning gesture which meant asking me if there’s a problem while approaching me at the table. I mimicked him for a cup of Americano coffee, got my order and left.

I began the conversation seriously to Ayah Isabel about the situation and convinced her to come with me in our meeting tomorrow. Ayah Isabel did not argue with me at all. She understood my well-being, that even she was hurt, still, she preferred to keep quiet. I instructed Ayah Isabel not to give up what she feels right, if confronted by Danielle tomorrow. “I know that you’re hurt with all my caprices to survive. You fully knew that I am doing this because of my ambition in life. I am not rich enough to support my college education at first. You know that, do you? This is all about surviving from my standard of living. We’re graduating for a few months’ time and my only hope to land on a good job, with good salary. Because I have an affinity with Danielle, doesn’t mean that I don’t love you? Ayah, I love you from the start, and even until now. My heart belongs to you alone, not for Danielle.”

“Marc, you’re the only one I love, you’re my first love, and I don’t want to lose you. Our hearts connects each other until death. Truly, I love you so much that I’ll sacrifice my whole life to you only. Please respect my love for you. The only thing is you’ve a relationship which you can’t elude instantly. We could live a life with our own, isn’t it Marco?”

“Okay, then, tomorrow, open-up your feelings to Danielle and we can completely decide this matter.”

“Yes Marco, I’m with you always.”

We approached Edward together, and bade goodbye, “Edward, we’re going ahead. Can we talk this coming week? Sorry, last time my friend, I was quite agitated.”

“Okay best friend, no problem for me, I’m here always for you…bye!”

It’s around eight in the morning; the light rays of the sun still lingered on my face. I perspired a thousand gallons more than what I did last week. My weekly program of exercising physically through the natural method gave me a thousand energies too. Running gave me the balance of creating my endurance of what’s life ahead of me. I was on my way to Ayah’s place, thinking about the final countdown which could prove to be my downfall for Danielle or Ayah Isabel. The most memorable moment of my life! I thought smiling alone. Ayah’s outside the gate when I fetched her. As what I expected, her co-boarders were reeling around to witness the coming of the great King, Marco Fernando. I halfway smiled at them while opening the car door for Ayah Isabel.

We arrived early at the Golden Dragon Restaurant. It’s located at the heart of the city, five minutes ride from our place. The ambiance totally Chinese; the intricate golden dragon motif with red background, the music, the waitress uniform, and the lantern hangs beautifully in each partition with silk curtains as a facade. The aroma of Chinese food triggered my voracious appetite. I composed myself and gazed at Ayah walking separately with me. She’s nervous, I thought, but she’s calm, calmer than me. I ordered two soft drinks for a start and we waited. Danielle came ten minutes past eleven in the morning. She’s wearing a sleeveless red dress that suits to her milky white skin, a red leather clutch bag that blends with our environment. She looked at me, shifted to Ayah, then sit down in front of us. Her face was serious. I started the conversation. “Danielle what would you like to have, soft drink or mineral water?”

She did not speak at first. Then in a minute, “Just water for me please.”

I called the server and ordered for mineral water. I asked Danielle and Ayah for their food. Both women refused to eat. I said, “Okay I’ll order for take out.” Minute had passed; still, both of them did not say a word. Only, they were looking at me while I am ordering for food. “Waitress, please, this is for takeout. Give me one order of Honey chicken with ginger shoots, one order of pork pickled mustard green noodles, and one order of won ton noodles. Have it ready, please.”

“Okay sir, anything else, sir?”

“That’s it thank you.”

Two minutes had passed, the waitress served our drinks and water for Danielle. I observed each of them while I was sipping my drinks. I made a move and started the conversation. “Danielle, I’ll tell you the truth about our relationship.... even before the two of us... before we met…. Ayah and I were living together.... while we’re attending school. She helped me a lot with my tuition and...everything. Both of you loved and helped me for what I am right now. Despite the fact, that each of you, wanted me to finish my course. I personally thanking you both for that matter. The problem right now concerns about the three of us...,” my words trailing into the air with nothing to mind turned tumbling down.

“I think you knew that Marco, I love you from the very start when I saw you. I promised to myself... that only you could own my heart, nobody else, forever. I wanted to be with you, always, every second of my life. I love you more than my life. Say, what I’m going to do, say it Marco! I’ll do it for you!” Danielle started to cry hysterically.

“Danielle, you know me, and…I love you! But I loved Ayah Isabel too!” I answered back to her once without hesitation. I noticed Ayah’s looking at me intently, drained, I sensed her feeling. She can sensed my ploy. I signaled to her, only Ayah knows what to do. She’s nervous and afraid. I had to back her up to talk, to disrupt the conversation, to erase the tension, because I had no courage to melt my feeling, in front of these two women who loved me. At last, I heard Ayah talk. “Danielle, I understand your feeling and situation towards Marco. Not only you who loved Marc truly, I loved him ever since.” Ayah Isabel started to cry. I saw her tears falling down her cheeks.

Danielle looked at me with rage in her eyes, “Marco! You’re a liar! You fooled me!” Danielle shouted at me while throwing the red leather clutch bag and glass of water at my face. The blood spurted and oozed continuously from my forehead; that Ayah Isabel panicked while calling for aid. Restaurant workers carried me to the ambulance and brought to a hospital nearby. A few stitches, two-inch long, from my forehead were carefully bound up. I stayed from the hospital for three days. Ayah Isabel took good care of me and watched me closely.

A day before I was discharged from Doctor’s Hospital; Danielle appeared in my room together with Ayah Isabel. I was expecting her, I knew, but my ego as a man broiled inside of me, especially when Ayah's around. Ayah went outside the room, as what I expected from Ayah’s character, to give space for us to clear things. I controlled myself for not letting my anger showed.

“Marco, how are you? I’m so sorry for what happened. It’s not my intention, believed me...I was disturbed with what...,” as Danielle held my hand tightly.

“Don’t’ worry, it’s done, and I’m sorry too,” I said in a low voice.

“I missed you darling...I can’t sleep thinking of you...”Danielle pleaded.

“Don’t touched me please...and leave...leave... It’s over, for the two of us, please leave...” I commanded Danielle. She’s crying, not moving at all, glared her eyes with anger. “No, Marco!!! It’s not over yet! I love you! Marco...Marc...!!!” Danielle shouted continuously like a crazy lioness in distressed. She slapped my face, but I didn’t moved on my bed, only looked at her with fire.

Ayah called the hospital guards to pacify the situation. They held Danielle in both arms, dragging her outside, but still she’s shouting to me. “I am with you wherever you go!!! I will avenge my love for you! Marco! I love you! Marco...!!!”

Ayah Isabel saw everything what happened, she’s crying, she’s hurt, but felt the pain of Danielle, I knew...I knew her more than any woman in this world. She had a heart of gold!

On graduation day, I met Ayah’s parents who attended the rites. I was happy that my parents came too, for this memorable day. I knew my father was quite ashamed, but I assured him that everything will be alright, and they can depend on me for my brother’s schooling. The thing that parents wanted their children to do after graduation – a Filipino tradition.

Ayah Isabel went home to her place for a legal matter to be settled down. She wanted to stay a little longer to help her parents with their business. I stopped her but she’s determined to proceed with her plans. She assured me of her love, her trust and devotion. She left me in Bacolod City without a word.


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  1. Gonna wait on what Ayah will do. Too sad that Ayah left the guy she loved without notice.

  2. Great story and just perfect for this coming Valentine. Didn't know you have a gift of writing romance story

  3. I guess both Ayah and Danielle are hurting now because of the triangle and more so Danielle who is now desperate.

  4. You are getting me hooked on this. Ayah seems to sacrifice a lot.

  5. This is a good read. You have a good writing skills. yOu should write an ebook.

  6. this is a great story.. too hurtful to read.. I can\'t imagine what ayah is going through..

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