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The Love Triangle #OFW6

The Love Triangle #OFW6

At the college hallway, lots of students were clamoring about the tuition fee increased by the school administration. Almost everyone I saw got disgusted of what was happening to this private school. I heard them giving their own version and ways on how to make a move against the management. Our school was a private one, ran by Catholic Missionaries. The teaching’s superb and with quality, as some alumni told the newcomers. It didn’t bother me at all because of the fact, that I had no right to asked and know what it was like, to be the brightest student on our department. I hated Chemistry, but since I started taking up Chemistry, it was fine for me, that’s it. For extracurricular activities, I extended my extra effort to be with my colleagues. My academic grades suffered a lot and I had to be with the school’s system for the development of my studies.

Ayah Isabel helped me with my assignments, projects and other school requirements. She knew my situation with Danielle, and really bothered about it. I couldn’t manage my time as a student, got bored easily and tired. Even though how much I tried to concentrate with my studies, I’ve got hooked with my school activities and my relationships.

One day, Ayah sent a note to me that we have to meet at the canteen for some important matter. I readily went to her at the canteen, but I wondered what will be this meeting’s all about. When I arrived, I saw here seating alone, I grabbed a chair and looked at her in a serious face.

“Marc how are you?” Ayah started to talk first studying my face.

“I’m fine, thank you. What's this important thing we have to discuss?” I asked with her in a whisper tone.

“Marc, last night, I think it over a hundred times about our situation; you, Danielle and me. I’m afraid that it gives you some bad karma in the future. You know, instead of aiming something good and big, it’ll turn too bad as what you expected?” I hesitated for awhile and said angrily, “Don’t bother about it, okay? Trust me, don’t bother with this matter!”

Even she knew about my agitation, she’s determined to tell me something, “Marc, last night, Edward called me about your rendezvous with Danielle. He said that it’s not proper to lie about your situation with me. And, he’s not approved of what you’re doing with Danielle and me. Please Marc it’s only a friendly advice.”

“Okay, it’s okay. What more did he say?” I asked her in a higher tone.

“Edward said; try to visit him at the Riviera CafĂ© & Restaurant.”

I lowered my voice, “Okay Ayah, thank you. How’s your life in the boarding house? How’s your family?”

“In my boarding house... it’s quite problematic but I can manage. And my family...they’re fine.”

“Take care always Ayah.” I’m started to leave when I remember something inside my pocket. “By the way, take these drugs and read the prescription first before taking the pill, I think you knew this....” Ayah looked at me squarely, smile and said, “Okay love, bye!”

The next day I visited Edward at the restaurant where he’s working. He excused himself from his duty asking his Manager to have a day off instead. We got a taxi cab going to Goldenfield Complex, a beautiful night spot outside the city. We played bowling for about an hour, seated ourselves to a restaurant in the open place. I ordered a case of beer, sliced cucumber and a bowl of “kinilaw,” – an Ilonggo appetizer; marinated raw fish with vinegar, and lots of spices. I consumed a bottle of beer, get another and started the conversation with Edward.

“Ayah told me about you, about what you said to her...,” I stopped suddenly.

“Marc, we’ve known each other for a long time now. I knew that you’re good and kindhearted man. I can understand your situation from the very start we met. I wanted you to open your mind about these two women. You’re switching them like your polo shirts! Be reasonable for their feelings as women, how can you handle both of them in the future?”

“Edward, you know, I have to keep living, and these two women helped me more than I could imagine. Moreover, I am sure you knew it already why I am keeping them. Read my lips buddy, I-need-their-help-to-finish-my-college-education! Got it buddy?” I answered back angrily.

“But, you know Marco, it’s a sin to do all that stuff! Eventually, bad karma will plague on you. Remember that.”

“Buddy, shut up, okay! Who told you that?” And I stood up angrily.

“Just some people….,” he answered in a low voice.

“Forget them! They’re nothing! They’re only watching other people’s back!” I left Edward and went home alone.

I resumed my daily survival as if I was acting in a stage, where I am the protagonist, who managed to subdued the antagonist, anytime, anywhere, and sometimes even outside the script, I’ll do it for the sake of my baleful whims. I acted differently when I am with Danielle, it gave me a high esteem more than when I am with Ayah. More than what I wanted to change my lifestyle, I wanted too, to be generous with other people in need. I kept my secret to Danielle for a year which gave financial freedom on my part. The last wished that I asked for her, a sports car which I am using now.

I used my new status and influence to finish my course. I had the money to buy what I wanted to buy, and earthly things that I needed most. My bank accounts doubled every week through the courtesy of Danielle. She was a year to go before her graduation from Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in Management.

Ayah lived remotely from my view, and didn’t bother to visit me in my apartment. Even in school, she hid herself from my view. Edward on the other hand, continued to work in a restaurant without bothering me at all. With my new status, I managed to follow them secretly, including Danielle. I hired an investigator for the three of them. To know them secretly, and to easily identify what my recourse when problem arises. One thing I discovered about Danielle; had a big house in Bacolod City, her parents got a vast wealth and estate from their forefather. They’re public figures in their hometown that made Danielle the sole and legal heiress of their wealth. But fate’s so unkind to me, Danielle found out about Ayah Isabel and the war began between the three of us. I tried my best to control the situation, but Danielle was very aggressive to confront things with her own way. A possessive woman with nothing can stop whatever she liked. Danielle came inside our school and met me. She wanted to talk with Ayah Isabel about the love triangle.

“Danielle, please listen, don’t make a scene. This is a Catholic school and this thing’s against their code of ethics. Please be cool, okay?” I pleaded for her.

“I don’t’ care! I want to talk to Ayah Isabel, right now!” She answered while walking in the hallway.

“Everybody is watching you….” I said to her while pulling her right hand. She halted, faced me and asked, “Who is everybody?”

“Danielle, cool, please listens….” I asked her in a low voice.

“Okay, I’ll listen, go on Marco?”

“Okay, how about, tomorrow, lunch time, in Golden Dragon Restaurant?” Ayah will come along with me. I promise. It’s okay for you?”

“Good Marco Fernando, great, see you there tomorrow, lunch time.” Danielle left me in the school hallway with a heavy heart, and my hope’s falling apart.


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  1. This seem to be nice and exciting - can't wait for the next part.

  2. What catholic school did you got to? Another great episode and the story is getting intense.

  3. oh no! as i expected, i am eager to read what happened next.

  4. oh no! as i expected, i am eager to read what happened next hehe

  5. This is getting intriguing, I wonder he ends up with who in the end.

  6. I'm not very keen with the main character playing the field and flipping women's feelings just like that. But not judging here... It's to be continued anyway... ;)

  7. I hope they introduce another person to make it a square. It would be more interesting that way.

  8. I hate love triangle stories. I just get pissed off because one needs to choose :( Hope the ending will be happily ever after

  9. third parties always give a story or film a nice climax touch and gives the viewers or readers that excitement. it doesnt really sounds or looks good but sure is it adds spice

  10. It is an interesting play. Hopefully the ending will be merry.

  11. ahaha. of course, girls would always knew!

  12. this is exciting, can't wait for what will happen next

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  14. I didn't know you write stories! Keep it up!

  15. Ayah and Danielle meeting each other with a boy who is in love with them. How would be the situation when three of them in that resto?

  16. I can't wait for the next part of the story. Stories with love triangle seem to be as exciting as how it happen in real life.


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