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We Survived the Wrath of The Governor #OFW13

A man released Ayah, and I embraced her while the man pointing his gun to us. There were three of them; a driver, the man in front seat, and a man with a gun at the back. I observed that we’re heading outside of the city. After some kilometers of travelling in full speed, the car stopped. The man told us to calm down, out of the car, pushed us inside the house, and seated in the dining table face to face. Two more men appeared to watch us. Governor Gustilo showed up that I realized instantly the whole picture.

“You know Marco; I offered you the best opportunity that I could give you… because I loved my daughter very much. But, you’re a disgrace!” Pointing his clenched fist to me. The Governor walked slowly towards Ayah, holding her shoulders. “Lady, I am sure that you knew about Marco? That we have an agreement? That he wanted to marry Danielle? And not you?”

Ayah’s looking at me crying.

“But you ruined it Marco by marrying this girl!! That, that you want me, looks like a fool to you? Huh, Marco Fernando?? You can’t fool me!”

The governor left the place instructing his men to watch us very carefully. Two men brought us to a room and locked the door. I held Ayah’s tired body but she’s still crying. “You have to take a rest. Come on I will put you in bed.”

“How can I Marco!! You lied to me!!” She shouted at me in despair.

“My heart is not lying to you, I love you, not Danielle, please believe me?”

“The Governor’s voice still lingers in my heart Marc, but I love you too.”

“You want to take a bath with me?” I asked Ayah while I kissed her lips.

We took off our clothes, directly opened the door and we savor the refreshing coolness of water on our bodies, toweled to dry, and find some clothes in the closet to wear on. I smelled Danielle’s perfume.

It’s almost two in the early morning when I checked the room’s wall clock hanging at a far distance, near the window. Ayah was wide awake and can’t sleep, looking at the ceiling.

“You’re hungry? I’ll find some in the fridge.” I stood up in bed, jumped to the floor, but I noticed the door knob was moving. I quickly went to the door and slowly observed it. I threw one of my slipper to Ayah that she instantly sat back looking at me. I signaled to her to keep quiet. She slowly got down to the bed and tiptoed towards me. The door slowly open but we’re hiding from the back. I smelled a perfume that I used to smell before but I can’t decipher.

The face of Edward came to a view and I grabbed him towards us. “What you’re doing here? Where are the guards? I asked Edward instantly in a low voice. “Quick Marco, hurry, we’re leaving…”

I held Ayah’s hand, followed Edward to the kitchen and we’re out in the dark. We walked hurriedly holding Edward’s back who’s using a small flash light to guide us. I saw at a far distance the lights from where we came in, the guard’s house of the main gate.

“Edward… where are we going?" I whispered to Edward.

“Just follow me, okay friend? Trust me.”

I nodded to myself, only to myself. We walked for a few more minutes just following Edward. I saw a small light from afar. “Edward, there’s a light over there. Look!”

“Keep quiet friend, he’s my companion. Quick!” Edward commanded to me. “Ayah, how are you?”

“I’m fine Edward. Thanks my friend.” She answered.

“Now, we’re near…hurry Marco Fernando…”

“You crazy dog! Don’t call me Marco Fernando…just Marc my friend!”

“Just a joke my friend…my King…” Edward answered smiling.

We got inside the car and speed away from the farm. The light of the morning sun reflects the city’s backdrop, as people started to move for a new day. Life in the city contoured people’s minds and dreams. It really dissolved the most precious wealth of their beings, toiled each day to complete their most cherished dreams. The waves bolted underneath the giant steel framework of the port’s structure. A passenger ship M/V Don Simeon was floating ashore anchored nearby, port workers loading passenger’s baggage and some passengers began to embark. We found the port canteen to stay while we’re waiting for our schedule to go on board.

“Edward, thank you friend, you’re an angel to me, always.”

“Take your seat my King, eat something, okay? Enough time to say goodbye to you and Ayah.”

“How come the two of you knows...”

“My friend I’ll tell you... When you telephoned me to purchased two tickets, I sensed that you’re with Ayah...exactly two tickets...You left the boarding house without a word for me. Remember, the meeting, I know you don’t...” Edward suddenly stopped.


“Ohhhhh, and then, I called Joel to accompany me at the bus terminal to surprise both of you, but, we saw what happened. You know, we rent a car…I mean, part of the plan we followed up to the farm because I knew that you’re in danger. So, Joel and I strategized on how to get inside the farm. We watched the guards and waited for a suitable time to combat them…one-by-one.”

“You’re not afraid Edward, Joel, that the Governor will discover that you’re helping us?”

“No my friend, my life is nothing now, you’re leaving me.”

“Owwww, come on, I won’t forget you. You can come to Manila anytime my friend. You see, I’ll send letter every week, just for you...and also you Joel.” Silence ensued for the four of us; kept the silence as a way of letting our feelings flow within our souls. That’s life and we had to face it.

“You’ve done so much for me Edward and for Ayah too. I knew that we’ll meet someday...I’ll promise to you my friend, I’ll get you here in Bacolod.” Edward hugged me tightly, crying silently, letting his palm entwined with mine, and whispered into my ear, “Goodbye my friend, I’ll miss you.” He gave the daily news bulletin to me silently, looking into my eyes and I kept it at the back pocket of my pants. “I’ll miss you too my friend.” I answered back.

My heart ached for this kind of goodbye, for leaving my best friend, for leaving my old self, knowing that our future was vague. I had to run from Danielle, from the Governor’s wrath, from the life that I used to live. I needed changes for the good of myself, my love and family. Changes which I wanted for so long, but I love Ayah more than Danielle. That’s the reason why I need new environment to prolong those ambitions, to complete what I wanted now, but with Ayah Isabel; my love, my wife, my life. As what we’ve learned from other people; Manila the city of joy for people coming from the province, like us.

The ship sailed smoothly towards our destination, Manila, Philippines. It was in the year 1980, the 4th day of October that we left Bacolod City going to Manila. The next two days, we’re nearing the port of Manila, and our hearts filled with joy for our new dreams, new hopes and new beginning.

We were all alone now for our destiny...All alone for our new life, in the City of Hopes, Manila.


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  2. It's so nice that Ayah and Marco found a savior in Edward. I hope they end up happy in Manila.

  3. Replies
    1. Marc is more charming than Marco Fernando so I don't blame him lol.

  4. I hope the lovers will have a good stay in Manila :)

  5. I wonder how their stay in Manila end up. Did we hear the last of the governor.

  6. I really love reading a story like this, is this based on a true story? If yes, well you are blessed. Thanks God your safe.

  7. it's a bromance. lol! I was shocked with the year :)

  8. good reads , wishing the lover a happy and good stay :)

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  11. Oh no. That experience must have been terrifying for you and Ayah. I can't even imagine :(

  12. The story happened before I was even born and it is so nice to read stories like this - I recall my grandma telling me about old school love stories too. Let me follow this story and I love how will this end to a happy ending.

  13. Hmmm I wonder how the two will fare in MNL. Hoping for the best, especially to Ayah!

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  15. Are the ones your feature here close to "home?" Like, similar events in your life or someone close that inspired you to write a short story about it? It's very interesting.

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  17. What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

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  24. Leaving somebody who's been really close is always sad and difficult but sometime soon in the future the paths may cross again.

  25. Looking forward for the next episode.

  26. Ohhh when I saw the title, I thought it's about TWD, the governor character. :D

  27. I wish them the best of luck as they approach a new area and a new phase and chapter of their life. :)

  28. Thumbs up. The story is getting more and more exciting.

  29. I have to confess, I'm a never a fan of novels and long-reads but I was able to finish this part of the story. And i couldn't wait for the next one! :)


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