Monday, March 17, 2014

My Family #OFW24

Around seven in the morning, I smelled the air as fresh as the seaside breeze and met the crowd with much delight. Their faces were like thousands of flowers moving in one direction across the mountain. I moved my way to the airport exit, hoping that somebody will welcome me, but this travel was a surprise one for my family. Ayah Isabel didn’t have knowledge about this vacation.

I hired an airport taxi cab going to Dimasalang Street, Bacalaran, got my baggages at the back and settled in the front seat. The traffic congestion filled with much excitement while waiting for every second of it. I asked the driver to enter the Dimasalang Street for easy access of my baggage. When we’re about to turned to the street, I was mesmerized frantically with the houses and people along the road. The taxi cab driver asked one of the residents about it and told me that there was huge fire devastation yesterday evening.

“Friend, can you drive faster going to the next block?” I asked the driver.


My heart kept on pounding while we’re approaching the road in front of our house. The first glimpsed of my damaged apartment caused my agitated emotions to respond quickly. I opened the taxi cab door and ran in front of the gutted apartment which made my tears to flow even in the midst of people staring at me. I looked around to find my wife and children, but in vain. The taxi cab driver notified me that he unloaded my baggage. I felt my wallet at the back pocket of my pants and paid fifty dollars for my transportation fare. I stood beside my baggage, not leaving it and continued looking around.

When I heard someone’s calling my name I turned around and saw Ayah Isabel with my three children running towards me. My tears began to flow continuously; knowing that they were fine and missed them so much. I hugged Ayah Isabel tightly while she’s crying with joy and the three children. We forgot that we were on the street, forgot about our apartment and forgot about the fire devastation.

“How are you my love?” I whispered to Ayah.

“Marco, I’m fine, but still agitated with the fire yesterday.”

“Where are you staying right now with the children?”

“Inside the classroom of Baclaran Elementary School, it made as a refuge center and the residents were there.”

We rented two tricycles, one for my baggage and one for us; going to the school campus. I asked the school guard to help me with the baggage and we settled inside the classroom. I gave the children their chocolates, biscuits and also, I gave some for the children inside the room. “How many families here in this room?” I asked Ayah.

“Five families, including Mike and Lina.”

“Who are they, our friend in Frisco Del Monte?”

“Yes Marco, I’ll tell you later why.”

“Where are they now?”

“They went to Cavite.”

“Okay, let’s go outside and find a place to rent.”

“Yes, of course.”

“How about the baggage?”

“Let’s put it there at the corner and cover.”

“Okay Marc.”

We went outside the school and find a fast food restaurant to dine.

“Marco, there’s a newly opened KFC store in front of the church.”

“Okay, children let’s go!”

I ordered a barrel of chicken, side dishes and drinks. Ayah gave them the fried chicken on their individual plates including salads and drinks. They ate while I looked at them with happiness inside my heart.

After eating, we went to a shopping mall in Makati Center and bought something for them including Ayah Isabel. It’s nearly seven in the evening when we came back to the school classroom, where Mike and Lina were there to give a warm welcome. “Best friend Marco, how are you, how’s your life abroad?” Mike asked while hugging me.

“It’s okay Pareng Mike, better than working here.”

“Pare, I’m planning to work abroad too. Lina and I talked about it already. Could you help me?”

“Of course Pare, but I have to find an apartment first.”

“Pareng Marc, I’ll go with you...can you accommodate us too?”

“No problem! You’re my best friend, isn’t it?”

The next day, we roamed around the Baclaran area to find an apartment for rent. We found one along the Santa Rita Street and we transferred at once along with Mike Luna’s family. We worked together and bought all the household equipments, utensils, furniture, beddings and food. The apartment was huge enough for us and the Luna family; we incorporated our resources to go on with our lives.


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  1. Mike should be careful now to bring a legit passport, two-way (round-trip) ticket and other documentations of stay in the country where he plans to work or else the immigration officers in the airport might doubt his travel. :)

  2. it's been always nice to read your stuff,looking forward for the next one.

  3. That's both a sad event and a really exciting one as Marco and Ayah's reunion came with fir gutting down their house. The good part about that is that they have restarted their lives once again.

  4. It's a good thing that they have found an apartment that's suitable for the entire family. Rates are high these days and most cannot afford to stay in huge apartment units.

  5. I'm glad they were able to find an apartment for them - huge, at that too,

  6. Aww.. tears of joy talaga - it's been awhile and now you saw them - iba pdn ang feeling.

  7. very timely that you came home, lucky is your family and friend that you were able to find an abode at once

  8. Touching! Glad that you were able to find an apartment easily. Don't worry God will provide and give back (in double or triple) what were lost.

  9. I wonder if the fire was caused by any of Marco's enemy as it was timed when he went home.

  10. You know this should be in the television shows..

  11. It's nice to see Marco's Family and Luna Family helping each other out.

  12. Sorry to hear about the fire. But I know somehow Marco's been relieved because he's with his family right now to start a new life.

  13. Your story is gripping, and I like that it shows the Filipino reality.

  14. Glad you were able to find an apartment!!

  15. It's nice that they already found an apartment. Looking forward to the continuation.

  16. Good thing they found an apartment for the entire family. The cost of renting nowadays are quite expensive.


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