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Searching For My Son #OFW28

I woke up feeling fresh, went outside the room where I found them having breakfast. I smiled at them and proceed inside the bathroom. The coolness of water splashed my whole being which energized physically and emotionally. I reached out the bath soap with amazing scent, rubbed into my body and triggered my wild imagination of what happened last night. Really, it soothed my being, thinking for another encounter with Ayah Isabel. I suddenly opened the faucet that splashed instantly of what I was thinking and reached the bath towel, wrapped around my waist. I went straight in the dining table, seated down and looked at Ayah Isabel with my natural smile when I’m in love.

“How’s your morning Marc the lover? It seems you’re fully satisfied today?” Edward greeted me with sarcastic remark.

“Oh...come on man! Don't start...," as I usually joked with Edward.

“I listed all the places that we need to strategize for easy access of our schedule. Eat your breakfast with gusto friend...more jobs to do ahead of us.”

“Yes my Lord Edward, and remember my vacation leave is only two months...I need results at once, understand crazy dog...”

“Marco, why not stay here in the Philippines for good, we’ll have to do business together?”

“I think it over Edward. Mike you’ll come with us, okay?”

“Yes Marco, I’m willing and able…..thank you!” Mike said with joyfully.

We left the house around nine in the morning heading to San Antonio Village in Makati City, where one of the manpower agency owned by Danielle Gustilo’s situated. Edward and Mike went inside the agency office to ask about the job opportunities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; while I was left behind inside the car at the other side of the road near the building to observe.

The manpower agency was built with complete sections where the job applicants can transact business with ease, with second floor for the administration personnel. The architectural design was quite modern in style, painted exterior with glass panels. Approximately, after thirty minutes, Edward and Mike were back in the car.

“Marco, let’s go to Intercontinental Hotel, we’ll talk over this case.” Edward said while I began to start the engine.

“Okay Edward.”

Again, we went to the hotel, added Mike Luna as another guest and the hotel personnel assigned us to another room for three people. We had our own respective beds, but one in dining and guest area. Edward ordered some food for lunch and wines to be delivered in our room.

“Marco, we filled up an application form for Mike to work in Dubai, and I asked about the manpower agency staff about Danielle Gustilo. She said, once a week and only Mondays...Danielle was visiting the four manpower agencies...Do you have any suggestions, Marco?”

“I have to talk to her personally Edward...and if she won’t, we have to take her by force!”

“Okay, listen, I’ll talk to the manpower staff for your appointment as businessman, so that...she’ll meet’s okay for you?”

“Yes, Edward do it as early as possible...start now. Mike, please help us with this, okay? Don’t worry about the placement fee, Edward can afford for that...isn’t it Edward my rich-friend?”

“Yes boss Marco… problemo Hitler,” Edward said laughing. “Good let’s eat Marco, Mike.”

We devoured our food and drinks like children that each one of us was enjoying this moment. But for myself, I believed that whatever I can do to help my friends, I will do it for the sake of our friendship and love.

After lunch, we took our afternoon nap and called Danielle Gustilo through the landline phone which the manpower staff had given to Edward.

“Hello, Ms. Danielle Gustilo, my name is Eduardo Go, a businessman...I’ve got your contact number from one of your manpower agency. You know I have a business proposal which truly interested you. Can we meet at the Intercontinental Hotel Coffee Shop?...Tomorrow morning, 9:00 o’clock?” Edward closed his telephone conversation, “Thank you Ms. Danielle.”

“Marco, it’s positive, tomorrow morning, 9:00 at the hotel’s coffee shop. What you want me to do?”

“I think, you have to disguise first, remember to wear something different...a moustache or something like James Bond...Danielle saw you before Edward?”

“No Marco.”

“Just wear something different, talk to her about recruitment or manpower Dubai and United Arab Emirates...then, excuse yourself to use the CR...I’ll appear before her in the table...okay Edward?”

“Okay boss Marco..he-he-he…James Bond huh...”

“And you’ll be with us to observe the situation and we need help I’ll give a sign, okay?”

“Yes boss Marco Fernando, we’re just like in a movie…ha-ha-ha…”

“Okay, now we’ll going to her house in Greenhills and follow her...Edward you have the address of her in the business card, isn’t it?”

“No Marco, but the staff gave it to in a piece of paper...”

We headed to Greenhills Shopping Center and observed the mansion house near it, where Danielle’s staying. The house has a perimeter fence made of wood and hollow blocks, guarded and had a beautiful exterior designs.

Mike used a binocular to observe the house surroundings and its activities. He spotted a lady, dressed in white who helped the boy carried his things going to the wooden chalet. Another woman in uniform was behind them with the baby’s stroller, and a beautiful lady looking to where the two were going.

“Marco, Edward, look at this...” Mike gave the binocular to me.

“Yes, a boy of seven year old with a maid...and a baby in a stroller...Danielle…you bitch!” I said while using binocular.

“Marc,’ll follow our plans tomorrow, and not now...okay?” Edward warned me.

“Edward, Mike...quick, they’re going out...”

We hurriedly entered in the car and positioned ourselves to wait along the street where Danielle’s car will pass by. My calculation really gave us the edge to follow her car wherever way she wanted to go. Danielle’s car passed going to the main road, EDSA, that we followed her up to the Robinson’s Galleria, then to the lower level parking lot. We waited until Danielle, the maid and the boy entered the shopping center.

“Edward, Mike, I think, it’s better to have the boy be kidnapped by make Danielle more miserable than Ayah Isabel...than me!” I said angrily.

“Cool Marco, this is not in our plan...and’s very dangerous...more guards in the vicinity of the mall...”

“Shut up Edward...they’re doing this for me, then, I’ll do it for them...come with me quick!”

Three of us were very careful not to make a disturbance that could affect my decision to capture the boy. We followed them at the third floor where Danielle enters the beauty parlor, while the maid and the boy were roaming around the mall.

Mike Luna made a move to distract the maid that he talked to her with a lover boy effect. The maid brought the boy to the first floor where he rode in an electronic toy ride. While Mike and the maid were busy talking to each other, Edward and I got the boy away from them going to the car park. I saw Mike was following us behind. We speeded up the car going to Shaw Boulevard up to Roxas Boulevard, then, going to Bacoor, Cavite. When we reached the subdivision; we stopped along the road.

“Edward, the boy must stay there at the house, until we can find a way for this?”

“Marco, I think, it’s better, I can handle him at Bantayan island? What do you think?”

“It’s okay, but be sure to take good care of him there?”

“Find your way to take him know, authorities now are moving to find him. Go now, I’ll call you in Bantayan island. I’ll take care of your belongings and the meeting with Danielle.”

“You have to meet her? No, Marco, just stay here in Bacoor.”

“Okay, quick...go now...get a plane ticket...or any means, it depends on you...use your intuition my friend.” Edward and the boy got out of the car.

“Marco, it’s better, you have to take us to the airport, the earlier the better...isn’t it?”

“Okay, come inside the car, we’ll go there together.”

I dropped them at the Manila Domestic Airport, not telling Edward that we’re heading to Intercontinental Hotel in Makati City. Mike and I took a rest in the hotel room until I woke around ten in the evening. I lifted up the hotel’s telephone and ordered something to drink.

“Mike, get’s over...let’s talk..”


“Let’s talk, come on...”

“Okay, I’ll take a bath first...”

“Okay, go on..”

The hotel staff delivered my order and I gave a two hundred pesos tip. He smiled at me with gladness and said, “Thank you Sir!” I smiled back at him, “You’re welcome!”

“Sir, you need young beautiful ladies...for entertainment?”

“Hmmm...what’s your name?”

“Walter sir.”

“Okay Walter, just one young and beautiful...with smooth skin, okay?”

“Okay sir, no problem.”

“No problem for the hotel’s management?”

“Just a problem sir.”

I started to pour whisky on my glass, put two ice cubes, swirled slowly and gobbled it. I poured again and put ice cubes. Mike finished bathing, toweled-dry, strapped the towel to his waist and I gave to him the glass. He drank it instantly, went inside the room to get dressed and sat in front of me.

“Marco, what you’re thinking about this thing...I mean, the boy?”

“Well, Edward knows best for that matter, he can do it very carefully.”

“I’m hoping that all’s well for us...”

“Mike, those people didn’t have the right to take my child without my consent...and wanted me to be miserable with my life?”

“Sometimes, I think, leaders are doing their job just for their personal interest.”

"Yes, look, for almost two decade, we’re under the rule of a dictator...that’s why, people under him really have the guts to do the illegal things...and we cannot do the same for what they’re doing? Unfair isn’t it?”

“We have the same point of view my friend. By the way Marco, I have to process my documents as early as possible. It’s okay for you?”

“No problem Mike, after this event, we’ll process your passport and NBI clearance.”

“Okay Marc, thanking you so much!”

We poured another two shots in a row. And another shots for us again.

“By the way Mike, I ordered a young beautiful lady, any moment she’s coming. This is for you, don’t worry...a present for you..”

“For about you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll continue drinking here.”

“Pareng Marc, how about two of us in one?”

“Okay, you make the first move...I’ll follow...”

Almost five minutes, we heard a knock on the door, which I opened at once.

“Sir, here’s your order....kindly check sir...”

“Walter, great, here’s for you.” I gave the tip for Walter and the lady went inside our room. Feeling groggy I introduced her to Mike Luna.

“Mike here’s your gift! What’s your name lady beautiful?”


“Ahh,..Merry this is Mike...your partner tonight...have a seat beside us...”

“Okay..Mike..and you handsome...”

“Lady... I’m not handsome!!” I said flatly.

We drank, knew each other and talked together while Mike started his fast and furious tactics to our visitor. After playing basketball, volleyball, football...or anything in between. Mike and I went to the bathroom together to take a bath and back to the guest's area. Merry dressed herself up at once, I gave her five thousand pesos, and she smiled accepting the payment. She kissed me again on my lips with passion, felt she liked me so much the way she looked at me and gave her business card to me which I accepted and thanked her.“Marco, call me...I’m waiting for your call...I liked you...”

She opened the door, looked and kissed me again. I looked at her walking the hallway until she disappeared. What a lovely night with a young and beautiful lady!

The wonderful feeling of satisfying yourself and other people made me energized my being to its peak; tiring but inspiring to go on living on this world. A God-given way to procreate mankind, but depends on every human individual to use in a positive direction.


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