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The Conspiracy #OFW26

It was in the...

Year 1987 of November 3, when we stayed in Bantayan Island, part of Cebu Territory, Philippines.

We travelled for almost an hour when I viewed the small port of Bantayan island. It’s such a big waiting shade with restaurant, benches and a ticket booth. The men unloaded the passenger baggage and a car.

“Edward, your car’s with us too?”

“Yes, my friend. My house, I think… five minutes ride only….come on, let’s go!”

We arrived at the bungalow house where Edward parents greeted us, seated at the long-drawn sofa and rest for a while.

“Ma, please call Larry...” Edward told his mother.

A handsome lad appeared, smiled and gave respect to us.

“Marco, this is Larry, brother of Ronnie, newly graduated from Cebu Technological University....with Engineering course.” Edward introduced his son, and a handshake ensued.

“How are you Mr. Fernando?”

“I’m fine son, congrats!”

“Thank you Sir!”

“Larry, help your Grandma and Grandpa cook our lunch, okay son?” Edward said to Larry.

“Okay Papa, I’ll do it. Nice meeting you sir...Bye, sir Marco.”

“Bye son, see you!”

Edward parents prepared our lunch at the table with Larry; beef meat stew with red beans, broiled chicken, shrimps and crabs. I enjoyed eating with them; it made me forgot the troubled moments of my life and longing for a happy family living. After our lunch, Edward drove me near the beach; brought a tent, table and two chairs, two bottles of whiskey, bag of ice cubes and bucket. Also, brought some food as appetizers for drinking liquor and I had the feeling that this was it.

Together, we assembled the tent, table and chairs. Put the food, bottles of whiskey and bucket of ice cubes at the table. I poured mine and Edward too. We looked over at the vastness of the sea, felt the cool breeze, and settled with our drinks. For our second glass, I looked at him straight to the eye and began the conversation.

“How’s everything for you for the past seven years, since I left you in Bacolod City? I think you’ve got what you wanted in life?” I asked and smiled at him.

“Marco, my friend, not know, since yesterday, you had asked me about the shooting incident inside my restaurant, isn’t it?

“Yes, who are they Edward?”

“You still remember, Danielle or Governor Gustilo?”

“How can I forget those people friend!!...they gave much troubled with my life? And why Edward!!” as my body temperature starting to rise.

“Cool friend, let’s be cool with our conversation okay Marco?”

“Okay Edward, I’ll try...fine...okay...go on...”

“Do you think, you as my friend, Marco Fernando, did not give much troubled to them?”

I kept my silence for his question which I thought to be true, or was it a consequence of my desire to uplift my life’s standards?

“Okay Marco, I have to tell you everything from where you left me behind...where I started this kind of life? You know, as a friend, you’ve left me here in Bacolod City without any weapon to Gustilo’s family. Of course, the Governor have lots of influences and armies to track us down. Joel Arevalo and I had been kidnapped by the Governor’s men; kept on that place where we saved you and Ayah Isabel. We were questioned, beaten, drugged and I did not say anything about you, but for Joel Arevalo, I don’t know...what happened...”

“Sorry about it Edward...and where’s Joel Arevalo now?....what happened next?”

“Marco, please listen to me, don’t blow your head without listening my story first, okay? The Governor offered a large sum of money to make your life Dubai City...”

“But how can you do this to me!!! We're friends, isn't it, Edward?” I stood up and grabbed Edward’s neck where both of us were squabbling in the sand. We fought hand-to-hand for about half hour, that each of us were tired of what we’re doing, rested for a while and stood up back to our chairs. I settled on my chair, poured two shots of whiskey and gulped it bottoms up. Edward too, poured his drink and sipped a little.

“Okay Edward, go on...please...go on...I need to know why!!”

“Are you alright now, Marco?”

“I’m okay...go on...”

“You have to listen to my side first, then, that’s the time you’ll accuse me, okay Marco?”

“Okay! I said okay...go on...”

“Governor Gustilo got some information about you, told me to talk to Ronnie about going to Dubai for employment together with you. He influenced the Manpower Agency for Ronnie to be an assistant store manager. As far as I know, Danielle Gustilo owned and managed four manpower agencies as to date. I know everything what Ronnie did to you in Dubai....I’m very sorry for that Marco...please forgive me and my son Ronnie...I’m doing what the Governor had told me to do. I think you understand my situation friend? And, as far as I know, Joel Arevalo got the money and job through Danielle, but I don’t know where he is right now.”

“Okay tell me more Edward...I want to know all...”

“My restaurant business in Bacolod City is just my front in the eyes of Governor Gustilo, who threatened me from the beginning up to the shooting incident in the know, he had me watched all along, and I think, Danielle knew that you’re here in the Philippines. But, I kept my wealth separately from him, when worst comes to what happened to, I have to hide from him too. Our government system was greatly changed since Former President Marcos was ousted by the EDSA Revolution, and that, our traditions...”

“What about your restaurant business in Bacolod City?”

“Forget that thing...matters will be undertaken by the government and of course, Governor Gustilo. He has the means to influenced people within his whims. I have to find another way to live outside the wings of Governor Gustilo. And, our problems right now cannot be depended upon by the proper authorities, leaders don’t trust other leaders, and we have to move on with our lives. I have my wealth...with me...” Really, sorry for the money that Ronnie...”

“I have to think of the future...the past still agitated me especially Ronnie didn’t send all the money to Ayah Isabel which made her miserable when I left her in Manila. The other thing that I greatly condemned about Danielle, she took my baby boy as payment. That’s why I’m here before you, to borrow an amount that I could use to track down Danielle.”

“Marco, there’s no problem about money, the thing is...right now, I think Governor Gustilo’s planning for something big for you and me...and Danielle too! They both damaged you!... but can I go with you with your plans?.....I’m on the run now, remember? I have the money remember?”

I looked him squarely through his eyes and, “Can we go tomorrow...for a start?”

“Yes, we can go tomorrow if you want, can I my friend...together again, best friend?”

“Hmmmmm...yes, but be loyal to our friendship, okay best friend?”

“Okay...fine best friend!”


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  4. good luck on the stories :D I wanted to be a writer but I guess I wasn't meant to be. I am better with Math :) but I do love reading

  5. Just getting better and better and intense too.

  6. Bantayan Island is a nice place,love to visit there sometimes.Anyway nice writing.

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  13. if not for the condition of my baby we where in this place "bantayan" Cebu last marc 21-23..oh well, this is still part of my plan place to go.

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  15. A very interesting read! Cannot wait to read Part 2.


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