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The Ploy of Edward Ramirez #OFW27

It was in the...

Year 1987 of November 4, when we left the Bantayan Island going to Cebu Airport, then, to Manila, Philippines.
We left the Bantayan island by boat going to Cebu International Airport, but along the way, I still recalled the history of this island. The provincial capital Cebu, was an important port known to Europeans with the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Its bustling port, protected by outlying Mactan island, handles most interisland commodities and second only to Manila in International trade. Already a thriving port when Ferdinand Magellan arrived in 1521. The Spanish made their first Philippine settlements on Cebu. Was it in my blood...a Spanish blood?

Edward purchased two airplane tickets schedule in the evening going to Manila. We settled in a Filipino restaurant and ate some of our favorite Filipino foods; bulalo, kare-kare, kilawin, sinugba na bangus and fresh fruits.

“Edward, it’s too heavy for me...can you cut some of the orders?”

“Marco, no problem, just a treat for your vacation, isn’t it you’re on vacation right now, be happy!....forget that problems first…let’s enjoy my best friend! It seems like yesterday….”

“Friend, why I am acting like this, I mean…I’m inclined to be influenced by anybody…as long as they’re good to me?...I mean, easily swayed and don’t know who are my enemies?....Can you explain it to me friend, in your own way?”

“Marco finish your food first and we can talk it over in the bar, okay?”

“You too, eat this kare-kare….yallah sadiqque…”

“Oppppps…don’t speak Arabic language…I know that too…” Edward laughed out loud that some customers looked at him.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh....behave friend, people are looking at you….you like tea or coffee?”

“I like brewed coffee, same for you…”

I ordered two black brewed coffee and two slices of tiramisu cakes. After three minutes, our order was placed on the table. We delightfully sipped our coffee and tiramisu cakes, when a lady wearing sunglasses accidentally dropped her purse near our table. She picked it up while looking at us and we looked at her too. She’s pretty enough to be somebody’s wife.

“Edward, what is this?”

“Ohhh, friend, just a blessing from above…”

Our scheduled flight came and we boarded the plane, settled on our seats and I looked around the cabin. I saw the lady loading her bag at the baggage compartment. I signaled to Edward, and he looked at her too, and smile meaningfully in my face.

“Edward, no…no, I have something in my mind, not that one…”

“Ohhh yeaaaahh?”

“By the way Edward, I am thinking to keep my family safe first before anything else, can we do that?”

“Yes Marc, we’ll do that for their safety. You know the Gustilo family they’re like lions in the wilderness of Kenya.”

“Honestly Edward, I don’t believe that you have the guts to trade your best friend with money. And that, your son too….look what it brought to Ayah….and our newborn son...”

“Friend, I’m so sorry for that, deep in my heart…sorry Marco.”

We arrived at the Manila Domestic Airport around ten in the evening where Edward contacted the Car Rental Company for us to buy something for Ayah and the children. But as we drove along the airport exit route, we saw the same lady riding in another car behind us.

“Edward, you recognize the lady in the car behind us?”

"Yes, a suspicious flower Marc, we moved along Sucat Road first to see if she’s following us.”

We resumed our fast speed going to South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) where we turned left heading Mantrade intersection going to Makati City. She’s nowhere to be found, we’ve eluded her. We checked-in at the Intercontinental Hotel, took shower together, and drank imported wine; where we slept like a log.

I woke up around ten in the morning, looked around to find Edward, but nowhere to be found. I asked the information through the phone, and it’s positive that he was out in the hotel. Found a note that he’s in SM Shopping Mall nearby to buy something personal. I took a warm bath, drank coffee and went ahead in SM Shopping Mall. I roamed around the mall to find him.

“Marco, how are you today? Have a seat, order your coffee.”

“Just two shots of espresso will do….”

I ordered two shots of espresso and a sliced of black forest cake.

“Why so sudden…coming here in the mall Edward? Kindly next time, tell me what’s on your mind first, before taking any action?”

“Yes boss, sorry….Marco, I’m planning to buy something special for Ayah Isabel...you know, it’s been seven years now…I missed her and the children….”

“Ohhh, come on you moron!! What’s this, drama…. movie??”

“Marc, I’m serious….you crazy dog!!”

“Okay, just buy one for each of them...you know, we’ll transfer them to a safe place, remember?”

“Yes, but where...here in Metro Manila?”

“No, I think in Bacoor, Cavite…..a place near Manila, what do you think?”

“Yes, that’s a good idea Marco, we’ll do that, remember, I have the means….”

“Edward, order a slice of cake….that’s my payment for you….”

“Walllaaaahhh, thank you, thank you….you crazy dog! By the way, I observed something...you arrived last 27th of November...the fire gutted your house...then coming to me in Bacolod...Marco, tell me frankly, did you make love with Ayah when you arrived here?...I think no, am I correct friend?”

“So?...... mind your own business...you fool!!”

“No...no...you have to sprinkle-the-flower-with-your-fresh-juice my friend!!”

“Come you boar...we’ll go shopping now!”

Edward and I selected some items for Ayah Isabel and the children. From SM Makati, we headed to Baclaran area where we took turns at MIA Road going to the apartment. Every step we made, we were aware of the danger any moment, any time.

We carried the items inside the house, and I thanked God that all of them were present at that time, and I introduced Edward to them including Ayah Isabel.

“Ayah, you remember him? Mike, Lina, this is Edward from Bacolod City.”

Edward hugged Ayah Isabel tightly, then, the children and extended his arm to Mike and Lina. He gave the presents to all of them which the children accepted happily.

“Ayah how are you now, I miss you!”

“Edward, me too, I’m glad that both of you found each other in Bacolod City. How’s your life?”

“I’m fine and kicking…ha-ha-ha-ha…”

“Okay everybody please listen. We need to transfer in a remote area other than Metro Manila. This is for our safety. Mike and Lina, you’ll come with us?”

“Yes, Marco, we’ll come wherever you go friend, but I ask a favor from you, could you please help me process my documents in working abroad, I mean with you in Dubai...or in another company..” Mike said.

“Mike, there’s no problem, Marco will help you.” Edward answered.

Mike hugged me tightly when he heard positively what Edward had said, “My friend thank you so much!”

“Okay, now we’ll leave to transact the real estate office in Makati. Ayah, Mike, and Lina kindly help each other in packing important belongings for the transfer. We’ll be back in the afternoon or evening time to pick you up, okay?” I said.

“Okay Marc.” Ayah answered and the couple too.

We left the apartment headed to Roxas Boulevard, then turned to Pedro Gil Street going to Greenbelt Center. We found a real estate office and processed the transaction to buy the ready-to-occupancy house and lot in Bacoor, Cavite. I signed some papers, and we waited for almost two hours. I asked Edward to have a coffee in Greenbelt while waiting for the documents. We entered the coffee shop, ordered mocha crush, apple pie, for two. While waiting for our order, Edward read the daily newspaper which I asked him about the government.

“Edward, in your observation, the Aquino government is ever-ready to transform our country in proper democratic form for the Filipino people?”

“Well, Marc, I think it’s positive for Mrs. Aquino to do that in terms of her leadership and governance. Unlike the past, President Marcos wanted to control the lives of the Filipino people through his good governance, but changes must be applied through the voice of the people. Look in the past, I’m just a waiter in a restaurant, but I took the opportunity according to my desire to get rich, here I am right now, able to buy things I like, can afford to do what I wanted to do, and help my family and friends. And, one thing I’ve got to be sorry...for you my friend and for Ayah...and that boy of yours...” Edward held my hands; a gesture of him that I knew of his personal trait.

“It’s okay for me that you used your skills into a positive one. And, I’m hoping for my boy Edward.”

“I’ll help you all the way Marco.”

One hour had past and we went back to the real estate office. They gave the key of the unit, signed documents and promo offers. We thanked them and left at once.

The gloomy weather started to form into a windy afternoon when we arrived at the apartment. Instantly, everybody worked together to load all household items at the back of the truck for rent. Mike and Lina went with the truck that followed us through Molino Road up to the new house. Mike asked the driver and his assistants to help unload the household items and paid them. After arranging everything within the house, Ayah took care of the children to sleep, while five of us, arranged the table for food, appetizers and liquor drinks.

“Marco, guys I missed this get-together moment with you, cheers!!” Edward started the conversation and all of us smiled at him. “Starting tomorrow, Marco and I will begin the search of his beloved baby boy!”

“Mike where’s your children?” I asked.

“Marc, I have one child, since you left us in Frisco del Monte, very hard for us though, especially the fire gutted our house in Baclaran; he’s in Imus with my relatives.”

“Guys, I’m the only one without partner...what can I do Marc?” Edward asked.

“And why you’re not finding your partner?”

“Because I love my best friend Marco…ha-ha-ha-ha….”


We enjoyed our first night together until two in the early morning, and retired with our hearts full of hopes for the days to come. Mike and Lina went to their room first, then Edward too. Ayah and I went to our room, took off my clothing, and cleaned my whole body with warm towel that started my desire for lovemaking. For almost two years that I missed Ayah Isabel, it broiled the aloofness within me because of the sadness and damaged I brought upon her. Her dainty hands touched my innermost feeling coupled with the liquor spirit that engulfed me; I kissed her lips with fire, undressed her quickly, explored her body totally and she responded with fire too, until making love was the only thing that I knew at that moment. The fire that keeps on burning within us, molded our souls into one, and carried us into the ocean of ecstasy; after two years had passed. Our lovemaking lasted with total satisfaction for both of us. We hugged each other tightly and completely until our hearts entwined fully. In a minute, Ayah started again to clean my whole body and went to sleep contented.


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