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They Are Lying or Fooling Me? #OFW22

That night I can’t sleep thinking of my past life in Bacolod City, and the new events that kept on popping up. Was it my way of living? Or was it the result of dreaming something big? Or was it I’m weak or my way of thinking into the future?

The next day, I received a memo from the Main Office from Sharjah about my transfer to Al Ain, United Arab Emirates branch. They gave me a week to endorse to the incoming manager of the store and to vacate the room. It was Ronnie Ramirez being promoted as a store manager and the new occupant of my room. I was glad with his promotion and at the same time, troubled and felt that he’s using my vices to put forward his ambition.

I talked to my Area Manager, that I will take my vacation first before working to my new assignment in Al Ain. They scheduled my flight going to Manila, Philippines which I met my friends one-by-one. I visited Ryan Mallari to his flat in Deira side unannounced which made him a little surprised.

“Friend Ryan good morning!” I greeted him.

“Fine my friend.”

“You know what happened to me? I mean in my work?”

“No, what about?”

“Been transferred to Al Ain, but I asked for vacation. I come here to say goodbye to you.”

“You want a farewell party? Or something exciting?”

“No, my friend thanks.”

“No, no, so that we can give you some gifts or money for your vacation? How about that? Excuse me first, I’ll take a bath first...have a coffee first...” He went to the bathroom, when the phone rang. I knocked the bathroom door and told him about it. “Marco, maybe it’s Glenda, answer the phone for me, that we’re coming in 30 minutes...” I lifted the telephone.

“Hello, Ryan’s residence, good morning!”

“Are you Ryan’s friend?

"Yes mam!”

“Tell him to call me here in Manila Office.”

“Okay madam, may I know who is calling so that I can tell him?"

“Tell him Danielle.”

“Okay...okay...okay bye.” I returned the receiver doubting Ryan Mallari at once. I wanted to be sure, if Danielle Gustilo on the other side of the phone was the same Danielle that made a scar on my forehead?

Ryan finished taking a bath, drying excess water on his hair, and seated at the sofa near me. “Friend Marco, whose calling. Glenda?”

“No my friend wrong number.”

“Ahhhh okay...”

“Where’s the happening today?” I asked.

“At Glenda’s flat in Karama. Come and we’ll introduce you to her friends.”

“Okay, then, I’ll come with you.”

We settled in his sports car going to Karama. Along the way, I tried to find something about him, thinking negatively. “By the way friend Ryan, what’s your business here in Dubai?”

“Ohhhh...I’m the manager of Aquarius International Manpower Agency at Al Maktoum Street. We have a branch office in Makati, Philippines. Didn’t I tell you this information to you?"

“No, just now.”

“Yes, we’re here in Karama now, at least no heavy traffic today.”

We arrived at Karama apartments, which housed different nationalities, and very accessible to the city life. We entered the apartment at the second floor with large guest area, five rooms and a kitchen. Glenda and a female guest were busy preparing the food and drinks. Other female and male guests were sitting at the carpeted floor already drinking liquor. I settled near the kitchen drinking bottled beer talking to Glenda about food preparations.

“Glenda babes, can I use your landline phone, I’ll call in the Philippines,” Ryan asked Glenda.

“Okay, babes, go on, over there, near the guest’s area.”

Ryan went directly to the guest’s area, and dialed the phone. I immediately excused myself to Glenda, followed him secretly at the guest’s area near him. I talked to a male guest just to be near Ryan.

“Hi, my name’s Marco Fernando, and you?”

“Ohhhhh, handsome, me, my name is Julio...during the day, and Juliet at night...”

"Ahhh, I see, nice meeting you. Can I sit beside you?”

“Ohhh, sure, sure handsome.”

I drank my beer, settled my ears to what Ryan’s conversation over the phone.

“Madam Danielle, good morning.”

“No, Madam, I didn’t know about it.”

“Maybe one of my friend.”

“He’s scheduled for vacation there.”

“Within a week’s time.”

“Well, it’s okay, there’s no problem.”

“Yes, Madam, I’ll do that.”

“Thank you, bye.”

I was surprised when Ryan patted me at the back. “Hey Marco, why are you there beside Juliet?”

“Just drinking...that’s all.”

“Come, I’ll tell you something.”

We entered at Glenda’s room and seated at edge of the bed.

“You know what Marco, that Juliet has a crush on you. He’ll pay large sum of money, if you’re good know...”

“What?...why me?”

“He finds you handsome, and you need money for your vacation that’s all.”

“Ahhhh, let’s drink outside, come on!” I said to Ryan.

“Okay friend.”

“By the way Ryan my friend, why Glenda been working in Jumeirah and also, she rented a flat here in Karama?”

“You know, here in the flat, she rented it and accepts bed-spacer to augment with the apartment rental. Isn’t it practical?”

“Yes, really my friend.”

We enjoyed the night with Glenda’s friends; telling amusing stories, jokes, watching movies and listening to music. Around eight in the evening, Ryan invited us to the nearest hotel where there’s a newly arrived Filipino music band.

We were ten in a group going to President’s Hotel for another event of the day. The fa├žade of the hotel was stunningly beautiful with multi-colored murals in the ceiling. The place was conducive to the city center, wherein almost resident expatriates spent their evening listening to the music band. The manager greeted us, finds a long table for the group, and got our orders with appetizers. We enjoyed the night with contentment and satisfaction. I got a taxi cab for me, but Ryan told me that he will drop me at my place in Satwa, I nodded positively.

“Marco, friend, the next day after tomorrow, we will have a farewell party in my apartment. Be ready my friend, this is the big night for you.”

I heard him and only nodded my head. He dropped me at the other side of the road and left. The police car saw me walking in the road going to my flat. They approached and asked me.

“Good morning kabayan?” The police greeted me.

“Ohh, it’s morning now, sorry, I thought it’s still evening time; good morning too officer.”

“You’re drunk my friend, go to your flat now.”

“Yes officer, thank you.”

“Thank you kabayan.”

The sunrise moved its cycle but I cannot sleep; took a hot bath, made a strong coffee and listened to a mellow music in my collection. My mind kept wandering from many different topics and angles. I could not decipher what I felt, for what I was thinking at that time. I doubted my true wisdom on how to balanced things into proper perspectives. I wanted to go to the Philippines now, to solve my hunches and doubts. Is it really Danielle Gustilo, talking over the phone with Ryan Mallari? How come and why? Besides, I missed my best friend Edward Ramirez in Bacolod City. He’s financially stable now with his fast food business and his son Ronnie Ramirez was just promoted recently. He’s leveling-up his life than me. How about my life now?

I cried silently in my room and self-pity engulfed my loneliness inside my heart. I enjoyed my nightlife here in Dubai, but my true life was nothing compared to Edward Ramirez. My ego was intact with me like the water in the ocean deep. My family’s damaged because of me, and my feelings were bruised like the rotten animal in the jungle.


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  1. Marco's story is getting interesting and I wonder how Danielle would come into play in the story.

  2. The thing about being in a foreign land and away from the people you care is the fact that no matter how much you try to get yourself together, you will always be longing for their company especially when alone.

  3. This story is indeed building up towards what could be an unexpected ending.

  4. It's really sad to be alone especially when you're in a country where you had no family to rely on but only your friends..

    Say, I'm curious what happens next in this story. :D

  5. I may say I can not judge it yet by the given situation but I am always excited to see the next episode of your story.

  6. Comparing yourself with others may either help you or destroy you. It is better to just focus on yourself.

  7. I guess experiencing difficulties in our professional is necessary to make us grow and learn more about life. All things will fall into place eventually.

  8. it's been really nice to land onto your blog and read your awesome stories.

  9. This is getting to be interesting. I can't wait to read what is going to happen to Marco. Looking forward to your next installment.

  10. Interesting story! Like they say "Kahit saan mo dalhin ang Pinoy Pwede".

  11. Naturally, at the end of the day, the great concern is still for the family and not for himself.

  12. this awesome stories relates to most of my friends who works back in singapore as Helper. No matter how much and party they do at the end of the day they are lonely and miss their family x0~

  13. Will be looking forward to the next ..

  14. WOW! It's very an interesting story.

  15. It's normal when an OFW flies back home that he visits friends one by one or announce a get-together party where they can all catch up.

  16. What has happened to Marco is really a typical remorseful experience of every Filipino. And it is true indeed sa huli ang pagsisisi.

  17. Another aspect I like about this story is that it has unique and memorable characters.

  18. oh m.. After all he's in the hands of Danielle pala.

  19. Julio/Juliet seems like an interesting character. I wonder how her role would play out in the future chapters.

  20. Vices sure does not bring any good to one's life.

  21. Comparing with others is never good - that will make you depressed tlga. You have to see the brighter side of it dn, diba?

  22. The story is getting exciting, like a tele-serye :) Have you put these stories in Kindle yet, Sir Fernando?

  23. Julio by day and Juliet by night... that's really funny..

  24. The story is waking my curiosity. I am waiting for more. Lol!

  25. Reading this is as if I am standing where you once stood (or so...). Have you been assigned here in the UAE? You know the places too well. You know how people lived "double-life" here and how they party until the break of dawn. You seem to have seen it all here in the UAE... Are you Marco Fernando? ;)

  26. looking forward to what will happen next.

  27. It's always nice to read things like this! Gahhh makes me want to follow more about this story line!

  28. Getting interesting indeed. Looking forward.


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