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Meeting with Danielle Gustilo #OFW29

The next morning, it’s almost eight when I woke up. Mike’s sleeping in the sofa like a log. I woke him up.

“Mike, let’s get up now...I have a meeting with Danielle.”

“Hmmmm, I thought...”

“Mike, I have to meet her! Get up!!”

“Okay, why?.....I’m tired...”

“Hey...wake up..Mike!”

I left Mike in the hotel’s room, walk slowly to the coffee shop and ordered two shots of espresso coffee. I drank and ordered again for another two shots. I saw Walter approaching me, smiling and greeted me.

“Good morning sir! How’s your night sir?”

“Really the best! Where did you get her?”

“Sir, she’s a college student, you know...but she’s good and a scholar.”

“Yeah...do you know her residence?”

“Yes sir, if you want her just call me.”

“Okay Walter...here’s another gift for you, five hundred pesos. Walter, you know, I’m waiting for another lady here in the coffee shop. Can you help me?”

“What I'm going to do sir?”

“Put a table and chair at the back of the coffee shop...I’ll sit there...and watch her. If she comes, tell me here. Do you know her? Here’s the picture...”

“Okay sir.”

I positioned at the back of the coffee shop, drank another two shots of espresso coffee and waited. After ten minutes, I saw Walter hurriedly approaching me and giving a sign that she’s coming. My tired body got energized with espresso coffee and broiled with anger deep inside. I saw her seated down and ordered. I approached her at the table and suddenly sat in front of her. She stood up at once without noticing me. She’s totally surprised with my presence.

“Please have a seat Danielle. I want to talk to you. Do you recognize me? Do you recognize my scar in the forehead?” She kept her silence while looking at me straight to the eye.

“How can I forget you Marco Fernando?”

“And, how can I forget you Danielle Gustilo, the woman who made my life miserable?”

“That’s the price of loving someone aside from me Marco Fernando.”

“And who do you think you are?..... You’re paying people to destruct my life?” I abruptly held her hand tightly that made her squirmed with pain, “Where’s my son, you bitch!!!”

“I’m not in the position to answer your concern Marco. Release my hand you bastard!!”

“I’ll break you into pieces...for the last time Miss Danielle Gustilo, where’s my son!!”

“Okay, Marco...tomorrow afternoon...we’ll have to meet at the Sheraton Hotel, Vito Cruz, Room 300, exactly 2:00 pm. You can meet me alone; I’ll give your son to you personally. Deal?”

“Okay...” And I released her hand, looked at her straight in the eye and she cried silently.

“Why are you crying? Isn't enough that you made me a fool, taking my son without my knowledge?” I asked her.

“My son was kidnapped yesterday Marco, I’m sorry, wait for me tomorrow....I have to go Marco.” She stood instantly and left while I looked at her until she disappeared in the front door.

Mike appeared at my back suddenly, “Wow, friend, you really have the guts to hurt her?”

“Sit down Mike...I'm serious. You heard everything I said to her? I thought you’re tired of playing...”

“Weeehhh, and you?”

“Wonderful...but we have to check out with this hotel to be safe from questioning.”

We packed our things together with Edward belongings, checked out and went straight to the Sheraton Hotel at Vito Cruz Street near the Harrison Plaza. Mike and I checked in at the hotel front desk, telling the staff for Room 301 for both of us. The staff checked the availability of the room which gave us a positive note for tomorrow’s meeting. We ordered our lunch and drinks delivered to our room. After lunch I called up Edward Ramirez in Bantayan Island.

“Hello Edward, good afternoon my friend. How’s everything over there, the boy?”

“You know what Marco, his name is the same as you, Marco Fernando Jr.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure...that’s what he said to me.”

“Ask some other information about him and his mother, for sure. Edward, we’re here at the Sheraton Hotel, Vito Cruz.”

“Why are you there...together with Mike?”

“Yes, we’ll meet Danielle tomorrow afternoon here, in this hotel.”

“Okay, please be careful friend.”

“Okay Edward, bye.”

I told Mike about our meeting at Room 300 of this hotel tomorrow, which I gave him some instructions when worst comes to worst. We did slept for the whole afternoon and evening, and when we woke up, it’s six in the morning the next day. We jogged along Roxas Boulevard near the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It was such a great feeling to release the unwanted toxins on our bodies and kept fit all the time.

Mike Luna as I observed, really enjoyed my company and the way his life was shaping even though there were dangers along with it. He’s a man willing to perform everything because of money, or anything with value. I admired him of his courage to change his “color,” anytime, anyplace wherever he may be.

“Marco, remember your meeting with Danielle, this afternoon...2 pm…”

“Yes Mike, are you ready my friend?”

“Yes, Pare, at your service anytime.”

After jogging, we came back to our hotel room, in which we rested for a while. Mike dressed with his formal suit, went to the hotel lobby to observe. And, I dressed with casual attire for easy movement of my body and energy.

After lunch, we waited for more than hour when Mike went inside our room.

“Marco, I saw Danielle with a dozen of men following her going to Room 300.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes my friend!”

“That bitch!!”

“What to do now?”

“Okay, we’ll stay here inside...I won’t meet her! We’ll go home to Bacoor, Cavite after they left the hotel.”

We stayed for a week inside my house for possible news about the disappearance of the boy in Greenhills, but nothing such news in the dailies and television. We extended our silence without going outside the house; we slept, ate and had a wonderful time with our loved ones. While Christmas was the theme of the moment, celebration with them gave much happiness to every father like us. My two-month vacation leave was nearing on 28th of December 1987, that I talked to Mike Luna to process his papers.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), a branch of Philippine government that had a database of all Filipino citizens with legal case or not and were recording Filipinos with criminal and civil cases; and other cases under their jurisdiction. Filing for passport and other government entities required this NBI clearance for the purpose of good standing as Filipino citizen. It’s situated along Taft Avenue corner United Nations Avenue that we parked the car in front of the building near the avenue.

Crowd of people were queuing the multitude of lines to get the clearance; more fixers were roaming around for getting paid transactions just for easy and quick release of the clearances. I had to hired one for us to do the job, that after ten minutes, Mike got hold of his NBI clearance without hardship.

We traveled from United Nations Avenue going to Libertad Street near the US Embassy for Mike’s passport. Again, the same volume of people were queuing the lines for this purpose. We prepared Mike’s requirements and he queued alone. I went to Vivian Montoya’s house for the gifts and money and returned back. I waited for him inside the car which at that time, I saw Danielle with two men following her behind, entered the Department of Foreign Affairs main office. With my carelessness, I followed them inside without thinking the consequences. Danielle’s bodyguards saw me that they instantly followed outside the building. I ran directly to the car and started up going to Baclaran and I turned the intersection heading to Magallanes. I drove along the Pasong Tamo and turned left heading to where I came from, the Libertad Street. I parked the car in front of Vivian Montoya’s house and walked towards the DFA building.

I looked for Mike Luna inside the building and he’s still on the line. I approached the counter to transact on how to rush the released of passport. I paid an amount, that after twenty minutes, Mike’s passport was released. We came back to Vivian’s house where I met her father.

“Marco, thanks for your kindness in delivering the money and toys coming from Vivian. How’s my daughter in Dubai?”

“Sir, she’s fine...she told me to extend her love to all of you here. Also, thank you for accommodating my car.”

We went home in Bacoor, took some rest and enjoyed our evening with the kids. It’s nothing I can do for the moment to look for my lost son. I had to go on with my own life for the sake of what I was dreaming and the values within me as a family man.

I spent my Christmas season with my family, told Mike Luna to wait for his visa and call me if he’s heading to Dubai. I called Edward too, to take good care of the boy, and to check my family in Bacoor, Cavite when I returned to Dubai.

“Marco, take good care of Ronnie...kindly tell him that I loved him so much. Call me regularly friend...and if you change your mind...just come back here in the Philippines...and we’ll build our business together...”

“Okay Edward, I will.”

I processed my papers from POEA, scheduled my plane ticket and other documents that I left Ayah Isabel for our children; an insurance policy and educational fund. I had to be sure with their future, for whatever reasons therein underlying why I was doing a more pronounced conditions for them.


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