Friday, May 23, 2014

My Children And The Past In Bacolod City #OFW37

We woke up the next morning with a knock on the door. Danielle put on her night gown and opened the door.

“Madam Danielle, there’s a visitor looking for you. He’s asking about Sir Marco too,” the maid said. “He’s at the gate, at the guard house.”

“Okay, say to him to wait for five minutes.”

“Okay madam.”

She returned to where I was lying down, but I heard their conversation.

“Marco, you have a visitor at the gate.” Danielle said to me.

“Okay, after a bath.”

“Hey…get up…you’re tired?”

“You got my energy last night.”

“Go on….take a bath now.”

I stood up and went directly to the bathroom which refreshed my whole body in the coolness of the water. Danielle gave my casual clothes to wear and went at the gate. “’s you my friend Edward!”

“Yes, it’s me!”

“How do you know this place?”

“I was brought here before by Governor Gustilo.”

“I see. Come inside.”

We sat together in the steel garden set and called the maid to served us coffee.

“So, what’s up Marco?”

“I want to spend some time with you and the kid….around Bacolod City.”

“I think, you’re fine with Governor Gustilo and Danielle?”

“Yes Edward, but I had my own family; this is just the same when I was in college.”

“I understand your purpose; I know.”

“Wait for me, just drink your coffee, I’ll change my clothes inside.” I went inside the house, talked to Danielle about Edward and bringing the kid outside. She hesitated at first but I convinced her to trust me. I put on my casual clothes.

“Trust me, it’s just I want to be with him outside with Edward. I love you, don’t be afraid.”

“Okay Marco, I’ll wait for you here.”

“Okay, I’ll use the other car.”


We roamed around Bacolod City, each landmark that we knew, until we entered the Bacolod Cathedral in front of the public plaza and prayed solemnly. I looked at the public plaza, crossed the road and went to the bench where I met Edward for the first time. I fingered the bench edges while my mind wandered for my past.

“Edward, you remember this bench?”

“Yes my friend….where I found you sitting and waiting for the unknown…”

“That was before…but my heart still remained in this place….the friendship that I had for you….” The tears were forming into my eyes when Marco junior asked me. ”Daddy, are you crying?”

“No my son, you are the jewel on this place…I started my life here, on this bench.”

“Marco, stop it….stop it!” Edward suddenly shouted at me.

“Okay, we’re going to Manila now.”

“Where are we going now?”

“To the Gustilo’s house to fetch Danielle….”

I embraced my son tightly, “Marco Junior, study well and be a good boy when I’m away, okay?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Grandpa will take care of you, okay?”

“Yes Daddy.”

We rented a four-seatter piper plane going back to Manila, where I told Danielle to go at her house in Greenhills, San Juan.

“Danielle, my baby boy’s in Greenhills?’

“Yes Marco.”

“I’ll get him and wait for me there in your house.”

“Yes Marc, I’ll do that.”

We went to Greenhills and get my baby boy which I missed for a long time. I will deliver my jewel to Ayah Isabel personally; for nobody ever thought that I exchanged my soul for the love of my family and my dreams.

I kissed him with joy inside my heart, and I knew that Ayah Isabel was happy too.

We left Danielle in her house; we bought gifts for my family and went directly to Bacoor, Cavite. When we arrived, Ayah Isabel wasn’t there in our house, only her brother Bryan.

“Bryan, where’s Ayah Isabel?”

“Marco, she’s in the Molino Doctor’s Hospital together with Lina Luna, she gave birth yesterday evening.”

“What….she’s pregnant?”

“Yes, Marco.....when you left last December, she’s pregnant that he called me in Bacolod City to help her.” Bryan said.

“Okay then, I’ll visit her first..”

We went in the hospital without having time to ask my children, speeded up along the Molino Road and asked the information section.

“Ayah Isabel….how are you?”

“I’m fine Marco…look at her…a baby girl…”

“Ohhh, she’s beautiful little angel!.. ..can I kiss my baby girl?”

“Yes Marco…go on..”

I kissed my new angel with love, a new love that blossomed instantly within me. “Why you’re keeping your pregnancy to me?”

“I don’t want to disturb you and your job.”

“Next time, relay to me anything about you even I’m away, okay?”

“Yes Marc….Edward, whose baby is that?” Ayah asked Edward.

I took the baby to Edward, kissed him and said, “Ayah, this is our baby from Danielle.”

She’s surprised instantly, hugged the child and started to cry.

“Ayah, its okay….take your rest….don’t worry I’ll be here for you.”

‘Yes Marco, I’m very happy….so happy…”

“Don’t cry….we’ll celebrate Ayah…I’m happy too…..”

I talked to the doctor-in-charge of Ayah’s condition and if she can be discharged, the day after tomorrow. The positive respond from Ayah’s doctor gave another dimension of my excitement to the welfare of my clan.

Yesterday evening, I was planting a seed to Danielle, knew Marco Junior, got my lost baby and had a newborn baby from Ayah. It’s a coincidence or a destiny between these two women in my life? Am I heading the right direction? I questioned myself.


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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life Joins The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project #OFW #emergingblogs2014

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life Joins The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project #OFW #emergingblogs2014

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Author: Fernando Lachica

An OFW novel turned into Blogonovela that gathered enough impact in blogger’s network. The author released his own personal experiences just to give readers the twists they almost desired through the main characters.


A weak young man...A first true love...A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love...A kind-loving wife...A circle of friends...Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs...All brought together with their destinies to love aflame with conflicts, lies, lusts, ambitions, hatred, revenge and the struggles for life in a faraway place.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life is a story of young man from a small island of Negros Occidental, the Philippines, who explored his life in the city and found his true love. He never thought that life in Manila (The City of Hopes) is a rugged terrain of heartaches, lies, hatred and revenge. He found his true-self when destiny engulfed him working in a faraway place called Dubai (The City of Dreams) as an OFW.


Author: William Rodriguez II

This online magazine about lifestyle, entertainment, travel, human interest, business, health and technology, got noticed my attention and the author said, “Nowadays, bloggers are very influential because people read their works and believe in what they write. The internet gives equal opportunities to anyone who has the gut to express themselves and share their experiences."


Author: Mc Richard Paglicawan

It’s all about the latest news, famous and powerful people, photos, sports, events, movies, technology, lifestyle and the world as a whole. A new site with so much to be desired upon daily that gives my fullest sense to every articles they're posting.


Author: Dimaks Saj

Nutri Facts in the Packs is a blog that features nutrition facts and figures that are typically found in the product labels we see or buy at the market. It is hoped that through this simple effort, everyone can have a glance of what they are actually buying in terms of nutrition contents, information and health benefits. This is what I called, "The Fitness Blog."



Eats Now or Never is the online food magazine where sharing the authors’ fascinations with food, and the answers to the questions the readers always ask about food. The best new food blog eating its way through the Philippines; food is fleeting and ephemeral. Eats now or never. My love for food caught my focus to this blog and the way they interact with their readers.


Author: Jonalyn Abengana-Lora

Joy is the author of The Slambook Project. She usually write articles under the pseudonym “Joy Lora”. She loves sharing new things, awesome products, amazing shows, news and information to her readers that I liked for this site.

The Slambook Project is a comic blog featuring brands and products but since January 2014, she converted this blog into a hybrid entertainment, food, travel and lifestyle magazine-type blog. Likewise infos on celebrities, products, and famous people.


Author: Jemaima Robles

Maxim is a personal blogger who deals with other people’s lives. She doesn’t like rumors..ha..ha..ha, but she’s fond of giving unsolicited advice about everything. So if what she writes happens to be your concern, feel free to share your thoughts. She had been immersed in different ways of living and had been acquainted with people from different walks of life. Whatever she writes comes from the experiences that she values most as learning.

Also known as Jemaima, her real name, Maxim is a teacher by profession, a proud mother and an amateur blogger who wants her thoughts sent across the web. You may follow her on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networking and bookmarking sites with accounts under her name, Jemaima Robles.


Author: Twing Kewl

An SEO blog where you can learn link building and optimization. “I’m an unsung hero in the interweb SEO community but I managed to make some prominent SEO experts in the web turn their eyes on,” he said with a smile.

He handled and trained a small group of SEOs and link builders in the local to help his clients’ websites. It served as a guide to profoundly understand online businesses and the concept of internet marketing. I loved this blog for my interest about SEO as a blogger.


Author: Christian Melanie Lee

Matakaw Na Bata started in March 2014. Last August 2013, the author upon attending a seminar about food blogging, she was encourage to create the other side of her as a foodie. Being surrounded by food enthusiasts at home, she was reluctant in eating tons of meals..LOL. I salute for this lady as a great influencer according to the blogosphere world.


Author: Zheyme Manahan

The blog title speaks for itself where the concept of this blog evolves :Sweetness. More dessert articles with recipes and procedures are always created for reader’s consumption. I loved food and sweet that's why this blog caught my senses.

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Author: Janette Toral

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Marco Fernando Jr., My First Son #OFW36

I went directly to Sheraton Hotel lobby, seated and waited for Danielle. After five minutes, she arrived with attaché case on her right hand and a present on her left hand which she gave to me at once.

“Marc, here’s the documents for the bank, plane tickets and my gift for you!”

“Danielle, not my birthday today, what’s the occasion?”

“I bought that special gift...just for you as peace offering between us.”

“I don’t have gift for you now?”

“Open it Marc, go on!”

I opened the box; ”Wow...a Rolex watch encrusted with diamonds all over it!”

“Yes, I like that for you to wear.”

“Remember, we’re on our initial agreement...thank you Danielle.”

“It’s okay Marc, come to the restaurant, we’ll eat I’m hungry.”

We ate and enjoyed our time together that we roamed around Dubai and Sharjah.

“Marc, be ready for our flight tomorrow morning, ten o’clock, bye!”

“Bye, see you tomorrow at the airport.”

I assigned Roger Ferrer to be the OIC while I’m away, updated all the backlogs of my office job and slept early for my travel. Nobody really knows where I was going and why. It’s just an emergency leave.

I went early at Dubai International Airport, called all my friends about my absence that I lied, called Edward to process his travel documents, and seated at the departure lounge chewing caramel candies. The sweetness inside my mouth made me to contemplate the situation for its pros and cons. The things that I observed with my recent decisions conformed to my wants and likes. All I needed was to control my anger as much as possible, patience and strategies on my own terms.

This travel was the beginning of my ploy in spearheading my strategic plan for both women in two different places. The children must not be affected by the way I drove my life to the future, but they were the driving force of my goals and the love of my being. I had to process my plans together with Danielle, Ayah Isabel and the children.

“Hello Marc, good morning, how’s your night?” Danielle greeted me at the back of my seat, which I instantly stood and face her.

“Hi, you’re ready Danielle?”

“Yes Marc, you eat your breakfast?”

“Yes just a strong coffee to energize.”

“You like to buy a present to your father and our son?”

“Yes, Dubai duty free shops are the best in the world.”

“By the way, what’s the name of our son?”

“He’s your junior, Marco Fernando Jr..”

“You named it after me?”

“Yes, that’s the way I felt about you. He’s your son, that’s why.”

We bought some gifts for the Gustilo Family, went inside the plane cabin and waited for the flight while we chatted with each other.

“You fired Ryan Mallari in your workforce?”

“Yes, I hired another one.”


“Marc, what can we do with my father?”

“What about?”

“If he wanted his grandson so much?”

“We’ll see and analyze it later.”

“Okay Marc, I trust you on this matter.”

“Okay, want to take a rest?”

I slipped my left hand to her nape with my palm touched her soft skin, kept closer to her body and she slept for almost an hour. Sleep was not the important thing to me at that moment. She woke up when it’s time to serve the in-flight food. We arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), hired a private plane going to Bacolod City. We hailed a taxi cab going to Governor Gustilo’s house that the boy greeted us when we arrived.

“Mommy, welcome home; welcome to you sir!” Marco Junior greeted us where I bear-hugged him for a minute. We went inside our room, took a bath and dressed casually. Danielle toured me inside the house where I observed every inch of it; truly awesome to be a rich man!

Danielle told me that we had to settle this matter as early as possible, for us to work it out whenever it needs time. Danielle called all the house staff for a meeting which I observed the proceedings. She relayed some information and asked about the happenings inside the house, especially the boy. Also, she asked the maids and kitchen staff to cook something special tonight.

“Papa will be with us tonight at the dinner table.” Danielle told me while she asked the maid to call Marco junior. After a while, Marco junior ran to her; Danielle kissed and hugged him. “Mommy, I missed you so much!”

“Me too darling!”

I viewed them as Ayah Isabel and my boy, an instant reaction on my hidden part as a father. Reality, knocked me off that I faced personally my first offspring on this earth. The love for him deep inside of me pulled apart to form into a unique feeling towards him.

“Mommy who is he?”

“Marco, his name is the same as you.”

"True mommy?”

“Yes because he’s your father!”

Marco junior looked at me and slowly came nearer into my arms. I hugged him tightly and kissed him.

“Son, I’m very happy to be with you!”

“Daddy...can I call you...Daddy?’

“Yes my Marco, call me that way.”

“Daddy...Papa Edward loved me too!”

“Oh, yes, he loved you so much!”

“Mommy...Papa Edward, Daddy and Tito Mike took me to the Robinson’s Galleria, but they’re taking good care of me.”

“Yes, son, because Daddy missed you so much.” Danielle told Marco Junior.

“Mommy, Daddy, I’m on the second grade now, studying everyday that someday I’ll be like Papa Ben.”

“Yes son, that’s good.”

The maid told us that dinner was ready. The three of us went to the dining area, seated close to each other while waiting for Governor Gustilo. He appeared without a word and seated at the other end of the table. Danielle led the prayer and greeted Governor Gustilo to “break the ice.”

“Papa, good evening, I’m here together with Marco...we want to talk to you about the boy and other related events in the past. I’m only doing this to put forward my life in the future. I respect your decisions but my decisions must be clear to you because this is my life now.”

“Danielle, let’s eat, we can talk that after dinner…… Marco, I personally welcome you to my house. Feel at home.”

My first time to eat with the Governor’s family which in my case was just a dream before, but now, those hungers turned into a reality. I kept my excitement at bay and tried to go on with my hidden plans to win everybody’s heart.

After dinner, we seated at the covered garden to have coffee while we ironed-out the matter. The weather was fine; the cool breeze, the flowers all around us and the smiles of the Gustilo’s family. The Governor started the conversation between the three of us. “Marco, how do you find my home?”

“Great Governor," I answered.

“I’m not the governor anymore; I’m just an ordinary businessman now. I left politics a year ago.”

“What are you doing right now?”

“I’m just working as an OFW in Dubai.”

“Are you planning something for your son?”

“Yes Mr. Gustilo, I want my boy back to us with Danielle in Dubai.”

“Are you sure that you can give much attention to him while the two of you are working?”

“We can manage with that Mr. Gustilo.”

“I know both of you can manage there in Dubai, but I can give much attention and love when he’s growing up here in Bacolod City?”

I moved my gazed to Danielle for a rescue which she understood what I meant.

“Papa, we need Marco Junior there with us in Dubai...we need him there for us to be with his family who took good care for him. Papa please..…” Danielle pleaded.

While Danielle was explaining to his father, I thought that it’s better this way for my plans. It was perfect in any way that I can moved the dreams that I had, but having this boy beside us could cause quite a passage of the truth. I love my Marco junior, but I had other legitimate children to be molded for the future.

“Danielle, Mr. Gustilo, I am thinking that it’s better to have Marco junior, stay here with you, but we will communicate to him while he’s growing up here. I wanted him to be a good citizen, intelligent and have a responsible disposition someday.” I said seriously.

“Yes Marco, I’m thankful for your decision, besides he’s my only grandson.”

“Papa, hire a tutor for him just in case to be sure for his development.”

“Okay then Danielle, Marco..I have an appointment tonight with my friends, and hoping for the best for both of you.”

“Thanks Papa!” Danielle said.

We spent the night at the Gustilo’s house together with our son. It’s the first time that I slept with my own son. Danielle was glad for the positive events that took place; she’s smiling all time, contented and with energy when I am with her. Because of the gladness in my heart, the positive results of my plans added by the awesome environment; I was thinking to give Danielle a gift of love and to plant another seed inside of her soul as an initial payment.

I told Danielle to transfer to another room for our first lovemaking. It’s been a long time that she wanted me so much and wanted the seed of my soul; that she longed for a long time. She understood at once that she held my hand where I lifted and carried her towards the room. I locked the door, closed the curtains and together we savored the moments.

We woke up the next morning with a knock on the door. She put on her night gown and opened the door.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Playing The Game With Danielle #OFW35

I went to the Bank Street where Mike was working inside the mall, in a Coffee Shop, owned and operated by an American businessman, as what I read in the newspaper. Really, businesses of this kind started to flourish in Dubai and more international fast food chain of restaurants were mushrooming around this city.

I sat in the open dining area, ordered cappuccino and sliced blueberry cheesecake. Mike served my order and gladly greeted me.

“Marco my friend, I’m glad you visited me...I have something special for you tonight.”

“What is it my friend?”

“You see that beautiful lady sitting near the counter, she’s with me tonight.”

“Mike my friend, remember your wife in the Philippines.”

“Owww, come on Marco, it’s just a friend.”

“Friend...only friend?”

“Yes, are you available tonight?”

“I have duty tomorrow, morning shift.”

“Friend, wait for me, we’re closing the shop within an hour...wait for me.”

“Okay, give me a copy of Gulf News while waiting for you.”

Mike closed the shop, changed his clothes and introduced the lady to me. I held his right hand away from Connie Cordova. “Mike, what’s the brand of your perfume?”


“You smelled cheap!”

“Come on Marco, you’re such a jerk!”

“Joke boar!”

“Come, we have to be in a hurry?”

“Why Mike?”

“Of course, there’s a Filipino night at Ramada Hotel.”

We rode a taxi cab going to Ramada Hotel at the intersection of Bank Street, went to the third floor of the hotel and entered the disco-bar. The waiter finds a table for us and seated. Mike was very excited while holding Connie’s hand and whispering into her ear.

“Hey, Mike, what do like to drink?”

“Just two draught beers for us...and you?”

“Two pitchers for all, okay?.”

“With free popcorn and peanuts Marco...and sliced cucumber, carrots, etc..etc..”

I ordered to the Filipina server, started our journey to heaven and instantly emptied one pitcher. Mike whispered into my ear.

“Marco, you like a repeat performance….just like in Intercontinental Hotel in the Philippines”

“You know what, you’re a maniac!”

“What can I do, if I’m a celebrity here in Dubai City now?”

“Celebrity for what...camels in the desert..”


“What are you doing with Connie, I saw your hand under the table...”

“You like to share huh?”

“No, just to be with you talk something….”

“You know what, she’s with me tonight, and in my room, I talked to my roommates to sleep early so that, no know...”

“Okay, that’s your life..friend. Remember on Thursday okay?”

I saw Joel Arevalo and Arnold Catillano at the other end of the bar talking to each other intimately. I wondered what the two were doing that I approached them.

“Hi Joel, Arnold, how are you?”

“We’re fine Marco.” Joel said.

“Joel, excuse me just a minute…”

Arnold excused himself to Joel and we talked at the comfort room.

“Marco, I’m very thankful for your help and I’m healed now, but you know, I felt….I’m changing….I mean….I started to like Joel Arevalo…it’s just that….what happened to me before really changed me...”

“Arnold…Arnold please listen, tonight I’m quite tipsy I can’t get what you want to say. On Thursday my day off, can you come, to talk this out?”

“Okay Marco, I’m glad for your understanding.”

We came back inside and left them while I seated watching people dancing on the dance floor. I wondered what lies behind all these people for their lives, as if, there’s no tomorrow, no future, as long as they were happy and contented while away from their families. Am I judging them or the system were eating us all, little-by-little?

I went home around three in the early morning that I slept at once when I arrived at the flat. My alarm clock rang around nine in the morning; I woke up, took a bath and went directly to the store where I found Roger Ferrer in the kitchen. “Good morning sir.”

“So, you’re assigned here in Al Fahidi branch?”

“Yes, sir, my assignment paper’s on your table.”

“Okay, fine…you finish assembling the coffee machine?”

“Yes sir.”

“Give me two shots of espresso coffee please Roger.”

“Okay sir.”

I consumed my coffee that it gave me strength to go on with my daily activities; but I cannot concentrate fully that I took two tablets of Panadol. I resumed working until lunch when I felt sleepy. I positioned myself in the stockroom to take a nap. When one of the staff woke me up that I had a visitor; instantly went outside the dining area where I saw Roger Ferrer happily conversing Danielle Gustilo. I slowly came nearer to them that Roger was surprised when he saw me and left. I gazed into Danielle’s eyes without a word, feeling jealous with Roger Ferrer. I remained standing in front of her. She knew me. “Marco, good morning…how are you today?”

“Why are you talking to him?”

“He approached me and introduced himself….and got my order, that’s all.”

“Refrain from talking to him, okay?”

“Okay Marc.”

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here to give you these items for our agreement yesterday; new-modeled mobile phone and Emirates bank forms to be filled up by you.”

“Fine….great…you like to eat something?”

“No, thanks, I’m full….filled it up and we can go together to the bank.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Marc, I’m leaving now.”

“Okay, take care always..”

“I will Marc.”

She left when I suddenly turned back that I saw Roger Ferrer still looking at her. He eluded my stare when he saw me looking at him.

I went inside the office, assembled my new mobile phone and also filled up the bank forms. I called Roger Ferrer and talk to him. “Roger, how are you today?”

“Fine sir….do you know that woman sir?”

“That woman….my visitor…she’s my agent for recruitment. Why?”

“I’m instantly attracted to her beauty….her name is Danielle Gustilo?”


“Sir, do you know where I can find her?”


“I want to know her better.”

“For what?”

“Hmmmm…to be her partner.”


“I think, love at first sight!”

“Okay, go on with your job outside.”

“Sir, why she gave you a mobile phone?”

“For business.”

“That’s a new model abroad, but not yet introduced here in Dubai. I like to have one like that sir!”

“Then save your money; do the SEW program.”

“Sir, what’s the SEW program?”

“Well, SEW means sleep, eat and work….sleep after duty hours, eat noodles everyday and work overtime as much as possible, so that you can purchase a new mobile like this one.”

“I think it’s very hard to do that here in Dubai.”

“So, what you want to do?”

“Find something that I can have money all the time and to have Danielle, isn’t it sir?”

“I think so.”

I looked and found him very manly with his Amerisian attributes. No woman can defy his physical assets that I remembered his job in Manila, a call boy. I understood his situation and ambitions but I cannot give Danielle to him; I cannot let him entered into our lives because I need her too, for my ambitions and dreams. After my duty hours, I called up Edward in Bantayan island with my new mobile phone.

“Hello Edward, how are you and your family!”

“We’re all fine here, but something happened to the boy?”

“What….what happened?”

“Governor Gustilo came over here in the island and took the boy…I’m so frightened for him and his men. I have no choice but to release the boy, sorry Marco. As far as what I gathered and observed about him, he’s your son.”

“Damn it Edward!”

“Sorry Marc, I’m so sorry.”

“Okay then, I’ll see what I can do, wait for my call, okay?”

“Okay Marco.”

I called up Danielle about the boy and told her what happened. She told me to come to her guest house at once. I brought the filled-up bank forms with me and hailed a taxi going to Jumeirah Beach. I entered the house at once which I found her sitting in a sofa.

“Hello Marc, have a seat.”

“I am really dismayed with the news of my boy Danielle!”

“Yes Marc, me too.”

“Is it your father who really done these things?”

“Marc, before, I approved with his decision but now… I won’t let him do that.”

“He’s the one doing….even before….even during our wedding?”

“What, I didn’t have a knowledge about it Marc.”

“Can we travel going to Negros Occidental to get my two sons?”

“Yes Marco, I’ll be with you. And, we have to bring them here in Dubai?”

“Yes Danielle..…yes.”

“Okay Marc, if that’s what you want.”

“Here’s my filled-up bank forms, complete the transaction tomorrow. Prepare everything for our travel, I will ask permission for a week’s leave. But keep this as a secret for my staff and the company.”

“Okay Marc, fine I will.”

I kissed her goodbye and she responded with vigor deep down of her soul. I released her slowly while I looked at her eyes. I saw the beauty of her soul really entwined with mine, but until when?

I went home, called Edward again and told him to go to Bacolod City.

“You have to wait for my final call Edward, okay?”

“Okay Marco.”

I went to the main office in Sharjah to talk to our Area Manager, Mr. Gamal Abdulrahman, for possible emergency leave of one week. I had the positive response that I called Danielle about and asked her to have our lunch at Sheraton Hotel near the Dubai Creek. She replied to me positively.

“Okay Marc I’m here at the Emirates Bank finalizing the opening of your bank account. Please wait for me there at the hotel lobby.”

“I’ll go there now, thank you.”


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Encounter With Danielle Gustilo #OFW34

The darkness of the night along Jumeirah Beach area condoned my feelings to be resentful with my emotions to behave sporadically. It was not a matter of choice, but a weakness deep inside of me that cannot be changed while I encouraged myself to fight for it. Even the angels in heaven cannot understand why this was happening to me. The self-resilient character that I can muster conformed to my inner feelings to explode once it was moved by my own conviction to fall. Nevertheless, I had to play the game with my own way and not for anybody else, even Danielle.

I disembarked in a taxi cab, looked around for Danielle but nowhere to be found. I stood in front of Spinney’s Supermarket waiting for her to appear for almost 20 minutes. The cold and windy weather touched my being as it etched into my skin. At last, I spotted her at the other side of the road waving her hands to me, which I hastily went to her. She touched her warm palm into mine while looking at me, adjusting her notion whether I am in or not. I released my hand, followed her inside the bungalow house and seated in a sofa. The magic of her wand controlled me while she prepared for drinks.

“It’s cold outside, isn’t it Marc?” She began her poisonous line. “I think you need a drink or food maybe?”

I didn’t answer, only looking at her. I composed my strength to be with the tide, for which I didn’t know where to stop.

“I need a strong wine or something, do you have Absolut vodka?”

“Yes I have, a moment please Marc.”

She gave me a bottle of vodka, different fruit juices, bucket of ice cubes and a transparent glass on the table in front of me.

“Marc, that’s enough or you want something else?”

“This is fine and thank you. Help yourself if you want.”

“I have my own…..just a minute, I’ll get it in the bar.”

She came back with a bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila, sliced lemon, salt and frozen glass.

“Here’s mine,” while she arranged it in the table.

I looked into her eyes with a feeling of contentment when I am with her. I felt secured financially and emotionally when she’s around with me. I can sense her aura that bewitched me long time ago; it rose to the highest mountain and deep into the ocean. It awakened my desire to explore her again, deeply, into the core of her being.

“I came here for our deal this morning not for anything else, understood?” I said with sarcastic tone.

She dropped her eyes to the glass she was holding, sipped a little and said, “Okay Marc, I understood, then, you can start your question….but before that, I want to know…if you’re cool enough not to make a noise because of the authorities are patrolling outside.”

“Okay, I will.”

I drank another mixed of vodka, then refilled with a new one. The spirit of alcohol added to my vague disposition on how to deal with this strong woman. I had to do what to be done in my own terms.

“I have to repeat this, I’m sure that you took my boy, and why?” I started a question. “And, please, I need truthful and nothing else, period. Answer me truthfully, that’s all I need.”

“Marco because…. I love you ever since and until now.”

“And why you wanted Ayah Isabel to be miserable...and taking our baby?”

“She agreed with our conditions...that I had to pay all her damages…I mean financial matters.”

“Why you wanted the baby?”

“Because it’s your baby...I wanted a baby coming from you, Marco?”

“Are you married now?”

“No, Marco, I’m still single because of you.”

“Why me?”

“Because I love you so much.”

“Nobody touched you since I left you?

“No…..nobody, because this body of mine is for you alone.”

“So, you wanted me so much….even I’m away…..even with my wife….even you’re alone in the night?”

“Yes….yes Marco!”

“Why you hired these people to put me down?”

“Because…. you married Ayah Isabel, instead of me.”

“Why, my heart can’t choose whom to love?”

“Marco, I trusted you that you love me, and I hold on to that notion because that’s what I felt for you.”

“In Bacolod City, somebody wanted to kill Edward….and myself at his restaurant….who’s behind those shootings?”

“I don’t know about that matter?”

“The truth!”

“That’s the truth Marco.”

“Where’s my boy right now?”

“And, where’s my boy too that you kidnapped?’

“Answer me!!” I shouted.

“In the Philippines….he’s fine and healthy.”

“And, where’s my boy Marco?”

“I’ll tell you if you’re telling the truth, if not…’

“Marco, please…”


“I have a proposition for you….or I should say an agreement, if you want.”

“What is it?”

“Say what you want; money, business, property or anything you like as long as you share yourself to me…to have children with you...anything...everything...even my life...I’ll give it to you, Marco,” while tears slowly falling down her cheeks. I sized her up of the truthfulness of what she said, then, drank another shot. If I cannot get my son with this kind of agreement, I thought, that it’s better to change my tactics with Danielle. This way I could use her totally from A to Z again. “Can you serve doubled shot of tequila for me…,” as I wiped her tears with my right hand which she held at once.

“Yes, sure Marc.”


“In the Sheraton Hotel, I said you’re alone to meet me, why you’re not following our deal?

“I thought you’re with somebody…I don’t trust you that much.”

“You trust me now?

“Yes I do.”

“Okay, just give me a month to decide, can you wait for me without saying anything to anybody, on your side, on my side, this is just between the two of us...but don’t engage with anybody. If you fail to follow my instructions, our deal will not materialize.”

“Yes Marc, I’ll do it.”

“Listen very carefully, you have to stay here in Dubai, even you have business in the Philippines. You have to stay in the manpower office in Al Maktoum Street. Removed Ryan Mallari, fired him….while I’m working with my job in Al Fahidi Street. For a start, provide me with the latest mobile phones and one hundred thousand dirhams on my bank account, that’s it...for now. Can you do that Danielle?”

“Yes Marco, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I’ll track you in your cell phone, so, keep it handy always.”

“Yes Marc, I’ll do everything you said, because I love you.”


I kissed her lips with fire and said, “Will you love me until death Danielle?”

“Yes I do.”

“We have time for this…not now, work it out tomorrow, I have to leave now. Thank you.”

“Marc, you kidnapped our son…”

“What do you mean?”

“The boy that you kidnapped in Greenhills was your son. When you left me in Bacolod City, I’m pregnant from you Marco, but I kept it secret from your side. Just now, that I have the courage to say this matter to you.”

“Ohhh, come on, are you serious?

“Yes Marco, that’s the truth.”

“He’s in the good hands right now.”

“Thank you Marc.”

“Thank you…. for you, that you gave me a son. For now, I’ll leave you. Are you alone here?”

“Yes Marc, bye!”

I kissed her goodbye but my mind kept on reeling why I had to behave like this in front of Danielle. Maybe, that’s the way I treated her in my mind for the past years; as enemy of my life or an angel from above? I wanted to finish my dream; I wanted life to be easy and reachable with my own capabilities, the game I played before and wanted to play it again.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

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