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Marco Fernando Jr., My First Son #OFW36

I went directly to Sheraton Hotel lobby, seated and waited for Danielle. After five minutes, she arrived with attaché case on her right hand and a present on her left hand which she gave to me at once.

“Marc, here’s the documents for the bank, plane tickets and my gift for you!”

“Danielle, not my birthday today, what’s the occasion?”

“I bought that special gift...just for you as peace offering between us.”

“I don’t have gift for you now?”

“Open it Marc, go on!”

I opened the box; ”Wow...a Rolex watch encrusted with diamonds all over it!”

“Yes, I like that for you to wear.”

“Remember, we’re on our initial agreement...thank you Danielle.”

“It’s okay Marc, come to the restaurant, we’ll eat I’m hungry.”

We ate and enjoyed our time together that we roamed around Dubai and Sharjah.

“Marc, be ready for our flight tomorrow morning, ten o’clock, bye!”

“Bye, see you tomorrow at the airport.”

I assigned Roger Ferrer to be the OIC while I’m away, updated all the backlogs of my office job and slept early for my travel. Nobody really knows where I was going and why. It’s just an emergency leave.

I went early at Dubai International Airport, called all my friends about my absence that I lied, called Edward to process his travel documents, and seated at the departure lounge chewing caramel candies. The sweetness inside my mouth made me to contemplate the situation for its pros and cons. The things that I observed with my recent decisions conformed to my wants and likes. All I needed was to control my anger as much as possible, patience and strategies on my own terms.

This travel was the beginning of my ploy in spearheading my strategic plan for both women in two different places. The children must not be affected by the way I drove my life to the future, but they were the driving force of my goals and the love of my being. I had to process my plans together with Danielle, Ayah Isabel and the children.

“Hello Marc, good morning, how’s your night?” Danielle greeted me at the back of my seat, which I instantly stood and face her.

“Hi, you’re ready Danielle?”

“Yes Marc, you eat your breakfast?”

“Yes just a strong coffee to energize.”

“You like to buy a present to your father and our son?”

“Yes, Dubai duty free shops are the best in the world.”

“By the way, what’s the name of our son?”

“He’s your junior, Marco Fernando Jr..”

“You named it after me?”

“Yes, that’s the way I felt about you. He’s your son, that’s why.”

We bought some gifts for the Gustilo Family, went inside the plane cabin and waited for the flight while we chatted with each other.

“You fired Ryan Mallari in your workforce?”

“Yes, I hired another one.”


“Marc, what can we do with my father?”

“What about?”

“If he wanted his grandson so much?”

“We’ll see and analyze it later.”

“Okay Marc, I trust you on this matter.”

“Okay, want to take a rest?”

I slipped my left hand to her nape with my palm touched her soft skin, kept closer to her body and she slept for almost an hour. Sleep was not the important thing to me at that moment. She woke up when it’s time to serve the in-flight food. We arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), hired a private plane going to Bacolod City. We hailed a taxi cab going to Governor Gustilo’s house that the boy greeted us when we arrived.

“Mommy, welcome home; welcome to you sir!” Marco Junior greeted us where I bear-hugged him for a minute. We went inside our room, took a bath and dressed casually. Danielle toured me inside the house where I observed every inch of it; truly awesome to be a rich man!

Danielle told me that we had to settle this matter as early as possible, for us to work it out whenever it needs time. Danielle called all the house staff for a meeting which I observed the proceedings. She relayed some information and asked about the happenings inside the house, especially the boy. Also, she asked the maids and kitchen staff to cook something special tonight.

“Papa will be with us tonight at the dinner table.” Danielle told me while she asked the maid to call Marco junior. After a while, Marco junior ran to her; Danielle kissed and hugged him. “Mommy, I missed you so much!”

“Me too darling!”

I viewed them as Ayah Isabel and my boy, an instant reaction on my hidden part as a father. Reality, knocked me off that I faced personally my first offspring on this earth. The love for him deep inside of me pulled apart to form into a unique feeling towards him.

“Mommy who is he?”

“Marco, his name is the same as you.”

"True mommy?”

“Yes because he’s your father!”

Marco junior looked at me and slowly came nearer into my arms. I hugged him tightly and kissed him.

“Son, I’m very happy to be with you!”

“Daddy...can I call you...Daddy?’

“Yes my Marco, call me that way.”

“Daddy...Papa Edward loved me too!”

“Oh, yes, he loved you so much!”

“Mommy...Papa Edward, Daddy and Tito Mike took me to the Robinson’s Galleria, but they’re taking good care of me.”

“Yes, son, because Daddy missed you so much.” Danielle told Marco Junior.

“Mommy, Daddy, I’m on the second grade now, studying everyday that someday I’ll be like Papa Ben.”

“Yes son, that’s good.”

The maid told us that dinner was ready. The three of us went to the dining area, seated close to each other while waiting for Governor Gustilo. He appeared without a word and seated at the other end of the table. Danielle led the prayer and greeted Governor Gustilo to “break the ice.”

“Papa, good evening, I’m here together with Marco...we want to talk to you about the boy and other related events in the past. I’m only doing this to put forward my life in the future. I respect your decisions but my decisions must be clear to you because this is my life now.”

“Danielle, let’s eat, we can talk that after dinner…… Marco, I personally welcome you to my house. Feel at home.”

My first time to eat with the Governor’s family which in my case was just a dream before, but now, those hungers turned into a reality. I kept my excitement at bay and tried to go on with my hidden plans to win everybody’s heart.

After dinner, we seated at the covered garden to have coffee while we ironed-out the matter. The weather was fine; the cool breeze, the flowers all around us and the smiles of the Gustilo’s family. The Governor started the conversation between the three of us. “Marco, how do you find my home?”

“Great Governor," I answered.

“I’m not the governor anymore; I’m just an ordinary businessman now. I left politics a year ago.”

“What are you doing right now?”

“I’m just working as an OFW in Dubai.”

“Are you planning something for your son?”

“Yes Mr. Gustilo, I want my boy back to us with Danielle in Dubai.”

“Are you sure that you can give much attention to him while the two of you are working?”

“We can manage with that Mr. Gustilo.”

“I know both of you can manage there in Dubai, but I can give much attention and love when he’s growing up here in Bacolod City?”

I moved my gazed to Danielle for a rescue which she understood what I meant.

“Papa, we need Marco Junior there with us in Dubai...we need him there for us to be with his family who took good care for him. Papa please..…” Danielle pleaded.

While Danielle was explaining to his father, I thought that it’s better this way for my plans. It was perfect in any way that I can moved the dreams that I had, but having this boy beside us could cause quite a passage of the truth. I love my Marco junior, but I had other legitimate children to be molded for the future.

“Danielle, Mr. Gustilo, I am thinking that it’s better to have Marco junior, stay here with you, but we will communicate to him while he’s growing up here. I wanted him to be a good citizen, intelligent and have a responsible disposition someday.” I said seriously.

“Yes Marco, I’m thankful for your decision, besides he’s my only grandson.”

“Papa, hire a tutor for him just in case to be sure for his development.”

“Okay then Danielle, Marco..I have an appointment tonight with my friends, and hoping for the best for both of you.”

“Thanks Papa!” Danielle said.

We spent the night at the Gustilo’s house together with our son. It’s the first time that I slept with my own son. Danielle was glad for the positive events that took place; she’s smiling all time, contented and with energy when I am with her. Because of the gladness in my heart, the positive results of my plans added by the awesome environment; I was thinking to give Danielle a gift of love and to plant another seed inside of her soul as an initial payment.

I told Danielle to transfer to another room for our first lovemaking. It’s been a long time that she wanted me so much and wanted the seed of my soul; that she longed for a long time. She understood at once that she held my hand where I lifted and carried her towards the room. I locked the door, closed the curtains and together we savored the moments.

We woke up the next morning with a knock on the door. She put on her night gown and opened the door.


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  1. I love the story. First time I was afraid to not be a very sweet soap as they are at the tv, but this one it's really interesting and engaging one. I can't wait to read more :)

  2. I believed this is a fictional story, right? Marco's character appears somewhat robotic (on my perception), he doesn't want to connect with his son and values his work rather than being a parent.

    But the Rolex gift rocks! :)

  3. I can almost tell that this story is about your life, yes?

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  20. I guess they're rich. Rolex watch is really expensive.

  21. Oh now, for a bit of spice of love making, the story is getting interesting.


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