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Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life Joins The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project #OFW #emergingblogs2014

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life Joins The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project #OFW #emergingblogs2014

The internet and social media marketing are changing the face of business marketing. An extreme-shift of changes developed and opportunities come into view with so many different methods and forms. It helps the very core of every company who uses social media as a form of advertising their products. Business people composed themselves to the present behavior of reaching-out their own loyal customers who are patronizing products that gave them the total satisfaction and worth for their money.

Joining a writing project like this has its own benefits: getting link love, meet bloggers, receive traffic from current and prospective participants. More than anything else, you will also be supporting a worthy purpose of spotting and promoting new blogs that are making great waves out there.

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As for me, this is my first time to join this Writing Project Activity and I’ve got to enhance my ability in selecting new blogs who gave successful impact for this year and in the future.

And here’s the list of my initial selection for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2014.


Author: Fernando Lachica

An OFW novel turned into Blogonovela that gathered enough impact in blogger’s network. The author released his own personal experiences just to give readers the twists they almost desired through the main characters.


A weak young man...A first true love...A beautiful-rich woman obsessed with love...A kind-loving wife...A circle of friends...Chasing their dreams abroad as OFWs...All brought together with their destinies to love aflame with conflicts, lies, lusts, ambitions, hatred, revenge and the struggles for life in a faraway place.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life is a story of young man from a small island of Negros Occidental, the Philippines, who explored his life in the city and found his true love. He never thought that life in Manila (The City of Hopes) is a rugged terrain of heartaches, lies, hatred and revenge. He found his true-self when destiny engulfed him working in a faraway place called Dubai (The City of Dreams) as an OFW.


Author: William Rodriguez II

This online magazine about lifestyle, entertainment, travel, human interest, business, health and technology, got noticed my attention and the author said, “Nowadays, bloggers are very influential because people read their works and believe in what they write. The internet gives equal opportunities to anyone who has the gut to express themselves and share their experiences."


Author: Mc Richard Paglicawan

It’s all about the latest news, famous and powerful people, photos, sports, events, movies, technology, lifestyle and the world as a whole. A new site with so much to be desired upon daily that gives my fullest sense to every articles they're posting.


Author: Dimaks Saj

Nutri Facts in the Packs is a blog that features nutrition facts and figures that are typically found in the product labels we see or buy at the market. It is hoped that through this simple effort, everyone can have a glance of what they are actually buying in terms of nutrition contents, information and health benefits. This is what I called, "The Fitness Blog."



Eats Now or Never is the online food magazine where sharing the authors’ fascinations with food, and the answers to the questions the readers always ask about food. The best new food blog eating its way through the Philippines; food is fleeting and ephemeral. Eats now or never. My love for food caught my focus to this blog and the way they interact with their readers.


Author: Jonalyn Abengana-Lora

Joy is the author of The Slambook Project. She usually write articles under the pseudonym “Joy Lora”. She loves sharing new things, awesome products, amazing shows, news and information to her readers that I liked for this site.

The Slambook Project is a comic blog featuring brands and products but since January 2014, she converted this blog into a hybrid entertainment, food, travel and lifestyle magazine-type blog. Likewise infos on celebrities, products, and famous people.


Author: Jemaima Robles

Maxim is a personal blogger who deals with other people’s lives. She doesn’t like rumors..ha..ha..ha, but she’s fond of giving unsolicited advice about everything. So if what she writes happens to be your concern, feel free to share your thoughts. She had been immersed in different ways of living and had been acquainted with people from different walks of life. Whatever she writes comes from the experiences that she values most as learning.

Also known as Jemaima, her real name, Maxim is a teacher by profession, a proud mother and an amateur blogger who wants her thoughts sent across the web. You may follow her on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networking and bookmarking sites with accounts under her name, Jemaima Robles.


Author: Twing Kewl

An SEO blog where you can learn link building and optimization. “I’m an unsung hero in the interweb SEO community but I managed to make some prominent SEO experts in the web turn their eyes on,” he said with a smile.

He handled and trained a small group of SEOs and link builders in the local to help his clients’ websites. It served as a guide to profoundly understand online businesses and the concept of internet marketing. I loved this blog for my interest about SEO as a blogger.


Author: Christian Melanie Lee

Matakaw Na Bata started in March 2014. Last August 2013, the author upon attending a seminar about food blogging, she was encourage to create the other side of her as a foodie. Being surrounded by food enthusiasts at home, she was reluctant in eating tons of meals..LOL. I salute for this lady as a great influencer according to the blogosphere world.


Author: Zheyme Manahan

The blog title speaks for itself where the concept of this blog evolves :Sweetness. More dessert articles with recipes and procedures are always created for reader’s consumption. I loved food and sweet that's why this blog caught my senses.

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Author: Janette Toral

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