Monday, May 12, 2014

Playing The Game With Danielle #OFW35

I went to the Bank Street where Mike was working inside the mall, in a Coffee Shop, owned and operated by an American businessman, as what I read in the newspaper. Really, businesses of this kind started to flourish in Dubai and more international fast food chain of restaurants were mushrooming around this city.

I sat in the open dining area, ordered cappuccino and sliced blueberry cheesecake. Mike served my order and gladly greeted me.

“Marco my friend, I’m glad you visited me...I have something special for you tonight.”

“What is it my friend?”

“You see that beautiful lady sitting near the counter, she’s with me tonight.”

“Mike my friend, remember your wife in the Philippines.”

“Owww, come on Marco, it’s just a friend.”

“Friend...only friend?”

“Yes, are you available tonight?”

“I have duty tomorrow, morning shift.”

“Friend, wait for me, we’re closing the shop within an hour...wait for me.”

“Okay, give me a copy of Gulf News while waiting for you.”

Mike closed the shop, changed his clothes and introduced the lady to me. I held his right hand away from Connie Cordova. “Mike, what’s the brand of your perfume?”


“You smelled cheap!”

“Come on Marco, you’re such a jerk!”

“Joke boar!”

“Come, we have to be in a hurry?”

“Why Mike?”

“Of course, there’s a Filipino night at Ramada Hotel.”

We rode a taxi cab going to Ramada Hotel at the intersection of Bank Street, went to the third floor of the hotel and entered the disco-bar. The waiter finds a table for us and seated. Mike was very excited while holding Connie’s hand and whispering into her ear.

“Hey, Mike, what do like to drink?”

“Just two draught beers for us...and you?”

“Two pitchers for all, okay?.”

“With free popcorn and peanuts Marco...and sliced cucumber, carrots, etc..etc..”

I ordered to the Filipina server, started our journey to heaven and instantly emptied one pitcher. Mike whispered into my ear.

“Marco, you like a repeat performance….just like in Intercontinental Hotel in the Philippines”

“You know what, you’re a maniac!”

“What can I do, if I’m a celebrity here in Dubai City now?”

“Celebrity for what...camels in the desert..”


“What are you doing with Connie, I saw your hand under the table...”

“You like to share huh?”

“No, just to be with you talk something….”

“You know what, she’s with me tonight, and in my room, I talked to my roommates to sleep early so that, no know...”

“Okay, that’s your life..friend. Remember on Thursday okay?”

I saw Joel Arevalo and Arnold Catillano at the other end of the bar talking to each other intimately. I wondered what the two were doing that I approached them.

“Hi Joel, Arnold, how are you?”

“We’re fine Marco.” Joel said.

“Joel, excuse me just a minute…”

Arnold excused himself to Joel and we talked at the comfort room.

“Marco, I’m very thankful for your help and I’m healed now, but you know, I felt….I’m changing….I mean….I started to like Joel Arevalo…it’s just that….what happened to me before really changed me...”

“Arnold…Arnold please listen, tonight I’m quite tipsy I can’t get what you want to say. On Thursday my day off, can you come, to talk this out?”

“Okay Marco, I’m glad for your understanding.”

We came back inside and left them while I seated watching people dancing on the dance floor. I wondered what lies behind all these people for their lives, as if, there’s no tomorrow, no future, as long as they were happy and contented while away from their families. Am I judging them or the system were eating us all, little-by-little?

I went home around three in the early morning that I slept at once when I arrived at the flat. My alarm clock rang around nine in the morning; I woke up, took a bath and went directly to the store where I found Roger Ferrer in the kitchen. “Good morning sir.”

“So, you’re assigned here in Al Fahidi branch?”

“Yes, sir, my assignment paper’s on your table.”

“Okay, fine…you finish assembling the coffee machine?”

“Yes sir.”

“Give me two shots of espresso coffee please Roger.”

“Okay sir.”

I consumed my coffee that it gave me strength to go on with my daily activities; but I cannot concentrate fully that I took two tablets of Panadol. I resumed working until lunch when I felt sleepy. I positioned myself in the stockroom to take a nap. When one of the staff woke me up that I had a visitor; instantly went outside the dining area where I saw Roger Ferrer happily conversing Danielle Gustilo. I slowly came nearer to them that Roger was surprised when he saw me and left. I gazed into Danielle’s eyes without a word, feeling jealous with Roger Ferrer. I remained standing in front of her. She knew me. “Marco, good morning…how are you today?”

“Why are you talking to him?”

“He approached me and introduced himself….and got my order, that’s all.”

“Refrain from talking to him, okay?”

“Okay Marc.”

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here to give you these items for our agreement yesterday; new-modeled mobile phone and Emirates bank forms to be filled up by you.”

“Fine….great…you like to eat something?”

“No, thanks, I’m full….filled it up and we can go together to the bank.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Marc, I’m leaving now.”

“Okay, take care always..”

“I will Marc.”

She left when I suddenly turned back that I saw Roger Ferrer still looking at her. He eluded my stare when he saw me looking at him.

I went inside the office, assembled my new mobile phone and also filled up the bank forms. I called Roger Ferrer and talk to him. “Roger, how are you today?”

“Fine sir….do you know that woman sir?”

“That woman….my visitor…she’s my agent for recruitment. Why?”

“I’m instantly attracted to her beauty….her name is Danielle Gustilo?”


“Sir, do you know where I can find her?”


“I want to know her better.”

“For what?”

“Hmmmm…to be her partner.”


“I think, love at first sight!”

“Okay, go on with your job outside.”

“Sir, why she gave you a mobile phone?”

“For business.”

“That’s a new model abroad, but not yet introduced here in Dubai. I like to have one like that sir!”

“Then save your money; do the SEW program.”

“Sir, what’s the SEW program?”

“Well, SEW means sleep, eat and work….sleep after duty hours, eat noodles everyday and work overtime as much as possible, so that you can purchase a new mobile like this one.”

“I think it’s very hard to do that here in Dubai.”

“So, what you want to do?”

“Find something that I can have money all the time and to have Danielle, isn’t it sir?”

“I think so.”

I looked and found him very manly with his Amerisian attributes. No woman can defy his physical assets that I remembered his job in Manila, a call boy. I understood his situation and ambitions but I cannot give Danielle to him; I cannot let him entered into our lives because I need her too, for my ambitions and dreams. After my duty hours, I called up Edward in Bantayan island with my new mobile phone.

“Hello Edward, how are you and your family!”

“We’re all fine here, but something happened to the boy?”

“What….what happened?”

“Governor Gustilo came over here in the island and took the boy…I’m so frightened for him and his men. I have no choice but to release the boy, sorry Marco. As far as what I gathered and observed about him, he’s your son.”

“Damn it Edward!”

“Sorry Marc, I’m so sorry.”

“Okay then, I’ll see what I can do, wait for my call, okay?”

“Okay Marco.”

I called up Danielle about the boy and told her what happened. She told me to come to her guest house at once. I brought the filled-up bank forms with me and hailed a taxi going to Jumeirah Beach. I entered the house at once which I found her sitting in a sofa.

“Hello Marc, have a seat.”

“I am really dismayed with the news of my boy Danielle!”

“Yes Marc, me too.”

“Is it your father who really done these things?”

“Marc, before, I approved with his decision but now… I won’t let him do that.”

“He’s the one doing….even before….even during our wedding?”

“What, I didn’t have a knowledge about it Marc.”

“Can we travel going to Negros Occidental to get my two sons?”

“Yes Marco, I’ll be with you. And, we have to bring them here in Dubai?”

“Yes Danielle..…yes.”

“Okay Marc, if that’s what you want.”

“Here’s my filled-up bank forms, complete the transaction tomorrow. Prepare everything for our travel, I will ask permission for a week’s leave. But keep this as a secret for my staff and the company.”

“Okay Marc, fine I will.”

I kissed her goodbye and she responded with vigor deep down of her soul. I released her slowly while I looked at her eyes. I saw the beauty of her soul really entwined with mine, but until when?

I went home, called Edward again and told him to go to Bacolod City.

“You have to wait for my final call Edward, okay?”

“Okay Marco.”

I went to the main office in Sharjah to talk to our Area Manager, Mr. Gamal Abdulrahman, for possible emergency leave of one week. I had the positive response that I called Danielle about and asked her to have our lunch at Sheraton Hotel near the Dubai Creek. She replied to me positively.

“Okay Marc I’m here at the Emirates Bank finalizing the opening of your bank account. Please wait for me there at the hotel lobby.”

“I’ll go there now, thank you.”


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