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The Encounter With Danielle Gustilo #OFW34

The darkness of the night along Jumeirah Beach area condoned my feelings to be resentful with my emotions to behave sporadically. It was not a matter of choice, but a weakness deep inside of me that cannot be changed while I encouraged myself to fight for it. Even the angels in heaven cannot understand why this was happening to me. The self-resilient character that I can muster conformed to my inner feelings to explode once it was moved by my own conviction to fall. Nevertheless, I had to play the game with my own way and not for anybody else, even Danielle.

I disembarked in a taxi cab, looked around for Danielle but nowhere to be found. I stood in front of Spinney’s Supermarket waiting for her to appear for almost 20 minutes. The cold and windy weather touched my being as it etched into my skin. At last, I spotted her at the other side of the road waving her hands to me, which I hastily went to her. She touched her warm palm into mine while looking at me, adjusting her notion whether I am in or not. I released my hand, followed her inside the bungalow house and seated in a sofa. The magic of her wand controlled me while she prepared for drinks.

“It’s cold outside, isn’t it Marc?” She began her poisonous line. “I think you need a drink or food maybe?”

I didn’t answer, only looking at her. I composed my strength to be with the tide, for which I didn’t know where to stop.

“I need a strong wine or something, do you have Absolut vodka?”

“Yes I have, a moment please Marc.”

She gave me a bottle of vodka, different fruit juices, bucket of ice cubes and a transparent glass on the table in front of me.

“Marc, that’s enough or you want something else?”

“This is fine and thank you. Help yourself if you want.”

“I have my own…..just a minute, I’ll get it in the bar.”

She came back with a bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila, sliced lemon, salt and frozen glass.

“Here’s mine,” while she arranged it in the table.

I looked into her eyes with a feeling of contentment when I am with her. I felt secured financially and emotionally when she’s around with me. I can sense her aura that bewitched me long time ago; it rose to the highest mountain and deep into the ocean. It awakened my desire to explore her again, deeply, into the core of her being.

“I came here for our deal this morning not for anything else, understood?” I said with sarcastic tone.

She dropped her eyes to the glass she was holding, sipped a little and said, “Okay Marc, I understood, then, you can start your question….but before that, I want to know…if you’re cool enough not to make a noise because of the authorities are patrolling outside.”

“Okay, I will.”

I drank another mixed of vodka, then refilled with a new one. The spirit of alcohol added to my vague disposition on how to deal with this strong woman. I had to do what to be done in my own terms.

“I have to repeat this, I’m sure that you took my boy, and why?” I started a question. “And, please, I need truthful and nothing else, period. Answer me truthfully, that’s all I need.”

“Marco because…. I love you ever since and until now.”

“And why you wanted Ayah Isabel to be miserable...and taking our baby?”

“She agreed with our conditions...that I had to pay all her damages…I mean financial matters.”

“Why you wanted the baby?”

“Because it’s your baby...I wanted a baby coming from you, Marco?”

“Are you married now?”

“No, Marco, I’m still single because of you.”

“Why me?”

“Because I love you so much.”

“Nobody touched you since I left you?

“No…..nobody, because this body of mine is for you alone.”

“So, you wanted me so much….even I’m away…..even with my wife….even you’re alone in the night?”

“Yes….yes Marco!”

“Why you hired these people to put me down?”

“Because…. you married Ayah Isabel, instead of me.”

“Why, my heart can’t choose whom to love?”

“Marco, I trusted you that you love me, and I hold on to that notion because that’s what I felt for you.”

“In Bacolod City, somebody wanted to kill Edward….and myself at his restaurant….who’s behind those shootings?”

“I don’t know about that matter?”

“The truth!”

“That’s the truth Marco.”

“Where’s my boy right now?”

“And, where’s my boy too that you kidnapped?’

“Answer me!!” I shouted.

“In the Philippines….he’s fine and healthy.”

“And, where’s my boy Marco?”

“I’ll tell you if you’re telling the truth, if not…’

“Marco, please…”


“I have a proposition for you….or I should say an agreement, if you want.”

“What is it?”

“Say what you want; money, business, property or anything you like as long as you share yourself to me…to have children with you...anything...everything...even my life...I’ll give it to you, Marco,” while tears slowly falling down her cheeks. I sized her up of the truthfulness of what she said, then, drank another shot. If I cannot get my son with this kind of agreement, I thought, that it’s better to change my tactics with Danielle. This way I could use her totally from A to Z again. “Can you serve doubled shot of tequila for me…,” as I wiped her tears with my right hand which she held at once.

“Yes, sure Marc.”


“In the Sheraton Hotel, I said you’re alone to meet me, why you’re not following our deal?

“I thought you’re with somebody…I don’t trust you that much.”

“You trust me now?

“Yes I do.”

“Okay, just give me a month to decide, can you wait for me without saying anything to anybody, on your side, on my side, this is just between the two of us...but don’t engage with anybody. If you fail to follow my instructions, our deal will not materialize.”

“Yes Marc, I’ll do it.”

“Listen very carefully, you have to stay here in Dubai, even you have business in the Philippines. You have to stay in the manpower office in Al Maktoum Street. Removed Ryan Mallari, fired him….while I’m working with my job in Al Fahidi Street. For a start, provide me with the latest mobile phones and one hundred thousand dirhams on my bank account, that’s it...for now. Can you do that Danielle?”

“Yes Marco, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I’ll track you in your cell phone, so, keep it handy always.”

“Yes Marc, I’ll do everything you said, because I love you.”


I kissed her lips with fire and said, “Will you love me until death Danielle?”

“Yes I do.”

“We have time for this…not now, work it out tomorrow, I have to leave now. Thank you.”

“Marc, you kidnapped our son…”

“What do you mean?”

“The boy that you kidnapped in Greenhills was your son. When you left me in Bacolod City, I’m pregnant from you Marco, but I kept it secret from your side. Just now, that I have the courage to say this matter to you.”

“Ohhh, come on, are you serious?

“Yes Marco, that’s the truth.”

“He’s in the good hands right now.”

“Thank you Marc.”

“Thank you…. for you, that you gave me a son. For now, I’ll leave you. Are you alone here?”

“Yes Marc, bye!”

I kissed her goodbye but my mind kept on reeling why I had to behave like this in front of Danielle. Maybe, that’s the way I treated her in my mind for the past years; as enemy of my life or an angel from above? I wanted to finish my dream; I wanted life to be easy and reachable with my own capabilities, the game I played before and wanted to play it again.


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  20. now that is an exciting twist. i cannot wait to see how this story will unfold..

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