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My Hometown: Hinigaran Negros Occidental #OFW41

I watched them played in the shore while Ayah watched the three children in a cottage made of coconut palm leaves. Bryan was grilling fish, hot dogs and vegetables. I’d got the two little kids from Ayah which made four of them playing in the sand. The children enjoyed it so much for the whole morning and ate our grilled foods with cold beverages.

The first time I ever played with them in the beach that had a sad story long time ago. I never thought in my whole life, that I can enjoy the feeling of fatherhood along this shoreline.

It was dark when we returned to the house that Ayah washed them all with shampoo and bath soap. They were just enjoying their innocence of what was going on with their parents. The electricity was installed and household equipment was plugged in. We arranged the house decors similar to the one when I first enter this house. Ayah only looked at me with disbelief.

“Marco, you’re still reliving the past..”

“Yes Ayah, I loved that way, I mean the decors and curtains…remember here on this room when I planted a seed on you?’

“Yes Marco, I remember it all…that I love you.”

“Where are the children?”

“They’re with Bryan…. in the cottage at the garden.”

“Can we do it again here, love?”

“Marco, you have five kids now.”

“Doesn’t matter...can we add more?”

“Let’s put the children to sleep first…”


Again, the desire for Ayah made stronger when the environment called for my body to respond into her. Bryan and Ayah put the children on their beds while I imagined her in advance. I reminisced the time when we were together in the past; differentiate it, which one was better than the other.

Some of the Tuyom residents were approaching us for possible job abroad which I collected their CV’s with contact number. Two weeks had passed that we received the marriage document, left the house to our caretaker and went our way as what I thought on that moment.

It was in the year 1993 of June, when I visited my parent’s house in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental.

Along the way going to Bacolod City, we stopped by my parent’s house in Hinigaran. My brothers and sisters thanked me for all the support I extended for them through sending money every month. And, my mother and father were very proud of my present status....the dreamer, the ambitious one.

‘Marco, stay with us for a month, so that we talked together with your mother,” father suggested.

“Yes father, mother…I love to stay with you.”

“Come children, come to grandpa....,” my father said.

“No, come to grandma..come...children..,” mother said while hugging them all.

“Mommy, we’ll stay here in grandma’s house?” Anne said to Ayah.

“Yes Anne, we’ll stay for vacation.”

My parents, sisters and brothers were really liked us to stay which I thought to be the best option for me and for my family. I needed answers for some of my inner thoughts for a long time; and the interaction of my children to their grandparents and relatives. The family connection I used financially while away was not the answer for the values I want to portray with them. Nevertheless, I showed to them all that I care and love them.

In the process of surviving my life after high school, I realized now, that those days were just challenges for me to tackled, which I considered as negative aspects but in the end it’s just a way of molding me into the future. The decisions I made in the past were just a part of living here on this world. I had no right to hate my parents for not giving me the chance to finish my course. It was within me on how to roll my life forward and not because of them or anybody else.

The remorse state of my feelings for them was just to nurtured for me to grow beyond my understanding and maturity. Even though their incapability affected my ambition, still, their hearts were connected with mine.

The enjoyment of my children and my parents were a part of welding their innermost desires to be close to each other. It’s just as natural as the river flows to the ocean and a wonderful thing that I contributed to my parents without noticing it. Really beautiful!

“Marco, you’re such a wild’ve got five beautiful kids, you really multiplied our clan….ha-ha-ha-ha…,” father said.

“Yes really amazing to be with them Marco!” Mother exclaimed.

I suggested a family celebration for our family that everybody was excited especially my married brothers and sisters. They wanted to intermingle with my family too, and for a long time that I never visited them. All my relatives were given each assignment for the occasion. As what I expected, they were expecting this from me. I telephoned Edward to attend for this reunion.

“Hello friend Edward, how are you?”

“I’m fine Marco...just opening for another branch here in Bacolod City. Where are you?”

“I’m here in Hinigaran, visiting my family and have celebrations for them. Can you attend now?”

“Yes of course my friend, my son Larry’s with me.”

“When you’re in Hinigaran, ask for our house in Rizal Street...just along the main road.”

“Okay, I’m coming!”

“Kindly purchase me some fresh fruits, gifts and other things that you would like to give. You’re rich now, isn’t it?”

“You son of your father, yes I will...just for you my best friend!”

“That’s the boy, thank you...waiting for you here!”

“Okay I’m coming!”

Bryan and I did the marketing of all items that were going to used, including my presents to all of them. I bought special gifts for my parents. Ayah and the kids were left in the house to help the preparation. It’s a whole day preparation that each had the time to participate.

When everything was prepared, I viewed our house like a fiesta celebration in the public plaza. It did matter to me to give them the best for this celebration.

For each table, I assigned one family and its relatives while Mama and Papa were positioned in front of us. I assigned an emcee to the program which one of my brothers prepared.

The emcee introduced the main purpose of the occasion, then, went around each table to introduce the relatives. It was a joyous time for me and my family. I really believed for their honesty in every aspect of their speeches and such a warming knowledge for me to know them better for the rest of our lives.

The children were called to dance in the front that Anne and Kent were the first one wiggled, jumped and moved their bodies to the tune. Other children followed them and howling ensued. While they were dancing, the emcee interviewed Anne and Kent. My children answered in English language fluently. The crowd clapped their hands with delight on their face, including Ayah and me.

I gave a short speech for Papa, Mama, brother and sisters; including all the relatives who were present at that time. Some prepared comedy skit, solo singing, dance solo, drama which everybody enjoyed so much.

Different foods were served for the excitement of everyone especially the “lechon.” Bryan video recorded the occasions’ from Tuyom up to Hinigaran. The emcee called me up to the stage to distribute the gifts.

“The first gifts are for Papa and Mama.” I announced in the microphone. “The next, to all my brothers and sisters...please come on stage.”

I distributed all the gifts that everyone were happy and contented. “Listen, I have a business in Manila and Dubai, and planning to open up another four stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Those of you who are interested to work for me, I’m glad to help you all, just submit your resume to Papa and Mama. Another gift for Papa and Mama, I will renovate this house and a van for them!”

Papa and Mama stood up, went to the stage beside me and embraced each other including me.

“Thank you son..thanks to the Lord.” Papa said to me. I saw tears forming in his eyes as I looked at him.

“Marco, thank you so much, your Papa wanted a van, one of his dream a long time ago..,” Mama said to distract situation.

“Also, for your information, my new business partner Mr. Edward Ramirez and son, Mr. Larry Ramirez, please give them a round of applause!”

Edward and Larry came up to the stage and hugged me.

“By the way, Mr. Edward Ramirez give some gifts to us, especially the pastries and fresh fruits!” I announced. “Okay, let’s enjoy this celebration....let’s dance!”

Another long table was placed for the beverages and liquors that give enjoyment for male participants. Also, appetizers and desserts were placed at the other end.

“I am thanking the Barangay Captain and his men in attending this occasion…..and for our guests too! Enjoy the night, this is for all!"

The celebration was successful that we stayed for a week to process some papers and planned for my parent’s house renovation. Some relatives instantly submitted their resumes to Papa. Some of my brothers asked some extra money for their families. For our neighbors too, I gave some money as a token of appreciation in helping Mama and Papa.

I materialized everything; what I promised to my parents, brothers, sisters and relatives. I extended to them financially, really came from my heart. It gave me the fullest satisfaction deep within and released the guilt inside of me. I had the responsibilities for them.

I roamed around the town of Hinigaran with Edward who dedicated his love for me. He was there for me, when I’m down and out; even when I’m happy and contented. He knew me more than any friends I had in the past. The trusts that I had for him cannot be ruined for the passing of time.

We stopped in front of Hinigaran Elementary School where I spent my early studies, who molded my way of thinking until I reached high school studies. I recalled all my teachers who contributed in molding my character and the whole of my being.

For the first year of my high school, my parents enrolled me in a private school thinking that I could develop myself to the teaching of the Catholic School. I truly accepted Jesus Christ as my savior but I cannot comprehend our way of life in this world. Was it because of my true faith or a natural way of human sacrifice? We brought up by our parents to believe that God created the world, that mankind has the right to decide what’s best for him and God was the center of human endeavors.

Because of my young disposition of what really life meant to me, I questioned myself why other people behaved the way they wanted it to be without thinking about God. The anticipation of spiritual changes deep within me contributed to my self-esteem to decrease slowly while I started to find the true meaning of life. It was a matter of choice to be initiated by the way my beliefs molded as a human being.

My growing years was created in this place where I contemplated my life to have meaning, for people who believed in me, who believed that life was a continuing process of wants and likes. It was the core of my being to proceed and succeed; but not to fall and failed.

The readiness of myself to explored what God has given to me; I had to conditioned the path, I had to tread what I had decided with my life and I had the right to select what I want in life.

I transferred to Hinigaran National High School - a public high school – who also resumed the completion of my educational understanding, the learning of my new life and the initial training for college level.

We entered the Hinigaran Catholic Church who witnessed my devotion to the Christian belief. I found this place as a refuge of my heart and soul. The serenity that I received through my faith to the Almighty carried-on with my feelings to survive on this world. Believing God was not a responsibility but an obligation to explore the deepness of your faith.

Once, I dreamed to be married on this church as union of my soul to continue procreating the world, that the Almighty had given to mankind.


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  1. Just curious sir.. is this story based on your life or is it fiction? Nonetheless, it was a good read of reunions and recollections.

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