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My Friends And The Sign of Gulf War #OFW38

I telephoned Mr. Gamal Abdulrahman in Sharjah Office for possible extension of my emergency leave which he answered positively. I immediately talked to them about the celebration.

“Okay, all of you know that Ayah and I are very happy for the turn of events. I’m planning to have a party for this occasion. I need your suggestions….”

“Marco, I think just a simple celebration here, the better?” Edward suggested.

“How about you Bryan? By the way, what’s the name of your wife?”

“Donna, Marco….she’s from Bacolod too.” Bryan answered.

“Nice to meet you Donna and thank you for helping Ayah….”

“Me too…. Marco.” Donna replied.

“Lina how about you?....” I asked.

“Yes, here inside the house the better….” Lina suggested.

“Okay then, let’s prepare….with videoke machine?”

“Yes….” Everybody answered in unison.

Edward and I listed all the items, went to SM Supermarket in Makati, and called Danielle in Greenhills to come with us buying the celebration items. We’re like small children gathering fruits in the field without knowing the consequences that lies ahead.

While Edward continued to load items in the supermarket strollers; I relayed to Danielle what transpired for last few days. She’s happy for me and glad that we’re heading our lives in Dubai.

“Marco, I’ll be in my manpower office in Makati for the meantime while waiting for you. Enjoy your time with your family.”

She kissed me even inside the supermarket and left. We continued buying things, ordering cakes, renting a videoke machine and decorated the house. Everybody’s were contributing their effort for the positive outcome of this celebration. Edward and I took the food as our assignments; Lina and Bryan for the decors and lightings, and Donna for the children, with Ayah Isabel.

I prepared my favorite appetizer, “Fish kinilaw, beef steak, grilled milk fish, menudo, beef afritada, fresh fruit salad, and three bottles of tequila Cuervo. Our table setting was superb like in a five-star hotel where different foods were placed in their own containers. I positioned the four-layer cakes at the center of the table. While I was doing my assignment together with Edward, we’re drinking the liquor, energized.

The videoke machine was placed near the table where I placed the liquors and beverages and used my ingenuity in setting and preparing the table for this occasion. Ayah and Lina were watching the children when I approached her.

“Lina, how are you….. Mike sent a letter to you?”

“No, Marco….he’s not sending any money neither..”

“Don’t worry I’ll remind him. Anything you want, just ask Ayah about it, okay?”

“Yes Marco, thank you so much!”

“You visited your child?”

“Yes, Marc, he’s fine.”

I hugged Lina Luna that she cried in my arms. She’s distraught with her husband, Mike Luna in Dubai.

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to Mike about it...just enjoy tonight, okay?”

“I’m happy for you Marco… developed your life for the past years, while for’s slowly breaking apart...”

“I’ll help you and Mike...don't worry...”

I separated from Lina to offset the situation, held the microphone for a toast.

“Attention everyone, this occasion is for my newborn daughter, and for my son…who lost because…..okay, let’s have toast!” We drank our beverages and began to eat.

Everyone enjoyed the food while the music was on the air to remind us...reminded me that I was sold my soul to the devil.

Edward took the microphone and sang, “My Prayer” and after a while Lina had the microphone, sang. “I Don’t Know How To Love Him.” They simultaneously sang their favorite songs where I sang, “My Way” just for them to know that I was doing my own way to get rich.

We celebrated this day with my family that needed my love and devotion. But those hours of my life away from them was not merely a’s a continuation of my dreams.

I spent my emergency leave for two weeks with my family where I kept Danielle out of their view. We came back in Dubai together and go on our separate lives in the eyes of my friends. I visited them all including Mike Luna which he lied to me about his status with Lina Luna.

Arnold Castillano visited me in my room to tell his condition that he cannot controlled his emotions.

“Marco, since that bad moment of my life; I cannot control my feelings towards Joel. I’m asking myself why...and how?”

“Are you serious Arnold?”

“Yes, Marco, I’m longing for that thing…”

“You mean to say, you love Joel Arevalo?”

“Yes…I told him about this, but until now, he’s only playing with me.”

“You have relationship with other men...M2M or only Joel?’

“Just for him….only once…and I gave him money when he needed it.”

“One of these days I will visit him and talk to him about this but you need to control your feelings and don’t get entangle with other men especially other nationalities, okay Arnold.”

“I’ll try Marco.”

“Do it...don’t try.”

“Yes Marco.”

He left me inside my room wondering the consequences of not helping him instantly on that night; that our cowardice to fight for him was showing on his personality, growing into another dimension of his soul. That was none of my business but I had the feeling that I contributed a mark on his destiny. The damaged upon him was a fate intended for him alone, not for me. I had my own destiny to tackle but not the same for him.

I held a party in my room that all of them attended; Vivian Montoya, Joel Arevalo, Arnold Castillano, Mike Luna, Ronnie Ramirez, Susan Magtoto and Roger Ferrer. I prepared and arranged the room for us to sit down in the floor, Japanese-style. Everybody was with me when I talked to them in a serious mode.

“I hold this party just to all of you to understand. I’m your friend here away from home. Whatever help I could extend to all of you, it’s deep within my heart. Let’s eat friends!”

Everybody ate the food but nowhere to be heard them speak about their love affairs. I noticed Joel and Arnold were talking about something in one corner of my room while Mike Luna was chatting with Vivian Montoya all throughout the night. Susan Magtoto was amazingly attracted to Roger Ferrer. But Ronnie Ramirez told me something about Roger Ferrer; he befriended Ryan Mallari and Glenda Teruel that he visited Danielle in manpower agency. And I observed them all throughout the whole night.

The observations that I gathered that night were all confirmed after a month’s time. I kept my knowledge to them and kept my private affairs out of their knowledge. I visited Danielle’s place in Jumeirah when I want to be with her. Our relationship blossomed until she got pregnant. She needed to be back to the Philippines for this purpose because of the government restrictions for the pregnant woman in Dubai.

We separated our ways but our communication was opened to each other. The thing that I completed before she left was the transferring some of her assets to my name. I continued working with my company and at the same time, running the manpower agency in Dubai.

It was in the...

Year 1990 of February, when Dubai was visited by foreign navies, including the Americans – The sign of Gulf War.

I was assigned by our area manager, Mr. Gamal Abdulrahman to transact business with Dubai Mercantile and Maritime Authority through the recommendation of the top management. I’d got a written permit from them to sell our products inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone where the American fleets were stationed.


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  2. Year 1990, I'm just 5 years old ;) One of the sad part of the relationship is when two people love each other will separate because of work. Hey Sir Fernando, is this your real life story? If yes, your such a great writer!

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