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I Am Losing Danielle's Love #OFW44

We headed at the hotel, found the bar, seated and ordered a bottle of tequila.

“Drink Pareng Mike…no problem….”

“Okay, Cheers!”

“Cheers to us Mike, I wanted you to be with me and assist me with my job. I’ll offer you 2,000 dirhams per month as your salary and other free benefits coming from me personally. You can stay with me I’ll provide a room for you….It’s better than working in a coffee shop with a salary of 1,000 dirhams. I’ll process your documents here in Dubai….Are you with me?”

“You’re so kind to me Marco…”

“Remember in Manila….you helped me and Ayah?”

“Okay Marco, I’ll work for you.”

“This coming Friday, we can meet in my flat….I mean a meeting with the group. You want an appetizer…beef steak?”

“Yes Marco…..your shot now.”

We happily continued our conversation while drinking when Mike noticed Danielle and Roger came inside the bar, seated and ordered.

“Marco, look, it is Danielle ….and Roger Ferrer…” Mike whispered to me.

“Where….What table?”

“Over there….near the counter…”

“Ohhh….yes, it’s them….back me up, okay?” I went to their table, seated in front of them and looked at them without saying a word.

“How’s the night Danielle?”

“Marco…..Marc just going out with Roger…my life is boring for the past months…you know…” Danielle answered.

“Can we talk personally, just you and me…. without the presence of an alien from Mars like your companion now?”

“I’m not an alien you rotten…..” Roger answered.

“Go…go…out!” I suddenly clamped my palm to Roger’s fingers. He went outside where Mike followed and observed him. When Mike came back, I gave money for the payment of our food and drinks. “Mike, drive my car….follow me to Jumeirah Beach…here’s the key…”

“Okay Marco, I’ll follow you at the back…”

I held Danielle’s hand tightly towards her car.

“Where’s the key?” I said seriously to her. She got on her bag and handed it to me.“Now, get inside!” Pushing her at the front seat. I drove the car headed to Jumeirah Beach without saying a word and Mike followed us. I parked the car in a parking lot in front of the house, opened the car and pulled Danielle’s out. She opened the door and seated at the sofa.

“Now talk!” I shouted at her. “What’s the meaning of this?” While Mike served us hot coffee, “Why you’re not answering your phone?” She’s not answering me that I banged the flower base at the wall.

“You want to know Marco?” she said with hatred in her eyes.

“Yes I want to know everything!”

“I’m bored with my have your own family, but look at me….nothing!” Danielle answered while crying.

“We have children Danielle…I love them…and I love you!”

“Loving me…more than your family…huh Marco?”

“We have an agreement Danielle…...we talked this before, isn’t it?”

“Yes but I want that to be cancelled!”

“Or…are you taking revenge with me?”

“You’re thinking that….you fool!”

“Why, Roger taught you to do that?”

“Roger Ferrer can give what I want in life now…he proposed to me...a marriage...can you give that Marco?”

“Ohhh, don’t you dare me Danielle.... don’t you dare!”

“Yes Marco!”

I grabbed Danielle’s neck, slapped her checks while Mike held me tightly away from her.

“Danielle…go to your room!” Mike commanded her while still holding me. Mike and I seated for a while, got a bottle of Tequila and continued our session.

“Mike where’s the lemon?”

“Sorry, I forgot…for a while…” He went to the kitchen for slices of lemon and put in a table.

“Mike what do think of my situation?” I asked him.

“Marco, I could not give you a word that can describe your situation with Danielle...even me, I have issues with my woman...but I think, follow what’s best for you.”

“And…some more…”

“And….secure your children with Danielle in Bacolod City...”


“Do you love Danielle besides Ayah…. your family?”

“I started to love her since she was here in Dubai….have another child..and now...” My word’s lost into the stillness of the night that my tears suddenly fall without knowing it.

“Pareng Marco…I understand you…” Mike held my hand. “You know what, I remember when we first met at the pier, I saw you as a fighter….”

“Yes Mike….a new love blossomed for Danielle…but she ruined it instantly.”

“Marco…let’s go to sleep…we have a lot to do tomorrow I think?”

“Okay, let’s sleep here in the sofa…wake me up seven in the morning Mike.”

“Fine….okay Marc.

We slept together in the sofa not knowing what happened while I was sleeping. Mike woke me up and I instantly asked him.

“What time is it Mike?”

“Six thirty in the morning.”

“Where is she?”

“Still.… inside the room.”

“Okay…call her….I’ll take a bath first.” When I finished taking a bath I observed that she’s not in the dining table. I put on my clothes and asked Mike about Danielle.

"I knocked the door but she’s not answering Marc,” Mike said,

I dialed her number, waited but still not answering the phone.

“Mike let’s go.”


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  1. I think this is good that Danielle has a chance to move on rather than go with the arrangement with Marco.

  2. I'm familiar with the characters from a previous read..
    But without them and this being a blog post, I would have been lost to what is happening here.
    Though tedious, I hope you'd try to bring in more character build up before any intensive scene.
    As it is, I couldn't care much about the plight of Danielle or Marco.
    I little perspective perhaps, by creating an image of a woman like Danielle.
    If a reader like me can imagine her in a room or restaurant, maybe how she sits or walks,
    her dress, hair or the observed changes in her bahaviour that would give her more depth of character..

  3. this is a heart warming story about love and tough choices that one has to make to be happy

  4. If there is one thing that this story tells me, it is the fact that sometimes people really need to choose on letting go instead of holding into something that won't make them happy in the long run..

  5. It's a fact of life I guess. We lose people, we meet people. Good choice for Danielle.

  6. Security and marriage are important for woman. Don't be selfish, Marco.

  7. I think Marco is being selfish since he really couldn't marry 2 people.

  8. That's a very complicated situation. I understand Danielle completely.

  9. Nice story line but that gorgeous car caught my fancy.

  10. These stories keep me so hooked! Danielle has way too much on her plate. I wonder how the story turns out. :O

  11. I can't wait for the next chapter. the plot is getting interesting

  12. this post intrigued me, haha. where i can find the first part of this novel? i need to read this from the start, haha.
    good novel sir. :)

  13. That confrontation with Danielle was intense! I want to know what happens next..

  14. This should be a fresh start for Danielle with a new relationship.

  15. So sad that Danielle has moved on but this is her fresh start.

  16. It is good that Danielle has realized of her relation with Marco, which seems something to let it go.

  17. Relationships of this nature tend to go this way as well in real life as women would want something more permanent.

  18. Sometimes in life we cannot get everything we want, like Marco. Danielle has needs that he cannot fulfill and he cannot blame her for that and be selfish with their love.

  19. I am so lost right now, I think I have to go back to your first post on this.

  20. Its good that Danielle moved on. If there's really no future with Marco then why push it?

  21. Danielle wanted to have a new start ans I'm somehow glad she wants to move on. If I'm on Danielle's feet, ill do the same.

  22. That is such a cool car on the photo! Whose car is it?

  23. nice and beautiful story...nadala aq sa drama...ano po ba ito tunay na nangyari o ficction lang...

  24. nice story of love and yes that is one nice car.


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