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My Two Children with Danielle #OFW42

I called up Governor Benjamin Gustilo for my visit to the children in Bacolod City, that he welcomed me with open arms. For what I had done for the past months, I personally visited my son Marco Gustilo Fernando Junior and my daughter, Shaira Rose Gustilo Fernando.

“Mr. Gustilo, good day to you!” I greeted the father of Danielle.

“Yes, Marco, how are you and my daughter Danielle?”

“We’re fine and good Mr. Gustilo…our businesses are great and moving.”

“Here too, the children are doing fine for their studies especially Marco Junior…he’s growing faster than I expected. Your daughter too…a beautiful child...I’m happy for them.”

“Thank you Mr. Gustilo….I trusted you about the children and their welfare.”

“They’re in school right now Marco.”

“Okay I’ll visit them there.”

“Okay Marco.”

“Thank you Mr. Gustilo.”

I came back to the shopping center where I left Edward, Larry, Bryan, Donna and my family.

“Edward, come with me.”


“We’ll visit my son and daughter to the school.”

“What’s the name of the school?”

“Of course, the Catholic School where I graduated!”

We headed to Lacson Street going Colgeio de San Agustin and parked at the back of the school. We asked the security guard to visit my children inside that he gave us a temporary ID’s. I observed the school campus; still the same but there were some new small constructed building at the side of the San Agustin Coliseum where my graduation was held.

We seated at the school open canteen and I told Edward to order our snacks while I went to Marco Junior classroom. When I arrived, the teacher was explaining something in front of her class. I saw Marco talked to her teacher where he approached me and give respect.

“Good morning Daddy, my teacher wants to meet you inside the classroom?”

“Yes sure my son.”

We went inside the classroom smiling to them.

“Miss Bueno….classmates….this is my father…his name is Mr. Marco Fernando!” Marco Junior introduced me.

“Good morning Miss Bueno…..good morning to all!” I said.

“You know Mr. Fernando, we have a regulations here in school that when a parent visits his/her child in school…the student must introduce him/her parent on his classmates….and he’s excuse from class, if he/she wants to...,” the teacher said.

“Okay then, Marco Junior…let’s find your little sister.”

We visited Shaira Rose in her classroom, that I did the introduction too, then, left together with her maid, tutor and the driver. I asked Edward to go to the shopping center to accompany my family while I was with the two kids.

“Daddy where are we going?” Marco junior asked.

“We’re going shopping… in a fast food..what do you think?”

“Yes Daddy, I love it!”

“How about you beautiful lady?” I asked my daughter.


We drove along the North Drive where we dined inside the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. I ordered a whole Pepperoni Pizza, salads a pitcher of soda.

“Marco Junior, Shaira...…you like this pizza flavor?

“Yes Daddy.” Junior answered.

“Okay let’s eat now?” I said.

“Daddy, let’s give thanks to the Lord first.”

“Okay, lead the prayer Marco Junior.”

Marco Junior led the prayer to us, which gave me the heartfelt pride of being a father to this boy.

“Marco Junior, you’re the eldest and you should give good example to your sister. No matter what happen, just call me, okay son?”

‘Yes Daddy, I will.”

“You’re in high school now…what course are you planning to take up son?"

“I will take up Bachelor of Arts first, then,….another course, be like Papa Ben.”

“Great my son….don’t forget to pray always…okay son?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Would you want something to buy son?”

“Yes Daddy… notebook Daddy….”

We went to the computer shop nearby, search for computer notebook and bought one.

“Thank you Daddy!”

“Welcome my son….and for my beautiful princess, what do you like?”

I hugged my little princess who just smiling and kissing me.

“Okay I will buy you a big teddy bear….huh Shaira Rose?”


I bought a big Teddy bear for her in the next shop and I brought them home.

“Daddy, where’s Mommy?” Marco Junior asked me.

“She’s in Dubai, she’s fine and love you so much.”

“Okay Daddy Bye!”

The two kids hugged me tightly and I left going to the shopping center. I looked for them inside the center and found them eating inside the new restaurant.

“Ayah where’s Edward? I asked.

“I saw him in the kitchen of the restaurant?”


“Larry’s there inside the office.”

I walked towards the counter and asked for Edward.

“Sir, just a minute I’ll call him.” The cashier answered me.

Edward appeared from the office and smiled.

“Marco, how’s your shopping spree with your kids?”

“Fine….and why are you there…in the office?”

“Look my friend, this is my new restaurant.”

“Ohhh…I see…. Let’s eat my friend.”

“Okay, but wait, when will be our partnership…for the new restaurant business?”

“I will organize the existing business here in Bacolod City….then, I’ll be in Dubai for this new endeavor, okay Marco?”

“That’s great Edward!”

“You’ll stay here in Bacolod?”

“Tonight.... our flight going to Manila.”

“Okay, take good care of your family…just call me if you want something for Marco Junior.”

“Thanks a lot my friend.”

“Okay…take care…bye friend!”

I telephoned my manager in Dubai to get the reports and told me that everything’s running smoothly. I dialed Danielle’s number but her phone was closed. Again, I dialed the manpower office in Al Maktoum Street and asked about Danielle.

We came back to Bacoor, Cavite and had a serious talked with Ayah Isabel, Bryan and family.

“Ayah, take care of the children welfare, hired professionals for them, if you need. I want you to love them as much as I do. I’ll provide you a personal mobile phone for our communication. Send them to the best school in Manila when they graduated from elementary school. I want you to transfer in a condominium if you want to, just tell me. And for you Bryan, I want you to manage the manpower agencies in Makati and Ortigas branches. You know, Edward and I are planning to put up a new fast food concept in Metro Manila, Dubai and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The futures for these endeavors are very high in terms of the monthly revenues. That’s why I began my feasibility studies last year. I’ll stay there in Dubai, then, in Saudi for these reasons and I need both of you to help me. Ayah, Bryan, you get what I mean?”

“Yes Marco, I’ll submit to you my plans about our children and family.” Ayah answered.

“As for me Marco, I’ll do what you say.” Bryan said.

“After organizing these works; legalities, documents, etc…. I’ll be back in Dubai next week, planning for a new business and this time, I'll resign in my job to keep the manpower services running smoothly.”


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  1. Lacson St sounds familiar to me, when we're in Bacolod, we always go to Lacson Street just to eat.

  2. It's nice to see marco bond with his two kids with Danielle and all is working well for all the characters.

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  4. I haven't been to Bacolod yet. I hope I can visit in the near future.

  5. great anecdote. I haven't been in Bacolod but the pictures above says that it is a great place. I want to visit Bacolod to experience the fun during Maskara Festival and visit places the Pope John Pall II tower and the San Sebastian Cathedral.

  6. Very nice photos. I wish I can visit Bacolod this year. Great article by the way.

  7. I always get fascinated by fathers taking their kids out to dine and shop. So sweet of him. Reminds me of my dad. Can't wait for the next part. :)

  8. At least Danielle's kid is also well taken cared off

  9. A father really is an important part of a child's life whilst growing up. Kudos to all the fathers who, like Marco, take the time to be with their kids.

  10. Great chapter, Bacolod is one of my favorite festival to be with.

  11. It's nice to know that a father has finally bonded with his kids..

  12. It's nice for Marco to make surprise visit to his children at school. Rarely do fathers make the time except on graduation day.


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