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The Recruitment of Mike Luna #OFW43

It was in the year 1993 of August, when I went back to Dubai after my vacation.

My scheduled flight going to Dubai was on time in the evening of Saturday, 14th day of August 1993. I was contemplating every details of what I organized behind with Bryan and Ayah. The things that troubled me were the organization of my future business partnership with Edward.

Danielle did not call me even once while I was on vacation, neither anticipating my call on her mobile phone. The information which I had when I called the manpower office, really bothered me, but I had the notion that Roger Ferrer and Ryan Mallari were behind this problem.

When I landed in Dubai International Airport, again, I tried to call her but in vain. It was eleven in the morning that I directly reported to my office for I missed my work and to ironed-out any possible problem that may arise. I called my assistant to relay a message about an emergency meeting to them.

The things in my mind were to reorganize the present placement of personnel and their new job responsibilities, the new approached of building sales, the lowering of in-store expenses, the new innovations and additional outlets in different areas around United Arab Emirates.

Since the manpower agency was different from food business, I separated the strategies of the two entities when I reorganized my direction.

Around four in the afternoon, my assistant summoned me at my office that our meeting was ready in the conference room. I walked briskly towards the meeting place holding my laptop and folders. I seated and greeted them all. “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, everybody’s present?”

“Sir, only Madam Danielle is absent,” my assistant answered.

“Reason please…”

“I telephoned but her mobile is closed.”

“Any report about her when I’m away?”

“For the first month, she’s with us but lately….not regular in attendance.”

“Okay contact her today to report to me. First of all, kindly make reports for your respective management group for the past months, decipher the problems and solutions and for the overall impact and give your personal suggestions for the following; opening of the new outlets, product innovations…any innovations that are helpful with our operations and any suggestions are welcome. I need your reports tomorrow evening. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” they answered in unison.

“Okay dismissed, thank you to all.” I took a short rest to regain my strength and to think the best possible action when worst comes to worst. The more I experienced about the food business, my maturity was showing in terms of the overall management. As what I studied in advance and the experienced that I had for my friends, I was thinking that this was the time to talk to them to work for me.

I started my round-up for my plans with Danielle at the Jumeirah Beach around five in the afternoon riding my own car. I reached the house, opened with my own duplicated key, entered and looked around the house. I sensed something went wrong with this house, even the arrangement of the beddings. I continued searching around the house where I found an attaché case and three long folders. I hurriedly carry the items at the back of my car and left.

I stopped and parked at the parking lot near the Satwa Roundabout; walked towards the store where I worked before. I asked for Ruel Mondragon and we talked about the meeting next Friday morning. Then, I went to the Bank Street to meet Mike Luna.

“How are you my friend?”

“Fine Marco.”

“What happened, any problem?” I said eyeing his physical movements.

“I’m troubled….lots of bad things happened to me…,I heard you went on vacation?”

“Yes with my family, remember those days...when you helped me and Ayah?”

“Yes, that was before when I planned to work here in Dubai….,I thought everything’s okay….how’ family back home?”

“I talked to her….she’s also worried….I think it’s your fault Mike…can we talk this over next Friday morning in my flat?”

“What about?”

“Helping you?” I said holding his left arm.

“You helped me a lot Marco, what can I say...okay Marc, you’re the boss!”

“That’s my Pareng Mike...lady-killer...ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…”

“Beautiful ladies...always a problem...” Mike said while doing his usual gesture when it comes to women.

“That’s right….only once in a while…not always…”

“Pareng Marco, speaking of beautiful ladies, I saw Danielle with Ryan once,then, with Roger, only two weeks ago...”

“Shhhhhh shut up! Can you come with me now...can we talk about this matter?”


“Which place do you like?” I asked this question openly to him. “Le Rendezvous disco in Al Nasr Leisureland...or..okay then, I’ll talk to your manager, emergency is the reason?”

“Ohhh you’re the best Pare!”

I talked to Mike’s manager, favor accepted and we left the place. Still outside the mall, I asked Mike. “You have something to do in your flat, I can help?”

“What Pareng Marc?”

“You know me isn’t it...I’ll help you anyway I can, the problem is don’t trust decide without I right Mike?” I touched his feelings. “Look what happened to you?” I put my arms around his shoulders. “Where’s your flat..Come on, we’ll going to your flat.”

We went to Mike’s flat in Karama. He was renting a room amounted to 600 dirhams with his girlfriend.

“Marc, I don’t have food to offer to you, just instant coffee,” Mike said.

“It’s okay, thank you. So, this is your life with your live-in partner?”

“Yes Pare…it’s hard for me now…”

“Why do you like this situation, because of a woman? How about your wife and son in the Philippines?” Mike dropped his eyes down to the floor, when he looked at me, tears started to form.

“I cannot control myself Marco, I needed a woman by my side always...I missed my wife Lina.”

“You are not trying your best Mike. I’m happy for you, because you wanted to work here in Dubai, for your family….or for your selfish desires? Yes, we need women but not to interfere with our goals in life. We are the driver not them? If you want my help, then, change for the betterment of your life because I don’t want disorganized people in my company. If you accept my offer, come with me in the car; I’ll wait for you there for 5 minutes at the most.”

I left him instantly without looking at him; sat on my car waiting for him. After two minutes, I saw him coming nearer to me.

“Marco…Pareng Marc, I’ll go with you,” he said looking at me into my eyes.

“Then, come inside, we’ll eat or drink?” He didn't said a word, just looked at me squarely.

We ate in a Filipino Restaurant at the Al Riqqa Street. I ordered grilled chicken breast, Indian poori bread, green salad, and ice cream as dessert. I slowly chewed my food and observed him eating, thinking, he was not eaten this kind of food before? "Mike, you want something more to eat? What do you like?” I asked him

“Just order another grilled chicken for me.”

“Fine Mike,” as I ordered another grilled chicken for him I asked him, “Can you tell me now about Danielle, what you saw?”

“Yes, they’re together at our coffee shop and talking each other, seemed some understanding between them.”

“I see, okay, how about your live-in partner?”

“Yes, we’re partner but she’s having my monthly salary that I cannot move with my own. But, our way of living isn’t good. Only that, I used her every time I want to…”

“If you want, I’ll talk to her personally because I want you to work with me. I’m opening up more stores in the future. Are you in or just a little vague?’

“Pareng Marc I wanted to change my life…okay we’ll talk to her.”

“Great Pareng Mike…good…..”

“I’ll finish my food...first, okay pare?”

“Yes, because I’ll buy something for you, pants and polo shirt...”


“Look at you? We’ll have to drink in a hotel.”

“Yes, okay Marco.”

We went to the Al Guhrair Shopping Center, bought Mike’s Lacoste perfume, pants, polo shirt and shoes. I wanted him to dress like me, with pleasing personality and great lifestyle.

“Marc, I’ll change my clothes inside the dressing room?” Mike asked me.

“Yes over there...”

“Pareng Marc...see, you like it?”

“Yes, I thought you’re an actor, Kevin Costner!”

“I’m back in the circulation again!”

“Okay let’s go!”


“Marriott Hotel in Murraqabat Road…”

“Yes okay.”

We headed at the hotel, found the bar, seated and ordered a bottle of tequila Cuervo.

“Drink Pareng Mike…no problem….”

“Okay, Cheers!”

“Cheers to us!”

“Mike, I wanted you to be with me and assist me with my job. I’ll offer you 2,000 dirhams per month as your salary and other free benefits coming from me personally. You can stay with me I’ll provide a room for you….It’s better than working in a coffee shop with a salary of 1,000 dirhams. I’ll process your documents here in Dubai….Are you with me?”

“You’re so kind to me Marco…”

“Remember in helped me and Ayah?”

“Okay Marco, I’ll work for you.”

“This coming Friday, we can meet in my flat….I mean a meeting with the group. You want an appetizer, beef steak?”

“Yes Marco….Your shot now.”


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  1. My friend in Saudi says that many Filipinos have an affair in the Middle East. I feel a bit sad about this. This story reminds me of what my friend said. :-(

  2. Sad stories of some infidel Pinoys who work abroad. A fine read this lazy afternoon.

  3. Sad story :( But I must say, the photos are awesome.

  4. I wonder what happened to Danielle and what the atache case contained. I'll have to wait for the next part.

  5. It's nice that Marco is repaying the kindness of Mike Luna by offering him a better job.

  6. nice stories you got here. concentrated much at the dialogue since i'm sometimes lost as to who the line was from.hehe

  7. This is like the sad part of living abroad. Yes, you're in a different country but the temptation is just right in the corner. It may be hard to resist but if you can do it, it'll be easy (or challenging).

  8. I can just imagine how difficult it is to live away from your loved ones.

  9. Infidelity or avoiding it while working away from the family is a real challenge faced by OFWs. Not a few have fallen into the trap.

  10. I am a victim of infidelity myself. My ex-husband was an OFW in Singapore and he left us for another woman.
    Really sad.

  11. Marco is right that girls should be inspirations and not someone to interfere with your goals.

  12. Oh M G! There's a Filipino resto pala s DUbai. hehe!

  13. You got nice shots. I wonder what camera you used?

  14. Im very curious what happened on Marco's house. Moreover, i was pissed to know that she's just using her girlfriend just for his sensual desires...women are not objects! I wonder if she knows Mike has his own family back in the Philippines. Oh well, lets see what will happen next.

  15. I know the feeling. I went to work aborad when I was single and had a serious relationship in the RP.

  16. This is exactly why I never wanted to be involved in a long distance relationship. The distance can just make things too complicated.

  17. The story featured in this post is quite heart-breaking. But I'm glad you were able to present the story clearly.. I just wish things will get better for everyone involved :)

  18. Love the way you narrated your stories here :) its like.were.just tell me bout your day

  19. I can never stand the idea of my husband working abroad, one of the reasons is this.


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