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Danielle's In Love With My Friend Roger Ferrer #OFW46

We returned to my office in Al Riqqa Street which was at the second floor of the first store outlet. The four store outlets really gaining profits because of the in-flocks of foreign nationals to Dubai after the Gulf War. The international news announced that the Allied forces were willing to reconstruct Iraq after the destruction. Manpower requirements were needed for these endeavors and I was targeting more contracts from different companies.

I approached my attorney who was maintaining our legal business transactions about the possibility of transferring all the businesses to my name. I received positive answer for him and talk to him about the approval of manpower visas of the new staff that I was planning to hire. I told him to issue documents of transfer which I was planning to be executed by Danielle.

I telephoned Joel Arevalo, Arnold Castillano, Susan Magtoto and Vivian Montoya for the forthcoming meeting on Friday. Also, I contacted the two manpower agencies for a possible meeting to them and assigned to submit reports about the operations. Mike Luna submitted his resignation paper to his employer and was accepted. We went home in my flat, took some rest and dressed up.

It was six o’clock in the evening when I finished my daily duty that I asked Mike to accompany me for another mission.

“Marco what’s our mission tonight?” Mike asked me instantly.

“We have to visit my friend Ryan Mallari in Deira side.” We steered going to Ryan’s flat where we directly went upstairs and knocked the door.

“Good evening, Ryan’s there inside?" I said to a man who opened the door. Ryan appeared with an angry face to us. “Why are you here?”

“You’re my friend isn’t it? Can we talk?” I said with a serious face.

“Come inside....Marc...Mike...”

“Can we talk inside your room Ryan?”

“Sure…come inside…”

We went inside his room while Mike was at my back ready for any trouble.

“What can I do for you?” Ryan asked me in a serious tone.

“You can do a lot for me if you’ll answer me honestly.”

“ you expect me to answer you honestly?”

“Yes…you will… I know.”

“Then…what is it?”

“You connived with Miss Danielle and Joel Arevalo to implicate me with my vices here in Dubai?”

“Yes....that was before...but not now.”

“Are you saying that you don’t owe me what you’ve done to me?”

“Marco...please...I don't wan trouble....”

“You owe me something and I need payment, right Ryan?” He didn’t answer me. “How about with Danielle and Roger Ferrer...are you helping them while I’m away?” Still he's not saying a word, he’s just looking at me. “Answer me…..I need your answer!” I shouted at him fiercely.

“Roger Ferrer loved Danielle so much...he talked to me in helping him...”

“How...can you elaborate for me...?”

“I told some information about Danielle....that’s it.”

“What information?”

“That she’s kind of a wealthy person...and beautiful...that’s all.”


“Because he liked Danielle...he’s in love with Danielle I think... ”

“So, where’s Roger right now?”

“Still working in Al Fahidi store...same company...”

“Good...don’t ever help him’s the 5,000 dirhams as a gift from me, for giving me informaion...Come on, take it.” He accepted and thanked him. I know him so well, that money is always the key for Ryan Mallari.

“I have an offer for you want to be with us? I mean to work with my company?”

“Yes Marco...actually I don’t have work right now...”

“Do you be loyal to me?...I know...I hated you...but in business, all's fair, right Ryan?"

“Yes Marc...yes..Actually I heard that Roger and Danielle have a date tonight at Le Rendezvous Disco at Al Nasr Leisureland.”

“Okay...fine...come with us. Ryan Mallari this is Mike Luna, my best friend partner. ”

“Hi...I’m Ryan Mallari...Mike.” He extendeded his arm to Mike.

“Okay guys let’s go!” I said. “Ryan you’re the driver, we’re going to Jumeirah Beach House.”

It’s around eight in the evening when I checked the time on my wristwatch. The evening air kept my mind to absorbed things easily. It soothed my face and the whole of my body. It gave freshness in the outside, but deep in my heart, it’s burning profusely. I entered the house, open the lights and checked the house silently. I went to Danielle’s room but she’s not there. I checked thoroughly every angles of the room which I noticed a pocket-sized picture of Roger Ferrer at the base of the bed’s leg. I kept it in my wallet and went outside.

“Okay, Ryan..Mike...let’s proceed to Le Rendezvous Disco at Karama, le's go!”

It was almost ten in the evening when we arrived at the disco where we seated at the upper portion of the place with a video recorder in my hand. It’s almost full with people, mostly Filipinos. I searched my view around the disco house before I ordered our liquor drinks. I called a waiter for a bottle of Tequila and beef appetizers.

Ryan and Mike went around observing the people and the place. They came back on our table after five minutes of roaming around.

“Take your shots Ryan...Mike..any news?” I said.

“Marco, my girlfriend’s here with another Filipino guy.” Mike said.

“So, what’s your decision?”

“Just leave them for now...I know this guy.”

“Did you see Danielle or Roger?”

“Not yet Marco….” Ryan said.

“Ryan are you sure about your information?”

‘Yes Marco I’m sure.”

“We’ll wait for them.” I said.

After half an hour, I saw them entering at the entrance which they seated at the corner of the place near the counter.

“Do you see them at the corner Mike...Ryan?” I said with fire inside of me.

“Yes Marco.” They answered in unison.

“What we are going to do Marco?”Ryan asked.

“We’ll wait for them to come out and we’ll follow them. We have to capture them both.”

Around two in the morning, they left and drove slowly heading to Jumeirah Beach House. We did not make any move but to follow them at the house.

“You two must watch carefully; Ryan you’re at the front door and Mike you’re with me inside the room, okay?”

“Yes Marco.”

We saw Danielle and Roger entered into the house which we followed them inside. They kissed each other at the front of the Danielle’s room and entered. After a minute, we slowly opened the door without making any sound. They continued kissing each other in the bed, which I instantly put on the light. I instructed Mike to tied Roger in the wall on standing position, naked. I came nearer to Danielle in the corner of the bed.

“Very good and amazing huh..Danielle? You want special love?” I said teasing her and tied Danielle’s hands in the bed headboard which she shouted with fury in her eyes.

“You’re crazy bastard!...You devil Marco! You're nothing but trash!”


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