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My New Organization #OFW48

I was planning to leave at once going to the Philippines for possible reconstruction on my part as a precaution for the future. I knew Danielle, she could make the world go round, if she wanted to, in the future. I had to be sure with my steps in securing all the things that belongs to me now; even my legal family.

I relayed my messages to the entire business outlets about Danielle’s resignation and ownership of the company. Edward called me up about his arrival at Dubai International Airport. I’m tired but I had to move.

“Edward wait for me I’m coming, okay?”

“Yes my friend, I’m excited to see you!”

“Me too!” We picked him up, brought to my flat and exchanging news to each other. Mike served us food and drinks.

“Where’s your assignments my friend?”

“In my suitcase, I’ll give it to you now?”

“Yes.” Edward handed me the folder which I put in my table. “I’ll read this tonight. And where’s my mangoes?”

“Of course in my baggage….. and some other food too.”

“Let’s go to Ronnie’s flat Edward…”

“What happened to your hand Marco?”

“An accident….forget it…let’s go!” Mike drove the car while we seated at the back of the car and went to Ronnie’s flat. Edward showed a little uneasiness of his action.

“What’s the matter with you?” I asked.

“Just….very excited to see my son.”

“Hold your emotions my friend.” We went upstairs to the second floor where the company’s accommodation was situated, knocked Ronnie’s door and a guy opened the door. We asked about Ronnie Ramirez, that he pointed the other double-deck bed. We saw him still sleeping that Edward touched his son’s hair, and woke him up slowly. Father and son hugged each other in front of us.

“How are you my son?” Edward said.

“Papa I’m fine…just living the way I am...,” Ronnie said.

“I’m here for you and at the same time for our business partnership.”

“Okay Papa….we have meeting for tomorrow.”

“Yes in Marco’s flat at Salahuddin Street..”

“I brought you some Filipino food, your favorite.”

“Thanks Papa, we’ll see tomorrow.”

“Okay son, bye for now.”Edward said to his son.

“Edward we’ll visit some places here in Dubai.” I said.

“Let’s go!”

We roamed around Dubai which Edward enjoyed a lot while we’re eating “shawarma,” “paratha bread” and “chicken tikka with green salad and yogurt. Three of us really enjoyed the day that we once shared. The friendship that blossomed for years cannot be ruined by anybody else known only for a day. We rested the whole night for the following day job.

Mike and some of the store staff prepared the meeting place, food and beverages. It was a pleasant day for us to start the day with energy and vigor. Edward, Mike and I seated in front of the long table, having our coffee waiting for the guests, and preparing our agenda of the meeting.

Vivian Montoya was the first to arrive that we greeted her instantly and thanked her. She’s the same woman I knew for sure, while looking at her. Edward too was looking at her with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Edward, this is Vivian Montoya, my friend.” I introduced her to Edward.

“Glad to meet you Vivian.” Edward said while holding her hand.

“Marco, I heard that you are busy with your business...can you hired me?”

“Oh…yes, that’s a part of our meeting today. Edward kindly talk to Vivian....I have something to prepare in advance, okay?’

“Yes Marco, I love it!”

Ten minutes had passed, Ronnie Ramirez, Ruel Mondragon, Joel Arevalo, and Arnold Castillano came in batch. Then, Ryan Mallari and Susan Magtoto arrived together. Mike received them with open arms as what I instructed.

I was sitting in a table browsing my folders, but I was observing them all for anything special about their attitudes. My staff selection was very stringent; just business knowledge, determination, behavior and performance.

Everybody was seated on their respective seats, that I started the meeting.

“Good morning everyone…first of all, I would like to introduce Mr. Edward Ramirez of Bacolod City as my new partner for this business. Some of you knew him; he’s the father of Ronnie Ramirez…. You know, all of you are my friends, one way or the other contributed to my stay here in the Emirates, especially Dubai… At present we have four manpower agencies and four fast food stores. With my knowledge I’ve got some information that International Restaurants are planning to invade the Emirates and Saudi Arabia through building up their stores in every streets of Dubai….. So, we are planning to open up more stores but with different food concepts; and that, we need employees like you to manage these stores….. I selected all of you for the higher positions with substantial salary and benefits, and I am giving percentage as commission if you reach your target sales. Are you with me for this development? Please raise your right hand if you want the offer….so that I can decide for the management positioning.”

Everyone raised their right hands that gave much delight to plans and development.

“Okay, great!.….Congratulate yourself and the whole group…please…” Their handshakes to each other give me a strength to go on with my goals.

“I know that some of you are working right now, and some of you have problems with employers. One by one…please, starting from the front…Mike you’re the first.” I said.

“My name is Mike Luna, my employer already approved my resignation and I’m waiting for my tickets and benefits. I think next week, I’ll be in the Philippines. Thank you!” Mike reported.

“I am Vivian Montoya, a TNT but I want to work with this new company and I need your help for my situation. Thank you.” Vivian said.

“Well, as you all know, I’m the son of Mr. Edward Ramirez and willing to be with this endeavor; I’m presently employed thank you,” Ronnie presented himself.

“I’m Joel Arevalo…also willing to work here…presently employed too.” Susan, Ruel, Arnold and Ryan introduced their employment status to the group.

“Now, each of you will receive my recommendation on how to transfer or resign from your employer. Be sure to do it as early as possible within this month, for me to apply for your visas. There are workers coming from the Philippines too. If you have any questions about this matter, report to me at once,” I said confidently.

Edward presented his assignment to the group and suggestions were absorbed to study further. I also, presented the planned concepts to the group for comments.

“My ideas for the concepts are pasta, pizza, grilled chicken, fried chicken, coffee shop, sandwiches, salads and beverages. We can devise mixed-concepts food stores within these categories into one, but with separate counters. What do you think - any suggestion?” I said.

“Yes we can do that Sir Marco, since we have our raw materials available here in the Emirates. I suggest that we can have a commissary and warehouse for this stuff for easy operations, distribution and selling.” Ronnie suggested.

“Very good Ronnie…. good suggestion…. .any suggestion?” Nobody answered. “Okay, for each of you, I assigned a position best-suited to all of you. Ronnie Ramirez will be our Operations Manager; Vivian Montoya will be our Area Manager, and Susan you’re in Accounting Department, three of you here in UAE Territory.

And, for Saudi Arabia; Operations Manager, Ryan Mallari, and Area Manager, Joel Arevalo. Arnold you’ll be with them in KSA in Accounting Department. The new company needs your brains, skills, knowledge and determination to succeed with your job. I’m giving you a monthly salary that fits with your work. By the way, Mike Luna will be my assistant…If I’m not around you can relay your concern to him. And, Edward will be my partner for this company. Any question?”

I gave my handshake to them all and hugged Edward. “Friend, I’m dreaming or not?” I whispered to Edward.

“Best friend, you’re the best!” Edward answered.

“Okay, let’s eat!”

The attendants served us the food and beverages. Edward also offered the food coming from the Philippines. We’re enjoying our food when I received a call from Danielle.

“You idiot…. why you did this to me!” She shouted in the phone.

“Excuse me people…I’ll answer this call…” I said to them while leaving the table. I went inside my room and answered her.

“Because you don’t respect gave your love to that crazy alien…for only three you’re asking me why?”


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