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Organizing My Empire #OFW45

I worked early in my office; lists all the people that I want to talk through the telephone, emails and personal meetings. I checked the stores productivity, revenues, expenses, and stocks for the last three months when I was on vacation. I called up Ayah Isabel first over the phone.

“Hello Ayah, how are you and the children?”

“I am fine Marco, and you?”

“Just a little headache, but I’m fine.”

“It’s early morning there…how’s Bryan and Donna?”

“They’re good…Bryan started to organize the people and checking the documents. By the way, Lina asked me to work with Bryan in Makati, so I accepted her on Bryan workforce.”

“Good my love…thank you for your leadership…how’s Lina? She’s still living in Imus, Cavite with her son?”

“Yes Marco…his son in high school now…but I think Lina has a suitor right now.”

“Actually I hired Mike as my assistant, I felt he’s still wanted to take Lina back? Just talk to Lina about it and I’m the one to make a move for them.”

“Tell Bryan to call me here in Dubai…I want to talk to him.”

“Okay Marc…I love you….take care always….”

“Love you too…give my kiss to all the kids.”

“I will Marc, bye.”

I made a strong instant coffee at the office kitchen and dialed Edward’s mobile number, “Hello, good morning Edward the King!.....Get up!”

“Good morning Marco…I’m still sleepy….you greedy-dragon-in-the….”

“Wash your face….you moron…”

“What’s up?”

“How’s your food business?.....By the way, where are you right now?...Bantayan Island or Bacolod Ciy?”

“Of course here in Bacolod….with my business.”

“Can you come here in Dubai this coming Thursday? We’ll organize the concept of our new business partnership….”

“I’m quite busy….but for sure, I’ll attend because this is the first time I can experience the “City of Dreams.” Kindly tell Ronnie that I’m coming…what you want me to bring?...Pinipig, latik, siopao, siomai…say it my friend…I’m excited!”

“Hey you crazy boar…don’t forget my mangoes…green and yellow…”

“That’s all?”

“And Bibingka....”

“Wheww…. great of you!”

“Seriously, I need some Filipino recipes that we can utilize with our food business. Also, bring samples of packaging materials from different manufacturing companies there in the Philippines….and don’t forget the costing of each. And, prepare a report about the Philippine food industry...the latest...”

“Okay Marco, I’ll do it starting today…too much assignment for me….”

“That’s good for you….you can do it….you crazy businessman!”

“Okay Marco, bye!”

“Bye Edward!” Before I resumed calling my father, I called Mike for our lunch which he suggested to be eaten in the office kitchen. “Mike how about a food delivery from our store in Al Riqqa?”

“Okay, I’ll call them.”

“Just call me here if the food’s ready okay?”

“Yes Marco.”

I dialed my father’s cell-phone number. “Papa good morning..... Still sleeping? How are you?”

“It’s you son, Marco, we’re fine….I’m waiting for your call.”

“I see ….where is Mama?"

“Still sleeping…I’ll wake her up?"

“No Papa…Kindly sends the list of our relatives who would like to work here in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. I’ll apply for them their visas, be sure they have complete documents especially passport. I’ll give you the person whom you have to submit in Bacolod City.”

“Okay son, I’ll do it as soon as possible.”

“Yes father please…if you cannot do it, tell Brother Manuel to help you.”

“Okay son Bye.”

I dialed Danielle’s mobile number but still she’s not answering it. I stood up and called Mike to come with me.

“Marco, our lunch is ready….where are we going?”

“Wrap it up…we’ll eat lunch in Jumeirah Beach house.”

“Okay just a minute…”

We traveled from Al Riqqa Road passed through the Clock Tower to Karama, turned to Dubai Ports going to Jumeirah Road. We hurriedly parked, open the door and call Danielle. Nobody’s answering that we knocked the door of her room which was locked. I tried to call her for the second time but still she’s not answering. “Mike, get something that we can open this door.” I ordered.

“Okay Marco.”

Mike gave me a hammer that I instantly banged the door knob and came inside. We saw Danielle’s sitting in bed reading pocket book without looking at us. “What happened to you huh,” I said in a loud voice. “What you want now?” She continued reading the pocket book without saying a word. I approached her and sat on the bed beside her.

“Danielle, I can’t go on with you when you’re behaving like this…please talk to me…” She looked at me with hatred in her eyes, then back again reading her book.

“Say it to me…what I’m going to do…please Danielle…”

“Leave me alone…alone!” She shouted at me.

“How can I leave you with your situation here?”

“I can manage by myself…”

“Are you telling me that you don’t love me anymore?” She didn’t answer: instead she stood up and went to the kitchen that I followed her.

“And why are you following me, you bastard!”

He shouted at me on my face that I slapped her face with force. She slumped on the kitchen sink, gets a knife and stabbed me; but I held her hand tightly and the knife dropped in the floor. My tempered got broiled, I clamped both palms on her neck which Mike suddenly released my hands to her. She choked running to her room and locked the door. I punched the tiled wall with my right hand that blood oozes instantly. Mike held my hand, got his handkerchief and tied it.

“Marco, let’s go to the hospital…quick!”

We went to the car while Mike holding my hand and told me to carry with my left hand. He drove going to the nearest hospital and admit me to the emergency section. I was treated but luckily there was no bone fracture that I was released at once. We went to the Jumeirah Beach to clear my mind and shouted at the shore while releasing he pain. The hurt that I felt was relived with the help of the sea breeze that touched my face and heart. Mike approached me in the shore coming from the car. He extended his hands to my shoulder and comforted me.

“Mike…sorry…” I said.

“No problem Pareng Marco…. Still here for you.”

“Mike you have to resign in your job and I’ll process your papers back here in Dubai. Are you willing to have a vacation in the Philippines?”

“Yes Marco I’ll submit my resignation tomorrow.”

“Okay then, let’s go…let’s have our lunch…you like pizza?”

“Anything Marc….”

“Let’s drive to the Pizza Hut store in Jumeirah-Satwa Road…come…” Again, Mike drove the car going to Pizza Hut store. We ordered a whole Pepperoni pizza, salads and cola. Both of us ate hastily that I ordered another whole Hawaiian pizza.

“Mike your wife is working with the manpower agency in Makati, Ayah hired her.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes trust me…I talked to Ayah this morning.”

“How is she?”

“Of course she’s back to her form again…sexy and single. Why, are you still interested with her?”

“We have a son remember, how’s my son?”

“Your son’s studying in high school…why your son, you’re not providing them.”

“Sorry Marc, but this time I have to talk to Lina about this…when I’m going to the Philippines for vacation.”

“Good…try to return to her because she has a suitor right now.”

“Thank you Marc.”

“You want something more?”

“I’m full Marco.”

“Okay let’s go to Al Riqqa….in my office.”


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  1. I want to know the next turn of events when he visits the Philippines.

  2. This is a nice one that you wrote. I would love to read more of this story :)

  3. What is empire in this episode? Is it about family, relationship or work?

  4. Are food businesses still booming in Bacolod? I have a friend there who said that mainly those who serve chickens in restaurants are really doing well.

  5. Awesome writing. The place is in this photos are cozy. The pizza huy store in this photo is very dirrefent here in the Philippines :)

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  8. In seems a quite turn of events - can't wait for the next one.

  9. Amazing writing style you have,it's been great to read your stories.

  10. I really sympathize with Danielle. I find it so hard understanding Marco, really.

  11. As a foodie, it's so nice to read through a lot of the exchanges involving food. :D Anyway, I'm interested to know how things will turn out for Mike and Lina, when they finally meet again!

  12. I hope Danielle is okay.Why did he have to slap her? A violent temper is emerging?

  13. Nice, I enjoyed it. Thanks!

  14. Woah I was surprised at the sudden violence there in the part with Danielle.

  15. I find Marco's move about bringing all their relatives to Dubai for job opportunities as relevant to Filipino culture. We're really like that, we would want to help our relatives and give them better opportunities to earn more and provide for their families.

  16. such a good story to return to, reminds me of my friends, i can relate because i'm an OFW also

  17. Looks like Danielle is starting to have her own life away from Marco.

  18. Danielle is still acting like a b!tch.. But anyway, what will happen in the Philippines? Hmmm...

  19. I wonder why Ayah doesn't visit Marco in Dubai considering Marco is well off now.

  20. this is a nice story about the lives of OFWs, you will definitely touch the hearts of readers who can relate

  21. That's quite an interesting plot. When will be the first chapter release? I would love to read it from the start ;)

  22. This is a good story of an OFW because what we normally see is that the OFW serving their foreign bosses and not creating a business and a job to fellow Filipinos in the foreign land.

  23. Marco has really gone a long way in expanding his empire.

  24. Ohh that Pizza - looks really great, haha! I actually like to taste it too lol!

  25. A filipino restaurant is a hit wherever you put it up abroad, i can say only from my experience

  26. Being far from home is really difficult but constant communication somehow eases the homesickness.

  27. Human life is really complicated, more so if we make decisions that affect others.

  28. Your stories always make me want to look forward for more! And this is another great piece :)

  29. Aw I love how caring and sweet Marco and Ayah is with each other. :)


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