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The Break-Up: An Encounter With Danielle Gustilo #OFW49

The attendants served us the food and beverages. Edward also offered the food coming from the Philippines. We’re enjoying our food when I received a call from Danielle.

“You idiot…. why you did this to me!” She shouted in the phone.

“Excuse me people…I’ll answer this call…” I said to them while leaving the table. I went inside my room and answered her.

“Because you don’t respect gave your love to that crazy alien...for only three months, now you’re asking me why?”

“I can’t believe you can do it in front of him!” Danielle shouted at the other end.

“And why are mine alone Danielle..if you don’t want my love for you, then it’s better that way...Roger will remember always. Oh…by the way, that Roger cannot love you anymore…you know why?.....his body is for rent to any woman..…Talk to me in a civil way and I’ll give you an appointment...” Silence at the other end of the line. “You want to talk to me..come to my flat tomorrow 9 in the morning...I’m waiting for you.” I closed my mobile phone and returned to the table.“How are you doing people?”

“We’re enjoying Marco” Mike answered.

“Mike I want to talk to you…” I said. I instructed Mike to purchased video recorder and tape recorder to be positioned in the furniture, paintings and indoor plants for my actual meeting with Danielle. I assigned Mike to assist me in positioning Danielle when she arrived inside the flat.

“Yes Marc I’ll do it after this event.”

I observed that Edward and Vivian were talking to each other intimately that I approached them.

“You two are very sweet…and why?” I teased them.

“Marc, I’m still single you know…”

“Vivian, where are you staying right now? Same place in Al Riqqa?”

“Yes Marco.”

“Can we visit you.. ..I mean with Edward?”

She smiled simultaneously held my hands. “Of course my friend!”

I talked separately with Ryan Mallari about his new participation with my new business endeavor. He also promised me to work hard for his new appointment as Operations Manager in Saudi Arabia.

Edward, Mike and I slept together in my room which we enjoyed chatting each other the whole night planning for the new organization. We even touched the subject about the organization in the Philippines territory. I suggested to Edward that the Philippine business environment was conducive with our food concepts in mind and to be unified in one management system.

Edward proposed a partnership of his food business in the Philippines which he gave me the authority to study and pushed forward if the business was favorable. “Edward I will do that after materializing the business here in the Middle East. You know, I’m planning also to apply the international system of franchising, how about that?”

“Yes that’s great Marco.”

“What’s my role Marco?” Mike asked.

“I have a position in my mind for you, just wait my friend.” I said smiling.

“Okay.” Mike’s smiling while embracing me.

We woke up the next day feeling energized in pursuing our plans, but I had to face Danielle first before anything else. It must be solved as early as possible to put forward with my plans. I personally checked the recorders position, visualized the event in advance and comfortably conditioned my focus for the meeting. Around eight thirty in the morning, Danielle arrived, parked in the parking area and disembarked. She’s alone and slowly walked upstairs. Mike met her at the door and frisked her body and inspected her shoulder bag.

“You truly a bastard!” Danielle suddenly slapped Mike in the face twice. “You have the guts...devil!” Mike accepted it and didn’t say a word. She went inside, looked at me standing at the back of the sofa and walked towards me.

“Welcome are you today...still angry with me?” I began the conversation.

“What do you expect for what you’ve done to me Marco?”

“I expect you to behave..and don’t make a scene here. Besides, I have plan for you…if you’ll be with my suggestions…fair for you?” She looked at me into my eyes which I did the same to her. “Honestly, I don’t like the way you looked at me.”

“And why?”

“It seems that you are against…. for what I want to tell you.”

“Are you expecting me to follow what you wanted me to do?”

“Right Danielle…agreed?”


“First, I would like to know what you want from me, and then I can decide what’s best for you.”

“You always use your poisonous caprices when dealing with me?”

“That’s what you’re thinking since we met in Bacolod City?”

“That’s what your character showed...your intention to me...”

‘What do you expect then? Before answering…have a seat…would you care for a cup of coffee or breakfast?”

“No I can manage.” She seated in a sofa where I positioned in front of her.

“I expect you to love me.”

“Listen, we agreed about this matter and I submitted myself to you here in Dubai. I gave you what we agreed upon, another child for us..I..I followed our agreement love blossomed for you but I can give only here in Dubai. I took my vacation for three months and what you’ve changed it all by loving Roger, that you gave yourself to him!”

“Yes I got what I wanted for you, two children and that’s enough...Because you cannot marry me...Roger can give everything I wanted in life!”

“That’s what you think! She’s using you to put forward his ambitions, you know that?”

“As what you’ve done to me Marco?”

“I married Ayah Isabel because I wanted to live my life with my own energy..coming from my own..but you tried to capture me, isn’t it?”

“Wrong Marco! I want to have children from you.”

“And why you’re doing this to me?”

“As part of my plan for you all the means to fight back...making you as a monster instead of a loving husband..baiting you you can afford to do….”

I suddenly grabbed her that Edward held me tightly while Mike secured all the doors. I calmed down and asked for a cup of strong coffee. She sat motionless looking at me.

“Thank you Edward, you are intelligent than him.” She said degrading me. I controlled my temper to go on with her ploy, I thought. “Okay I’m not intelligent but I have the guts to accept your challenge.”

“You hated Roger Ferrer because you’re nothing compared to him!”

‘Huh…that son of alien…you’re comparing me to him? You’re nuts Danielle!”

“You’ve got all my wealth but its okay for me. As long as I’m your back Marco..I’m with you wherever you go...remember this always.” She stood starting to leave but faced us instead. “Edward…Mike…thank you for helping him grew like a monster…deep inside of him.” She walked towards the door, “Mike opens the door please…” She went outside laughing until she disappeared.

I asked Edward and Mike to accompany me to my resident legal attorney for the transfer of all business entities to my name, visas for my manpower requirements and other important things with regards to business and employment.

“Mike I’ll make a list of what you’re going to do while I’m away. I have to go to the Philippines for my children…..Edward you come with me or stay here for the meantime?”

“Marco, I’ll stay here with Mike in starting with our business plans.”

“Okay then..has to prepare for my travel.”

I traveled alone going to the Philippines with my mind centered on Danielle and the things I want to do.


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  1. All the mixed emotions of love,betrayal and heartbreak have been put forward in this one.. I am eager to see what happens next with Daniel and Marco

  2. I am reminded by the thought on what has man get when he gains the whole world but losses his soul. I guess that's what happened to Marco here already.

  3. Is this non-fiction? That's too much drama for one person's lifetime if it is. :)

  4. Poor you. you have said what you wanted to say to Danielle. Seems a good story to follow.

  5. #OFW49? It means that I've missed 48 chapter~ nice story, I wondered what will happen to them..


  6. Really nice post. I am loving the pictures. It looks great story.

  7. What is Marco going to do with the recordings? Oh dear...

  8. Confrontation kind of fights are not my thing. I won't know how to handle the situation if I were Danielle.

  9. wow! It's a good story to follow :D Non-fiction? Really love it

  10. @Rochkirstin Santos I am also wondering that if I was in the place of Danielle then what should I do, intersting one, i am exited for the next part

  11. And so the tale continues, but such drama in this chapter! I wonder what will happen in the Philippines??

  12. @Rochkirstin Santos I am also wondering that if I was in the place of Danielle then what should I do, intersting one, i am exited for the next part


  13. I really admire you sir, you are truly a gifted writer. If only I knew earlier that this site is less than a year old. Any way, I'm sure you'll make it as one of the Top 5 for this years Top 5 Emerging Influential Blog.

  14. This looks like a story of intrigue and definitely something that I can never write. Hats off.

  15. I always wonder what makes men stick to one woman and suffer when she kind of betrays them, when there are millions of other decent women out there, feeling lonely, in desperate need of attention, but not getting it. Does it mean men like to suffer and run after bad girls? I don't mean Danielle is that bad but to me her behavior is kind of betrayal.

  16. Ever wanted to make your stories into scripts and films? You should try that sometime! Looking forward to your next chapter!

  17. Relationships are complicated and without trust and respect, they fail. It's probably the end of the road for Marco and Danielle.

  18. Is this chapter 49? wow I've missed 48 chapters then ><~ But good story you have there :D

  19. Amazing script and writing. I can't wait to see the next chapter

  20. Ouch. I wonder if this was based on real life experience? Great story. :)

  21. Are you going to put this in a book format? Sounds like a great novel to me.

  22. A non-fiction? I guess I missed some chapters. This is a good story and will be waiting for the next chapter.

    Ashley xx

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  27. You are gifted. Thanks for sharing a piece of your work to us. :)


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