Friday, August 15, 2014

The Evil Within Me #OFW47

You’re crazy bastard!...You devil Marco! You’re nothing but trash!”

The evil within me started to rise which I knew I was feeding when I needed it. This time, was the proper time for me to release these evils that wanted to explore within me. My mind centered only to the jealousy that I felt with this man that befriended me; and snatched my everlasting possession without knowing who the hell I was in the life of this devil woman.

I stood up and looked for Roger that I felt my bloody soul was soaring high to eat him alive. But I want them to felt the way I wanted them to be, that for a long time, they will not forget it. I walked toward Roger Ferrer; my clinched fist fall into his face and the rest all over his body. I made a remarkable evil deed to his naked body in front of Danielle, while Mike filming the event. An event in which the two of them will never forget.

“Danielle…look at him...this is what you want from him!!” I shouted to her pointing to Roger’s male organ.

“You are a crazy devil!!” Danielle answered back.

“Danielle looks very like it or not! I'll keep this video for future use...!!”

“Marco….please…I’m sorry…I didn’t know about your relation with Danielle…I thought she’s single…that’s the truth Marco..please…” Roger begging for me. I continued punching him, “Not bad huh Roger…” Still whispering into his ear.

Mike continued recording the video with Roger, as what I ordered.

“Since both of you are in love with each other I wanted you both to be together, but I want the actual lovemaking be recorded. Are you approved of my idea Danielle...Roger?”

“Marco, why are you doing this to me?” Danielle asked.

“Because you broke my heart in two and you are not the woman for our two children. You have no rights for bitch!”

“I gave you everything....what more do you want?”

“I want you to love be with me always...not for anybody broke my heart loving this man!”

“But you have a family Marco…I don’t have a man to marry’s only Roger who offered it to me!”

“No you are mine alone!”

“I’m recording this moment for our children to know what their mother’s doing here in Dubai!”

“Mike, take Roger to the bed together with Danielle.” I ordered. “Danielle, since you made a mistake in loving this man…and you want to leave me…this is the prize I’ll give to both of you!” I sat beside Danielle and whispered into her ear. “What can you say, do you like it? It’s better this way than having Roger alone.”

She only looked at me with fury and she really knew what I meant.

“Yes…you’re the mother of my children; that was before, but now, I don’t respect you anymore because you’re not respecting me when you keep your relationship while I’m away……and you have no right for the children because you’re trash!.... If you want to talk to me, call me personally. And, by the way, don’t ever report this to authority,” I said to her seriously.

I walked towards Roger and said with vengeance, “Don’t ever report this to authority or anybody else, what happened tonight is nothing for you because that’s what you’re doing in Manila...a male prostitute!..... and I don’t want to know that you are seeing each other in the future. Understood?”

“Mike, put on Roger’s clothes and we’ll take him outside....get the documents in the car and come back here.” I ordered Mike.

Mike did what I told him to do, brought Roger inside the car and the documents to me. I untied Danielle’s hands, kissed on her lips, and embraced her tightly. “Now...sign these papers..,” She signed the papers while crying. “You know where you can find me,” I whispered into her ear.

Ryan’s waiting for us in the parking place as a look out while we went outside the house. We left the place going to Salahuddin Road, brought Roger Ferrer inside my flat and talk to him.

“So, how’s the show Roger? Maybe you’re surprised why it’s like this? Are you aware that she’s my wife here in Dubai?”

“No Marco, I didn’t know about it, even Ryan Mallari can attest to that...”

“I want you to keep distance with her starting this moment...yallah go!” I shouted. “Mike accompany him near his flat in Al Fahidi...dropped him there and be careful with the police.” As I sat alone in my bed, I thought that I could do evil things beyond my imagination. Unlike in the past, I was ravaged by other people’s whims and caprices. I had my own way in spinning my world as what I wanted to in the future.


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  1. Marco is evil. I hope that he pays for what he did to Danielle and Roger here.

  2. Isn't Dubai strict with domestic partnership? The characters are all at risk because of their involvement.

  3. Wait. Is this fiction? or did this really happen in real life? Because I want to know what happens next.

  4. Male prostitutes are not a common sight, at least to my knowledge. Tsk tsk that's really one serious fighting.

  5. If the parent is not taking care of the children and does not show concern for the longest time, I agree that he has no right for them.

  6. Marco is sick! He deserves what Danielle has done to him. I hope in the end she and her children will be free of him for good.

  7. A catchy title, and indeed Marco is such an evil person.

  8. I think that even Marco was afraid of himself there. Like part of him is in shock at what he is actually capable of doing in anger.

  9. Jealousy. is not being controlled becomes dangerous and it can kill. It turns anyone into an evil. Experience has told. us so.

  10. The second photo scared me. I don`t like watching and reading scary things. I apologize but I really can`t. It bothers me. I`ll look around you site.

  11. I wonder what would happen next, the story becomes more interesting.

  12. I hope justice will be served here as Marco has gone overboard.

  13. I am surprised the way Marco's brain works that he did not decide to eliminate the two immediately. I feel he's such an ambitious and selfish person that if somebody wronged him, they're gone from this world (literally!).

    1. I'm also rooting for Danielle and hope she finds true love and happiness she deserves! Unfortunately she and Marco have children together so it's hard for them to completely let go if each other.

  14. This kind of situation is very common these days. It is so sad to know that there are so many marriage and relationships ended up to separation when one partner leaves for work abroad. The scary part is the result of betrayal. I can personally relate to the story.

  15. OMEGED! I hate it when someone you love and trust betrays you.

  16. I like how the dark storyline reveals such intense betrayal. Definitely sticking around for the continuation!

  17. The story is becoming more intense and like life, is getting very complicated.


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