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Behind The Scene Of The OFW Story At UNTV37 #OFWStory

Behind The Scene Of The OFW Story At UNTV37 #OFWStory

I was invited by Ms Wylla Soriano of UNTV37 to appear in THE OFW STORY Show hosted by Commissioner Wilhelm Soriano, to be aired on Friday at 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening.

I accepted the invitation to share to all OFWs around the world about Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life novel concept which relates with my experiences while working in Dubai City, some OFWs stories and the core message of the novel, family relationship.

Hoping that the book will be on the market first quarter of next year 2015.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

In The Wilderness Of The Desert #OFW51

“Yes and I’m planning to retain Mike. Edward kindly contact Bryan or Ayah Isabel for the documents of the applicants to be processed here. By the way, Ayah Isabel now is the new President of my organization in the Philippines together with Bryan.”

“Marco, Mike I’m going ahead, I have to check-up all the stores today…bye!”

“Okay Edward bye!

“Marco we’re going somewhere?” Mike asked.

“Yes….want to meet Danielle….let’s go Mike!” After lunch, Mike and I roamed around Dubai City observing other food businesses that were being constructed inside the new Shopping Mall. Some new businesses built their wares for the new ways of selling in the vicinity of the mall. New trends which captured the buying public to purchase in air-conditioned shops housed in one roof.

Around six in the evening, we went to Jumeirah Beach in Danielle’s house for a start. We observed the house surroundings and I went to open the door with my duplicate key, but it didn’t fit. She changed the door knob key, I thought. I hastily went to the parked car and Mike drove towards the city center when I spotted Danielle driving her car. I told Mike to follow her.

We were following her through the city center up to Dubai-Sharjah Road, then to Al Wahda Street. Still, we followed her through the Sharjah-Ajman boundary when she suddenly stopped in the roadside of the highway. We halted within five meters from her car, which we viewed another two cars following us and stopped on our rear. Four men were approaching us, not Filipinos, but other nationalities with fair skins. They grabbed us inside the car, blindfolded and brought to another car and drove towards the barren land. They tied our hands and feet and traveled for a long hours when the car stopped. I observed that we’re transferred to a wooden sledge, where our destiny was vague. For more than another long hour; the sledge halted, dropped us without taking our blindfold. The sledge went away and the deafening silence ensued.

“Mike are you alright?” I asked in a low voice.

“Yes Marco I’m here.”

“Come…take my blindfold with your teeth….”

“Okay Marco.” Mike used his teeth to loosen-up my blindfold that I shake my head and it fall on my shoulder. It’s completely dark….really dark.

“Mike come again...tried to do the same thing for my hand...hurry”

“Okay Marc.”

He lay down behind my back to loosen-up again the nylon cord that tied my hands and feet. Mike really had a hard time loosening up but I encouraged him not to stop. Really he tried his best that it gave a positive result.. When my hands were free I took Mike’s blindfold and untied his hands and feet. We held each other arms not to separate each other. We groped into the darkness of the night until I bumped into a tree.

“Mike we’ll stay here until morning...come closer to me...don’t separate from me.”

“Yes Marco…I’m here.”

We tried to sleep but we can’t so, we talked to each other analyzing our present situation.

“Marco do you think Danielle’s behind this?”

“Yes I’m sure saw her in the car isn’t it?”

“What about Roger Ferrer?”

“We’ll find that out...but for now, try to think something positive.”

“Marco where are we now?”

“Since we followed Danielle up to Sharjah-Ajman boundary, it means we are in the middle of wilderness, away from the main road.”

“Do you have your mobile phone?”

“Yes I kept inside my underwear together with my wallet.”

“Thank're so clever...”

“Before my wallet’s a blessing too when we’re running from a killer in Barrio Tuyom, that’s why I always have it handy in case of emergency. We’ll stay here until morning, so that we can analyze the situation when the daylight comes. Then, I’ll call Edward.”

“Good Marco…fine….”

We slept without knowing it that when we woke up, the scorching heat of the sun had a moderate effect on my skin. I dialed Edward’s mobile phone number. “Edward, where are you?”

“Good morning Marco, how are you my friend?”

“Edward…please hurry up…pick us up here in the Sharjah-Ajman road...of course, boundary of Sharjah and Ajman. Bring us water, food and two mobile phones fully charged. Ronnie’s with you?"

“Yes Marco….and why bringing these items?’

“I’ll tell you later….hurry up Edward….we’re on the wilderness, we don' know this place…use your phone in locating us…okay?”

“Okay Marco…I’m coming now, wait for me!”

“Always keep your mobile phone open!”


We waited for Edward while continued searching the right path towards the main road. I used my knowledge about what I've learned from my R.O.T.C. – a military course during my college days. We followed the tracks of the wooden sledge and at the same time calling Edward on the phone. I thought of minimizing my calls to preserve my battery. We spotted two men riding in camels and approached them with care.

“Saddique wen inta?” I asked in Arabic but they didn’t answer. “Fi muskila ya saddique?” I continued asking them.

The two Arabic men wearing an Egyptian-like clothing went down, jumped and grabbed on us. We fought manually with our skills in combat training but they’re physically big and powerful. We’re subdued and hog-tied behind the camel’s back. They brought us to the little shack house and plunged on the sand dunes. My body was aching that I conditioned my mind to eradicate hardships, but allowing into my system as a blessing from the Almighty. I saw Mike’s really hurt by our situation, but he too, was trying to survive the ordeal.

The two men left us tied in a different wooden plank connected to a boulder. I’m getting thirsty and hungry while the time passed by without any rescue coming from Edward. It’s getting dark, hoping and praying for him to find us. I still believed that he’ll find a way to rescue us.

My hopes were getting thinner and vague; while my patience was eating me up... waiting for Edward. I tried my very best to loosen-up the rope on my hands and feet, but it never gave a positive result.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Digital Influencers Summit: A Learning Experience #OFW #10emergingblogs2014 #dimsummit

I submitted my Blogonovela OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER (OFW): THE GAME OF LIFE blog to Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 writing project of Ms. Janette Toral. And, last September 13, 2014, I was invited to attend the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit at SMX Convention hoping that my blog will be at the Top 10. Guest speakers spread their topics to the audience with vigor and enthusiasm. I was overwhelmed with my new found knowledge that I even formed in my mind instantly a project to be undertaken at the end of this year. I never thought that I was on my new path of learning something vital for my online endeavors.

Before, my knowledge about the concept of marketing is only a process where you market your product and services. It also to define what product and services may be interest to the customers. Marketing is the basic pillar where a business organization can promote their business and sell their products and brings more and more customers for long term relationships.

Until the knowledge I acquired while listening to all the speakers of Digital Influencers Summit, conformed that there’s more to it than just marketing your product and services. Internet marketing plays a pivotal role in leveling-up companies to change from conventional ways to a more modern approach.

It is because internet is very popular today and everyone wants to publicize with internet.

According to a survey, millions of the user will use internet in upcoming days, and business can reach to the people with no time and its cost effective solution to reach to the customers easily. Internet marketing, the name stands where people can market their products and services through internet, that includes advertisements and creating website, and many other things. Creating a website of your brand name is the best example of internet marketing. But only website is not sufficient. You need to do self-promotions and self-marketing of your website, so that it become visible to the number of internet users, which helps in the growth of your business. Because number of people can visit your website which increase the popularity of the business through internet marketing.

Internet marketing aims, that making your website visible instantly to those who search for the product. It has become an integral part of marketing strategies, and business owners cannot afford to ignore. It does not require heavy investment, but the demand for the thoughts in terms of marketing savvy. The medium of the Internet offers great opportunities to spread its wings of business and helps in the formation of excellent ideas. There are lots and lots of Internet marketing tips available on the Internet. However, there are only a few items that will let you know the basic ingredients and the essence of these tips.

Individuals or team involved in internet marketing should have a lot of fun and camaraderie pats on the back inside. Stylish ideas will work well if people have a strong belief in their action plan. Most people tend to think that marketing is simple and claims to be a white-collar work. However, this perception is not whether to start working with a real marketing team.

The first and most important is to have the zeal and passion in the market, the best ideas nationwide, the whole region of the Southeast Asian Nation and the whole world. Conquering these areas can be of great help in spreading the Filipino culture entwined to its concept of marketing. The leadership in the internet marketing must be captured by Filipinos in the future.

So, it is always important to have renewed vigor in the process of thought when it comes to Internet marketing strategies and ideas. If you work as a team, which certainly requires talented face to lead the team. The leader must be a firm believer and should influence your teammates. The leader must provide the motivation to work better and more efficient.

The fact is meant here is to create a brand for the product. It is very important to develop Internet marketing strategies that will create a brand name rather than focusing on the sales alone. If you are successful in creating brand names, are more likely to return to sites to buy their products. Therefore, the branding should be a part of their Internet marketing strategies.

Likewise, I would like to extend my congratulations to all the winners as Influential Blogs 2014:

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Dateline Movies

Thanking Ms Janettte Toral for the opportunities that she extended to me.

Author: Janette Toral

Meet The Sponsors Of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2014 Writing Project

With their constant support every year, the following sponsors are helping bloggers uplift their understanding in the internet world.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Organizing My Dreams In the Philippines #OFW50

I asked Edward and Mike to accompany me to my resident legal attorney for the transfer of all business entities to my name, visas for my manpower requirements and other important things with regards to business and employment.

“Mike I’ll make a list of what you’re going to do while I’m away. I have to go to the Philippines for my children…..Edward you come with me or stay here for the meantime?”

“Marco, I’ll stay here with Mike in starting with our business plans.”

“Okay then….has to prepare for my travel.”

I traveled alone going to the Philippines with my mind centered on Danielle and the things I want to do. It was in the year 1994 of January, when I went back to the Philippines for emergency purposes. I directly went to manpower agency in Makati City, hoping that I could organized myself for any changes that I want to do with my family. Even the business status, changes should be made for security reasons.

Bryan and I made schematic plans for the manpower business that it should be centralized the management, that only Bryan Gonzales had the thorough knowledge of all transactions and the approvals. I also advised him of the thorough screening of applicants for specific job requirements of all companies, local and abroad. The most important thing I relayed to Bryan was about Danielle’s on-going crusade of taking revenge.

“Marco, I understand your situation and the business…I’ll take all the precautions. By the way, my sister... Ayah Isabel told me that she wanted to work with me?”

“I’ll talk to her about this matter. Kindly find the best place for us here inside Metro Manila, be it condominium or me at once, okay Bryan?”

"Yes Marco.”

I called Ayah Isabel about my plan to transfer in Metro Manila.

“Marco a lot of things to be ironed-out when we have to transfer right now…in fact they’re doing well with their studies here. Anne’s getting active with her activities, even Kent...”

“We’ll talk that out when I finish something in Bacolod City.”

“What something Marco?”

“Just business dealings..”

“Okay…bye I love you!”

"Love you too…bye!” I hastily traveled going to Bacolod City where I met Larry Ramirez first before visiting Marco Junior and Shaira Rose, my children with Danielle. I dialed Marco Junior’s mobile phone number but it’s closed; and hurriedly hailed a taxi cab going to Governor Gustilo’s house. I asked the security guard about Mr. Gustilo but he answered that I am not allowed to enter the house. I profusely angered myself at once, but I had no choice. I checked the children’s school and the same answered I’ve got from the security guard. This was the moment that I realized Danielle’s warning and the consequences I made out of gaining my own wrongdoings.

I went to back to Bacoor, Cavite to talk with Ayah Isabel about the danger I was getting into with the Gustilo’s family; but I didn’t divulged that I have two children with Danielle. “Ayah please listen to me...we need to transfer you in Metro Manila. I talked to Bryan to find you a new house or condominium. We’ll wait for him this evening, okay?” I telephoned Bryan asking if he found a new house for us.

“Marco I found a safe condominium for you, really secured and accessible to the children’s schooling.”

“Okay then, I’ll meet with the condominium office tomorrow and any news about the manpower operations?”

“I can manage to solve this itchy-bitchy problem here.”

“You installed security gadgets to all our manpower offices?’

"Yes Marco and I met all the security guards who are assigned to our offices, also I called up the Homeland Security Guards office for some instructions on our side.”

“Great of you..! Thank you! We’ll talk when you come home….be home early, okay?’

“Okay Marco.”

Ayah Isabel cooked dinner for us while I was having a time for my five children. “Anne, you’re on the freshman in high school, right?”

“Yes Daddy and I really having my best time to study well with Kent.” Anne said.

‘Yes Daddy, Anne taught me some interesting subject everyday, but I’m studying well too, because next year, I’m in high school.” Kent said.

“How about the three of you…. Philip, Robert, Christine?” I kissed them one by one.

“Daddy, I’m on the fifth grade, Robert’s on the fourth grade and Christine’s…third grade” Philip answered.

“Great!” I said. “Okay, all of you...wash your hands now and we’re going to eat…go..go..”

The housemaids got their respective child for washing hands and positioned them on the dining table. Ayah served the food together with the kitchen helpers and arranged at the table. We ate together with the children, that I experienced different bonding with them, than my children with Danielle. Still I was wondering where Marco Junior and Shaira Rose went. After eating, the children studied their lessons while I talked with Ayah and Bryan.

“Ayah, Bryan told me that he found a secured place for you and the children. I have to talk to them tomorrow. You want to work Ayah, together with Bryan?”

“Yes if you allow me….we’ll find somebody who can attend to the house and the children. I suggest that we can hire somebody from your relatives in Hinigaran...if you want to..”

“I’ll do that Ayah and you can learn the business as well.”

“Bryan, did Papa called you about the recruitment in Hinigaran?” I asked.

“Yes Marco, he sent at least fifty applications the other day.”Bryan said.

“Check if my brothers’ resumes are included, we can get them in the house jobs for the meantime.”

“Ayah Isabel…are you taking pills?”

‘Yes Marco….that’s enough for us..five children...why?” Ayah’s surprised.

“Nothing...I thought you’re pregnant....can we add another tonight?”

“Shhhhh…. I’ve got a lot of things to do tomorrow.”

‘Okay then...”

“I'd like to sleep with the children tonight.”

“Yes that’s a good idea Marco.”

The next day Bryan and I went to the condominium unit in Global City where I finalized the transaction of our new abode. It’s a ready-to-occupancy unit wherein we can transfer at once. I called my father in Hinigaran about the 50 applicants, who are willing to work abroad.

“Papa good morning; how’s everything there in Hinigaran?”

“We are fine here my son; I’m finalizing the 50 applicants to be sent to you.”

“Papa we’re transferring our residence in condominium at Global City, Taguig and our house in Bacoor, Cavite are for my brothers and the applicants. Manuel and Eduardo are applying too?”

“Yes Marco..they’re interested…”

“Papa please send Manuel, Eduardo and eight of the applicants to Manila now. Bryan will be the one in-charge for them at the port. I’ll send money to you through your account. Okay Papa?”

“Yes Marco, expect them for a couple of days.”

“Bye Papa….take care Mama always…..bye!”

I closed my conversation with my father, hoping that he was proud of me being his ambitious son. He knew me when I was on my growing years in Hinigaran – a meek and weak child with intelligent mind.

I personally organized our transfer in the condominium; bought the furniture, beddings, cabinets, household equipments, food and other vital things inside the condominium. Also, I installed security accessories and gadgets all over our place. It’s been a tiring job when for all of us, but because of the dangers, I anticipated it in advance. Daily, I met Bryan, Ayah and the children for their system of living in which they agreed for whatever way they can survive.

I hired tutors for my five children in which they were schooled inside their learning rooms; doing different activities, in which they can learn, their elementary and secondary education, fully authorized by the Department of Education. Their escorts were selected by me personally, came from prestigious organization ran by a former American CIA agent. Their regulations and my suggested systems were combined to form the core of our objectives through the children living conditions.

I taught Ayah Isabel about the manpower business, food industry management and even self-defense. She deliberately acquired such skills in a natural way that she’s willing to pursue to learn more about other combat techniques. I was surprised how she shifted her heart from a loving mother to a modern-day woman.

Bryan organized the ten applicants coming from Hinigaran, in which Manuel and Eduardo were separated from the group. They were housed in Bacoor, Cavite from our old house. I personally tackled the teaching of my two brothers in which I assigned them as the heads of the condominium and business organization. They met some hardship but in the end, they’re skilled enough to proceed with their assignments.

For the past two months, I devoted myself in organizing people, my family and businesses in which they can be employed with their way of living in the Philippines. Ayah, Bryan, Manuel, Eduardo and Lina got hold of their footings in my organization. I observed secretly their devotions and loyalty to me in which they didn’t know about it and another thing that they didn’t know about was Danielle’s children; Marco Junior and Shaira Rose.

Daily, Edward reported to me about the Dubai operations and other important points to be taken care of.

All of them were taught and learned on how to be smart, ready and always secured with their daily undertakings while forwarding the development of my organization. The most important one was about Danielle and former Governor Benjamin Gustilo; their images were entwined on my mind. When I was fully satisfied for what I envisioned upon with them; I went back to Dubai to continue with our plans forgetting Marco Junior and Shaira Rose for a moment.

I took my whole day rest when I arrived in my flat where Mike reported some other news that interested me, about Roger and Danielle. We talked personally over a bottle of tequila, beef appetizers and fresh tomato salsa with green mangoes.

“Marc, Roger still working there but he’s affiliated for a new group while Danielle was very clever enough to stay away from the crowd….”

“Good Mike.”

“How’s the Philippines Marco?”

“I personally changed some important aspects.”

“Marco some of our recruited managers are ready to exit for us to process them.”

“Who are they?”

“All of us; including me...”

“Mike can we process them first….I need you here..” Edward suddenly appeared; hurriedly hand-in to me a sealed brown envelope.

“Marco…this is addressed to you….”

“Thank you Edward I’ll open it later. How are you doing here my friend?”

“Fine, learning the trade here in Dubai environment and bonding with my son Ronnie. Did Mike tell you about our selected managers?”

“Yes and I’m planning to retain Mike. Edward kindly contact Bryan or Ayah Isabel for the documents of the applicants to be processed here. By the way, Ayah Isabel now is the new President of my organization in the Philippines together with Bryan.”

“Marco, Mike I’m going ahead, I have to check-up all the stores today…bye!”

“Okay Edward bye!

“Marco we’re going somewhere?” Mike asked.

“Yes….want to meet Danielle….let’s go Mike!”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.

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