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In The Wilderness Of The Desert #OFW51

“Yes and I’m planning to retain Mike. Edward kindly contact Bryan or Ayah Isabel for the documents of the applicants to be processed here. By the way, Ayah Isabel now is the new President of my organization in the Philippines together with Bryan.”

“Marco, Mike I’m going ahead, I have to check-up all the stores today…bye!”

“Okay Edward bye!

“Marco we’re going somewhere?” Mike asked.

“Yes….want to meet Danielle….let’s go Mike!” After lunch, Mike and I roamed around Dubai City observing other food businesses that were being constructed inside the new Shopping Mall. Some new businesses built their wares for the new ways of selling in the vicinity of the mall. New trends which captured the buying public to purchase in air-conditioned shops housed in one roof.

Around six in the evening, we went to Jumeirah Beach in Danielle’s house for a start. We observed the house surroundings and I went to open the door with my duplicate key, but it didn’t fit. She changed the door knob key, I thought. I hastily went to the parked car and Mike drove towards the city center when I spotted Danielle driving her car. I told Mike to follow her.

We were following her through the city center up to Dubai-Sharjah Road, then to Al Wahda Street. Still, we followed her through the Sharjah-Ajman boundary when she suddenly stopped in the roadside of the highway. We halted within five meters from her car, which we viewed another two cars following us and stopped on our rear. Four men were approaching us, not Filipinos, but other nationalities with fair skins. They grabbed us inside the car, blindfolded and brought to another car and drove towards the barren land. They tied our hands and feet and traveled for a long hours when the car stopped. I observed that we’re transferred to a wooden sledge, where our destiny was vague. For more than another long hour; the sledge halted, dropped us without taking our blindfold. The sledge went away and the deafening silence ensued.

“Mike are you alright?” I asked in a low voice.

“Yes Marco I’m here.”

“Come…take my blindfold with your teeth….”

“Okay Marco.” Mike used his teeth to loosen-up my blindfold that I shake my head and it fall on my shoulder. It’s completely dark….really dark.

“Mike come again...tried to do the same thing for my hand...hurry”

“Okay Marc.”

He lay down behind my back to loosen-up again the nylon cord that tied my hands and feet. Mike really had a hard time loosening up but I encouraged him not to stop. Really he tried his best that it gave a positive result.. When my hands were free I took Mike’s blindfold and untied his hands and feet. We held each other arms not to separate each other. We groped into the darkness of the night until I bumped into a tree.

“Mike we’ll stay here until morning...come closer to me...don’t separate from me.”

“Yes Marco…I’m here.”

We tried to sleep but we can’t so, we talked to each other analyzing our present situation.

“Marco do you think Danielle’s behind this?”

“Yes I’m sure saw her in the car isn’t it?”

“What about Roger Ferrer?”

“We’ll find that out...but for now, try to think something positive.”

“Marco where are we now?”

“Since we followed Danielle up to Sharjah-Ajman boundary, it means we are in the middle of wilderness, away from the main road.”

“Do you have your mobile phone?”

“Yes I kept inside my underwear together with my wallet.”

“Thank're so clever...”

“Before my wallet’s a blessing too when we’re running from a killer in Barrio Tuyom, that’s why I always have it handy in case of emergency. We’ll stay here until morning, so that we can analyze the situation when the daylight comes. Then, I’ll call Edward.”

“Good Marco…fine….”

We slept without knowing it that when we woke up, the scorching heat of the sun had a moderate effect on my skin. I dialed Edward’s mobile phone number. “Edward, where are you?”

“Good morning Marco, how are you my friend?”

“Edward…please hurry up…pick us up here in the Sharjah-Ajman road...of course, boundary of Sharjah and Ajman. Bring us water, food and two mobile phones fully charged. Ronnie’s with you?"

“Yes Marco….and why bringing these items?’

“I’ll tell you later….hurry up Edward….we’re on the wilderness, we don' know this place…use your phone in locating us…okay?”

“Okay Marco…I’m coming now, wait for me!”

“Always keep your mobile phone open!”


We waited for Edward while continued searching the right path towards the main road. I used my knowledge about what I've learned from my R.O.T.C. – a military course during my college days. We followed the tracks of the wooden sledge and at the same time calling Edward on the phone. I thought of minimizing my calls to preserve my battery. We spotted two men riding in camels and approached them with care.

“Saddique wen inta?” I asked in Arabic but they didn’t answer. “Fi muskila ya saddique?” I continued asking them.

The two Arabic men wearing an Egyptian-like clothing went down, jumped and grabbed on us. We fought manually with our skills in combat training but they’re physically big and powerful. We’re subdued and hog-tied behind the camel’s back. They brought us to the little shack house and plunged on the sand dunes. My body was aching that I conditioned my mind to eradicate hardships, but allowing into my system as a blessing from the Almighty. I saw Mike’s really hurt by our situation, but he too, was trying to survive the ordeal.

The two men left us tied in a different wooden plank connected to a boulder. I’m getting thirsty and hungry while the time passed by without any rescue coming from Edward. It’s getting dark, hoping and praying for him to find us. I still believed that he’ll find a way to rescue us.

My hopes were getting thinner and vague; while my patience was eating me up... waiting for Edward. I tried my very best to loosen-up the rope on my hands and feet, but it never gave a positive result.


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  1. A really interesting story, I have followed a couple of your posts to date and look forward to reading more I hope Edward will be able to rescue Marco and Mike they sure appear to be in a real bind.

  2. Wow.. they were kidnapped.. Maybe the person behind of the situation is Danielle.

  3. Really well written and keeps me wondering what is going to happen in future installments.

  4. This is a tough predicament for Marco. I hope he finds a way out of the wilderness.

  5. Patience wearing thin... Because waiting for the next installment is tiring... I feel a little like "Wake me up when it's friday~" and want to read it when it's completed!

  6. Very interesting story. They both suffered too much. Hope they will be rescue by Edward. Have faith!

  7. Marco should know by now that Danielle is trouble. I wonder why he just don't leave her alone.

  8. Wow, getting stuck in the wilderness of the desert without water, food and mobile phones fully charged seems really disastrous to me. Moreover, the characters did not know the place and could not locate where they were. Great that they had a friend to turn to for help!

  9. Great pictures! They really help to imagine the scenery where the story is taking place!

  10. This gets interesting. I wonder how they'll get past this one.

  11. Very interesting story,as always. I can't wait to read the continuation.

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  14. They were kidnapped! This is getting to be interesting.

  15. What's going to happen next? I hope they both make it through the ordeal, or is Edward in with Danielle?

  16. Did not expect that kidnap scenario happening! Fair skinned, I wonder what that meant? Caucasian? Persian? Turkish? You know we will stay tuned.

  17. I took a second look on this part of the story only to realized: something's fishy, yet something's interesting either. I'd like to follow on how would the protagonists overcome this hump.

  18. You always produced good story! You're my idol

  19. It's filled with suspense as I read it line by line. It's interesting.

  20. you got me at "Come…take my blindfold with your teeth…." XD nice photos too

  21. That's really a great story..thanks for sharing this.

  22. @nicol same here! hahaha! "take my blindfold with your teeth" anyway, it's great story though..

  23. Well written and what a great story :) Lovely photos too :)

  24. Great story! This might be good for a movie.

  25. Great story. This might be good for a movie.

  26. I can tell Marco is obsessed which is never a good quality to have... Hope he straightens out before it gets messy and complicated.


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