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Organizing My Dreams In the Philippines #OFW50

I asked Edward and Mike to accompany me to my resident legal attorney for the transfer of all business entities to my name, visas for my manpower requirements and other important things with regards to business and employment.

“Mike I’ll make a list of what you’re going to do while I’m away. I have to go to the Philippines for my children…..Edward you come with me or stay here for the meantime?”

“Marco, I’ll stay here with Mike in starting with our business plans.”

“Okay then….has to prepare for my travel.”

I traveled alone going to the Philippines with my mind centered on Danielle and the things I want to do. It was in the year 1994 of January, when I went back to the Philippines for emergency purposes. I directly went to manpower agency in Makati City, hoping that I could organized myself for any changes that I want to do with my family. Even the business status, changes should be made for security reasons.

Bryan and I made schematic plans for the manpower business that it should be centralized the management, that only Bryan Gonzales had the thorough knowledge of all transactions and the approvals. I also advised him of the thorough screening of applicants for specific job requirements of all companies, local and abroad. The most important thing I relayed to Bryan was about Danielle’s on-going crusade of taking revenge.

“Marco, I understand your situation and the business…I’ll take all the precautions. By the way, my sister... Ayah Isabel told me that she wanted to work with me?”

“I’ll talk to her about this matter. Kindly find the best place for us here inside Metro Manila, be it condominium or me at once, okay Bryan?”

"Yes Marco.”

I called Ayah Isabel about my plan to transfer in Metro Manila.

“Marco a lot of things to be ironed-out when we have to transfer right now…in fact they’re doing well with their studies here. Anne’s getting active with her activities, even Kent...”

“We’ll talk that out when I finish something in Bacolod City.”

“What something Marco?”

“Just business dealings..”

“Okay…bye I love you!”

"Love you too…bye!” I hastily traveled going to Bacolod City where I met Larry Ramirez first before visiting Marco Junior and Shaira Rose, my children with Danielle. I dialed Marco Junior’s mobile phone number but it’s closed; and hurriedly hailed a taxi cab going to Governor Gustilo’s house. I asked the security guard about Mr. Gustilo but he answered that I am not allowed to enter the house. I profusely angered myself at once, but I had no choice. I checked the children’s school and the same answered I’ve got from the security guard. This was the moment that I realized Danielle’s warning and the consequences I made out of gaining my own wrongdoings.

I went to back to Bacoor, Cavite to talk with Ayah Isabel about the danger I was getting into with the Gustilo’s family; but I didn’t divulged that I have two children with Danielle. “Ayah please listen to me...we need to transfer you in Metro Manila. I talked to Bryan to find you a new house or condominium. We’ll wait for him this evening, okay?” I telephoned Bryan asking if he found a new house for us.

“Marco I found a safe condominium for you, really secured and accessible to the children’s schooling.”

“Okay then, I’ll meet with the condominium office tomorrow and any news about the manpower operations?”

“I can manage to solve this itchy-bitchy problem here.”

“You installed security gadgets to all our manpower offices?’

"Yes Marco and I met all the security guards who are assigned to our offices, also I called up the Homeland Security Guards office for some instructions on our side.”

“Great of you..! Thank you! We’ll talk when you come home….be home early, okay?’

“Okay Marco.”

Ayah Isabel cooked dinner for us while I was having a time for my five children. “Anne, you’re on the freshman in high school, right?”

“Yes Daddy and I really having my best time to study well with Kent.” Anne said.

‘Yes Daddy, Anne taught me some interesting subject everyday, but I’m studying well too, because next year, I’m in high school.” Kent said.

“How about the three of you…. Philip, Robert, Christine?” I kissed them one by one.

“Daddy, I’m on the fifth grade, Robert’s on the fourth grade and Christine’s…third grade” Philip answered.

“Great!” I said. “Okay, all of you...wash your hands now and we’re going to eat…go..go..”

The housemaids got their respective child for washing hands and positioned them on the dining table. Ayah served the food together with the kitchen helpers and arranged at the table. We ate together with the children, that I experienced different bonding with them, than my children with Danielle. Still I was wondering where Marco Junior and Shaira Rose went. After eating, the children studied their lessons while I talked with Ayah and Bryan.

“Ayah, Bryan told me that he found a secured place for you and the children. I have to talk to them tomorrow. You want to work Ayah, together with Bryan?”

“Yes if you allow me….we’ll find somebody who can attend to the house and the children. I suggest that we can hire somebody from your relatives in Hinigaran...if you want to..”

“I’ll do that Ayah and you can learn the business as well.”

“Bryan, did Papa called you about the recruitment in Hinigaran?” I asked.

“Yes Marco, he sent at least fifty applications the other day.”Bryan said.

“Check if my brothers’ resumes are included, we can get them in the house jobs for the meantime.”

“Ayah Isabel…are you taking pills?”

‘Yes Marco….that’s enough for us..five children...why?” Ayah’s surprised.

“Nothing...I thought you’re pregnant....can we add another tonight?”

“Shhhhh…. I’ve got a lot of things to do tomorrow.”

‘Okay then...”

“I'd like to sleep with the children tonight.”

“Yes that’s a good idea Marco.”

The next day Bryan and I went to the condominium unit in Global City where I finalized the transaction of our new abode. It’s a ready-to-occupancy unit wherein we can transfer at once. I called my father in Hinigaran about the 50 applicants, who are willing to work abroad.

“Papa good morning; how’s everything there in Hinigaran?”

“We are fine here my son; I’m finalizing the 50 applicants to be sent to you.”

“Papa we’re transferring our residence in condominium at Global City, Taguig and our house in Bacoor, Cavite are for my brothers and the applicants. Manuel and Eduardo are applying too?”

“Yes Marco..they’re interested…”

“Papa please send Manuel, Eduardo and eight of the applicants to Manila now. Bryan will be the one in-charge for them at the port. I’ll send money to you through your account. Okay Papa?”

“Yes Marco, expect them for a couple of days.”

“Bye Papa….take care Mama always…..bye!”

I closed my conversation with my father, hoping that he was proud of me being his ambitious son. He knew me when I was on my growing years in Hinigaran – a meek and weak child with intelligent mind.

I personally organized our transfer in the condominium; bought the furniture, beddings, cabinets, household equipments, food and other vital things inside the condominium. Also, I installed security accessories and gadgets all over our place. It’s been a tiring job when for all of us, but because of the dangers, I anticipated it in advance. Daily, I met Bryan, Ayah and the children for their system of living in which they agreed for whatever way they can survive.

I hired tutors for my five children in which they were schooled inside their learning rooms; doing different activities, in which they can learn, their elementary and secondary education, fully authorized by the Department of Education. Their escorts were selected by me personally, came from prestigious organization ran by a former American CIA agent. Their regulations and my suggested systems were combined to form the core of our objectives through the children living conditions.

I taught Ayah Isabel about the manpower business, food industry management and even self-defense. She deliberately acquired such skills in a natural way that she’s willing to pursue to learn more about other combat techniques. I was surprised how she shifted her heart from a loving mother to a modern-day woman.

Bryan organized the ten applicants coming from Hinigaran, in which Manuel and Eduardo were separated from the group. They were housed in Bacoor, Cavite from our old house. I personally tackled the teaching of my two brothers in which I assigned them as the heads of the condominium and business organization. They met some hardship but in the end, they’re skilled enough to proceed with their assignments.

For the past two months, I devoted myself in organizing people, my family and businesses in which they can be employed with their way of living in the Philippines. Ayah, Bryan, Manuel, Eduardo and Lina got hold of their footings in my organization. I observed secretly their devotions and loyalty to me in which they didn’t know about it and another thing that they didn’t know about was Danielle’s children; Marco Junior and Shaira Rose.

Daily, Edward reported to me about the Dubai operations and other important points to be taken care of.

All of them were taught and learned on how to be smart, ready and always secured with their daily undertakings while forwarding the development of my organization. The most important one was about Danielle and former Governor Benjamin Gustilo; their images were entwined on my mind. When I was fully satisfied for what I envisioned upon with them; I went back to Dubai to continue with our plans forgetting Marco Junior and Shaira Rose for a moment.

I took my whole day rest when I arrived in my flat where Mike reported some other news that interested me, about Roger and Danielle. We talked personally over a bottle of tequila, beef appetizers and fresh tomato salsa with green mangoes.

“Marc, Roger still working there but he’s affiliated for a new group while Danielle was very clever enough to stay away from the crowd….”

“Good Mike.”

“How’s the Philippines Marco?”

“I personally changed some important aspects.”

“Marco some of our recruited managers are ready to exit for us to process them.”

“Who are they?”

“All of us; including me...”

“Mike can we process them first….I need you here..” Edward suddenly appeared; hurriedly hand-in to me a sealed brown envelope.

“Marco…this is addressed to you….”

“Thank you Edward I’ll open it later. How are you doing here my friend?”

“Fine, learning the trade here in Dubai environment and bonding with my son Ronnie. Did Mike tell you about our selected managers?”

“Yes and I’m planning to retain Mike. Edward kindly contact Bryan or Ayah Isabel for the documents of the applicants to be processed here. By the way, Ayah Isabel now is the new President of my organization in the Philippines together with Bryan.”

“Marco, Mike I’m going ahead, I have to check-up all the stores today…bye!”

“Okay Edward bye!

“Marco we’re going somewhere?” Mike asked.

“Yes….want to meet Danielle….let’s go Mike!”


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