Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ayah Isabel Knows The Truth #OFW54

I drove the car with an uneasy feeling that I went to the seaside near Hyatt Hotel. I halted the car’s engine while looking at the waves in the seawall.

“What’s happening Marco, can you tell me the truth?”

“She’s behaving that way ever since, isn’t it?”

“Yes I knew that, but here in Dubai….are you with that woman all along?”

“Ayah don’t misunderstood me. I have to do what I think is right, isn’t it?”

“What I’m asking is, you’re still with her until now?”

“No, Ayah….she approached me about our lost son before, in exchange …to tell you the truth, before we separated in Bacolod City, she got pregnant with our first son….and….and another girl was born…”

Ayah Isabel cried in disbelief, open the car door and ran to the edge of the seawall. She poured her heartaches to the ocean while I followed her.

“Ayah…Ayah Isabel….” I held her arm to face me which I knew I’m guilty of my conscience for the truth that hurts her. For a long time, I never had the courage to tell her our relationship that ended with hatred.

“I love you Ayah, not Danielle…she’s ruining our lives…don’t get involved with this matter not because I lied, but with my way of getting things that benefits us. I knew I’d wrong with you…..but please forgive me Ayah….this is me…”

I embraced her tightly which my heart was bleeding seeing her crying. I love this woman, I knew deep down my soul.

“Ayah please….understand me….”

“Ever since I understood you Marco, but you kept your relationship with her…until here in Dubai….and where are the children?”

“I don’t know….she’s keeping away from me….”

“That’s why you’re after her all along to get the children?”

“Yes that’s the truth Ayah…can’t keep them away…I love them too….”

“Take me home Marco…”

I took Ayah home which she distanced herself by staying inside her room. I called up Edward and family to ask for forgiveness about the mess I had made. Edward understood my situation that he offered to talk to Ayah. I accepted his offer and he promised that they will come in the evening time. Lina and Mike too, assured me to help with this matter. I thanked them for their offer but deep inside of me, I cursed myself for whatever sin I had caused. The secret within my life started to show towards my loved ones. It’s my own karma that really connected with my life because it’s mine.

Edward and Vivian came in my flat and comforted me. Mike and Lina joined us too; and we talked over while drinking liquors.

“Edward, sorry, it’s your honeymoon tonight,” I said to them.

“We talked about it, and its fine with Vivian; we’re doing it every day...” Edward jokingly answered trying to change the subject.

“I’m happy for both of you….Edward you found your love at last.”

“Yes Marco but in your situation right now, I understand you and Ayah as well. I suggest Lina and Vivian can do the talking…”

“Yes Marco.” Vivian said.

“We’ll try our best Marc,” Lina said.

The two women left us and went directly to Ayah’s room. We resumed our conversation hoping that it can relieve with what I was going through.

“Marco it’s better this way that you told her about it; and the earlier the better than keeping it for a long time.” Mike said.

“You know Mike, I tried keeping it secret for her but I’m sure that she’ll forgive me in the long run.” I said.

“You see, Ayah reacted differently now, as if she’s falling apart.”

“Yes Mike, I’m deeply worried about her.”

We drank for the whole night that I passed out and when I woke up the next morning, I directly went to Ayah’s room, knocked, but nobody’s answering.


“Good morning Pareng Marco,” Mike said.

“Where are they….Where’s Ayah?”

“Don’t worry she’s with Edward and Vivian…and Lina too. They left together last night.”

“Why she’s not telling me?”

“You drink too much, that’s why my friend. They will go shopping today.”

“She’s okay or still angry with me?”

“I don’t know but she smiled when he saw you sleeping like a log.”

“I see…okay…get dress, we will take rounds with the fast food stores today.”

“Okay Sir!”

“And why you’re calling me Sir today?”

“Because… I played basketball yesterday night.”

“You…cannot live without that basketball?”

“Marco…you like to eat breakfast?”

“No just strong coffee.”

“Okay sir, your shower is ready.”

I smiled and entered the bathroom with a feeling that Ayah’s will reconciled with me. We went first at the Al Riqqa branch; checked the store interior, staff, stock items, equipments and the logbook. Mike and I continued our work to all stores businesses that needs uplifting of its operations.

“Mike let’s go to Edward’s place.”

“Okay Marco.”

Edward and family were not there when we arrived; we went to the nearest shopping mall to eat our lunch and observing the flow of customer’s from other business establishments. Dubai’s really were heading to its highest-level of developments compared to some international standards. Foreigners were making Dubai’s shopping hub; their presence were multiplying in every shopping malls we visited. At last we came across with Danielle, she’s alone inside the famous coffee shop. I approached her in the table while Mike was watching us.

“Hello Danielle, you’re alone?” I said smiling.

“Come, have a seat Marco.”


“I’m going to tell you something.”

“What about?”

“We talked and I told her about you….and our relationship.”

“Talked to whom?”

“Ayah of course!”


“Just now…she left…”

“What you did to her?”

“She was hurt by the truth….about us!”

“You bitch!”

“By the way, you’re invited to our wedding.”

“You foolish devil!”

“You bastard….ha-ha-ha-ha-ha….”

I dialed Ayah’s mobile phone number but she’s not answering and dialed Edward’s number. “Hello Edward.”

‘Marco, where are you?”

“Why Edward, what happened?”

“Ayah’s leaving…going to the Philippines with Lina.”

“What happened in the mall? She talked with Danielle?”

“They met accidentally in the mall and Danielle invited her to talk….I think Danielle said something about you…”

“Where are they now?”

“Just ten minutes ago.”

“Okay Edward, thanks, I’ll go after them.”

Mike and I went hurriedly to the airport for possible stopping them of their flight, but in vain. I decided to stay inside my flat thinking of solutions with my situation. I opened the TV and sat down watching the show when Mike came into my room.

“Marco you’re going to the Philippines?”

“Just what I’m thinking now, why?”

“I received the report about our selected staff, they needed your instruction.”

“Okay, schedule a meeting tomorrow.”

“Okay Marco I’ll do it.”


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

At The Wedding's Reception #OFW53

I telephoned Edward and Vivian together to come to Hyatt Regency for lunch. When they arrived Edward introduced Vivian to the group. Ayah and Lina ordered the food while I ordered for the beverages. We ate and talked about different subjects until to the wedding plans.

“Edward, you know what? We’re staying here at the hotel for two days.” I said.

“Marco what’s this? No, let’s celebrate in your flat.”

“No, let’s stay here, one room each, how about that?” I looked at Edward who seemed agitated for what I suggested, “Edward, you mean to say….not yet, I mean first time?”

“Yes Marco…not yet…asks Vivian.”

“Oh sorry Vivian, marriage first?”

“Yes Marco but I will, how’s that Edward?”

“Oh yes! I’m happy for both of you!” I observed Mike was very happy while holding Lina’s hand. I cannot fathom his happiness at that time. I was with him for a long time that I knew Mike when he’s in the mood to copulate, “Mike only in first gear when you drive okay?” I teased him.

“You too Marco, minimize your speed when driving,” Mike said.

“Let’s go the bar section, you like Japanese-style?”


We enjoyed the whole two-day stays at the hotel where everybody had no time to talked about, but busy for the early honeymoon of each pair. Edward got his first base with Vivian while Mike got his first time after a long break and I did mine too with extra topping indeed!

Edward rented a flat for them together with Ronnie. Ayah and Lina stayed with my flat and Mike prepared the other room for them. I asked Edward about his guests from the Philippines. He wanted his parents and son Larry to come during his wedding that I called them to come to Dubai which they did. Edward was very happy for the outcome of our relationships. The wedding was held at St. Mary’s Church. Mostly our friends attended the wedding ceremony. During the wedding I reminisced the time that we’re getting married by then in Barrio Tuyom. I observed some unwanted persons during the ceremony which I approached Mike secretly, “Mike it seems that Danielle’s group is here, do you notice?”

“Yes Marco I noticed….I saw Roger at the other end of the church near the entrance”


“Near the entrance door.”

I went to the entrance even though I was in the entourage of the ceremony, where he instantly left going to his car. I was still following him, got into my car and followed him through the Garhood Road at the vacant space near the road. He halted at a far distance that I stopped and ever ready for his action. I observed the surroundings and viewed him went outside his car and faced me. I went outside of my car too, stood erect wearing my sun glasses and wait for him. He walked towards me.

“Marco this is between the two of us.”

“I know and what do you want?”

“Don’t ever follow Danielle anymore.”

“Danielle’s mine and we have two children.”

“I know that from her.”

“Where are my children?”

“I’m not in a position to tell you that…”

“Then who do you think?’

“Danielle, we’re getting married this coming week.”

“And why are you telling me this? That I’ll stop getting my children…no Roger you’re such a fool! Tell her to give my children back and I’ll stop bothering her!”

“I’ll do that Marco….I’ll help you about this matter, so that you cannot disturb her again. Deal….?”

“Yes deal.”

“Who did the kidnapping in Sharjah-Ajman road?” I asked Roger with a little gesture of my fingers.

“I don’t know about it.”

“Who do you think?”

“I don’t know Marco.”

“You’re invited to our wedding.”

“Danielle knows about this invitation?”


“Then, give me your mobile number…” He gave me his business card and left which I sped up my car going back to the church. It’s nearly finished when I arrived, that I walked slowly down the aisle going to the bench near Ayah.

The wedding was successful and we went to the reception in Sheraton Hotel, Deira side. I was sitting in the presidential table that I can view the guests and the entrance. I noticed Danielle went inside and seated at the reception table alone. My focus was for her all the time that I forgot Ayah and my guests. She’s looking intently for the newlywed, Ayah Isabel, Mike and me. I can sense her purpose, to destruct us, I thought. I saw Ayah was busy chatting with Lina and Mike.

At the entrance, I saw Roger Ferrer trying to find Danielle. He saw her at the table drinking her drinks. He grabbed Danielle’s hand that the glass falls down on the floor. She got her nerves to slapped Roger on his face, that the guard suddenly held them going outside the reception hall. I saw Ayah was staring at Danielle but still surprised with her reaction. She looked at me at the presidential table where our eyes met.

After the wedding reception, we stayed until all the guests left which I invited them together with Edward’s family to stay behind; and have a get-together party to erase the tension that I felt about Ayah Isabel. My instinct told me that she had something to say about me. I eluded my emotion to interact with them and to talk with Ayah. I sat beside her while holding her hand. They were happily exchanging stories about the beauty of Dubai but my heart was shrouded with guilty conscience.

Ayah asked me to accompany her to the comfort room. She walked ahead of me towards the comfort room when Danielle and Roger approached Ayah. I hastily came nearer to them.

“So, you’re here in Dubai huh?,” Danielle said to Ayah.

“Danielle please stops this non-sense!,” Roger pulled Danielle’s arm.

“Leave me alone! I want to talk to this woman!,” she shouted at him.

I grabbed Ayah’s arm and put her inside my car while Danielle and Roger followed us. I faced them and slapped Danielle’s face which Roger pulled her away, that two of them slumped on the parking lot pavement.

Ayah went outside the car calling me to stop, which I did while Danielle’s shouting at us held by Roger. They got inside their car and left.

I drove the car with an uneasy feeling that I went to the seaside near Hyatt Hotel. I halted the car’s engine while looking at the waves in the seawall.

“What’s happening Marco, can you tell me the truth?”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Best Friend Wedding #OFW52

The two men left us tied in a different wooden plank connected to a boulder. I’m getting thirsty and hungry while the time passed by for a long time. It’s getting dark and hoping for Edward to find us. I still believed that he’ll find a way to rescued us. My hopes were getting thinner and patience was eating me up while we’re waiting for two men or Edward. I tried my very best to loosen-up the ropes on my hands, but it never gave a positive result, “Mike…are you alright? I cannot see’s dark.”

“Try your best to get loose…” Mike answered.

I heard something moving not far from us which used a pen light along the way approaching us, “Edward…..Edward….” The light suddenly came nearer to us.

“Marco?” Edward asked.

“Edward is that you?”

“Yes Marco…where are you?”

“I’m here…quick Edward!”

Edward untied me hastily and then, loosen-up Mike, “Edward give me your lighter.” I asked.


I burned the house all over and we left hurriedly, “Edward where’s your car?”

“Over there…hurry!”

We quickly rode into the car and up towards the highway.

“Thanks’re an angel..can we drink first!” I said a little louder beside Edward.

“And what happened for the two of you?” Edward asked.

“We followed her…and then…here we are…”

“Want to release that bad element?”

“Yes I’m sure…I will for tonight…but first we’ll buy a drink in a convenience store!” I said.

We stopped at the store and bought mineral water to quenched our thirst and biscuits to eat.

“Okay and then….Where to?”

“Crowne Plaza Hotel in Deira?”

We drank to the highest level where I didn’t know what happened next. When I woke up the next morning, I found myself on my bed neatly covered with comforter. I stood up and went directly to the bathroom to clean myself. Still in my mind was Danielle.

I sent the selected management employees to the Philippines for their required documents to be processed and came back to Dubai. It was a tiresome kind of organizing these people because of their employment status, but I really had to do whatever it costs. Their contributions which I anticipated were merely with my trusts to them in the first place. Some of them were merely the results of my kindness that grew through the years.

Edward and Mike worked with me through which I had the courage to push-through with my new ventures in another business development. This time, I started my way to connect to the people in the field of distributorships. It was on a planning stage that I eventually studied in advance. But my heart still with Danielle that everyday after my duty hours, I roamed around Dubai to find her. She’s nowhere to be found in her house at Jumeirah Beach. My desperate attempt to find her led to another love story that blossomed between Edward and Vivian while Mike still longing for his wife Lina.

Edward and Vivian planned their marriage at St. Mary’s Church in Dubai. I telephoned Ayah Isabel to attend the wedding together with Lina and told her to give instructions to Bryan, Manuel and Eduardo while she’s away for this occasion. I gave emphasis to her about the security of the children and the businesses. They traveled at once going in Dubai while Mike didn’t have knowledge about Lina. When they arrived, Mike and I picked them up at Dubai International Airport. We find a place to wait in a coffee shop.

“Hey Marco, how are you? It seems that you’re worried with something?” Mike asked while sipping his brewed coffee.

“I’m really agitated with what happened to us.”

“Forget that, you’re wife is coming. She knows about your children with Danielle?”

“No, I think no…Do I have to tell her?”

“As for me, I think you have to..”

“For a long time now, she doesn’t know, only Edward and you. Yes, she knows about Danielle, but the children…,” my words trailed into the air. “But still I want Danielle but I hated her for loving Roger Ferrer, I felt jealous about their relationship…I wanted her to love me..only me, I wanted to kill them...if only I could, but not in this place...very strict…”

“Yes Marco…the laws here are very strict…but forget about that…friend?”

“I will try to forget Danielle. Let’s focus with our own lives,” I said without knowing it.

“Marco let’s go to welcome Ayah..”

“Okay but I have a gift for you,” I said while we’re walking towards the arrival area.

“A gift for me why?”

“Because you’re my friend, remember Manila Port?”

“Oh, there you are again!” He embraced me tightly.

“Yes I won’t forget that day when we met at the port where I trusted you like Edward,’re such a bastard!”

He smiled at me; a smile which taught me how to love him, how to felt being a friend besides Edward and his loyalty that soothed my heart. He’s a person who loves to be loved and needs the ecstasy of his manhood.

“You see that woman walking along Ayah Isabel?”

“Where Marco?”

“Over there….” I pinpointed the two women. Lina waved to us that he suddenly jumped to the railing that the police guard stopped him.

“Hey Mike…behave boy…behave..”

“Marco…Thank you!” He’s holding my hand giggling.

“You’re happy my friend?”

“Yes Marco…you save me…”

Ayah and Lina were smiling while approaching us. I hugged Ayah Isabel and Mike embraced Lina, “How’s your first travel Ayah?”

“Afraid but excited to see you!”

“Mike, Lina…let’s go to the car. We’ll carry the baggage.”

We left the airport going to other scenic places, went inside the malls to shop and eat in a hotel for our lunch.

“Marco why not calls Edward to join us?” Ayah suggested.

“Yes good suggestion! Let’s wait for them though….”


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A freelance writer who meticulously structured and maintained blogs just for you:A LIFE SO FAR AWAYand my other business blog:SHOPPING eMALL Thank you for your valuable time. Follow my business & writings and you'll find what life's meant to be.
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