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The Bored Billionaire #OFW57

The early morning breeze touches my face when I clear my mind along the shoreline together with Mike, where my new mansion was built. The vastness of the sea gives the feeling of calmness on my conscious mind. It’s hard for me to think it over and over again the worries I’ve had for the past months. After yesterday’s cleansing of my entire-self, I’ve found temporary serenity, even for a shorter time. I value this moment when I knew it’s pulling me down. I need it. I cannot push through my normal life anymore. I need a boost every now and then. The drug to sustain my heart and mind.

Mike’s behind me a few meters away when I try to look back, I wait for him. I want to ask him what’s happening to me, or anything he can give….I look at him squarely, hold his arm hard and said,? “Can you help me” He hold my shoulders, “Marco, let’s sit over that boulder….come…let’s talk.”

His words are trailing on my mind, as if the coolness of the seashore engulfs my heart and mind.

“Honestly Marco….yesterday’s such another day for you…like what you’re doing when you felt it…the drug’s eating you up….you knew it but, you’re still using it…as if your food…your supplement. You’re a wealthy person now, famous, and anything you wanted….but you’re getting bored….that you worry too much about your kids with Danielle…and…and your daring stunts worldwide that your fame’s spreading like wildfire….,” his words stabbed my heart so much, but that’s the truth. “Mike forgive me…finalized the meeting with Danielle and Roger next week…I have to do something in the sanctuary…no calls, no guests, nothing…okay?”

“Can you tell me what’s on your mind?”

“Mike, after finalizing everything….I’ll tell you.”

We go to the sanctuary room together wherein I instruct Mike what he’ll going to do. He answers positively, “Marco, I’ll do it but please be very careful…I love you friend…” Mike prepares all the things that I wrote in my notebook and lock the door.

I begin to write, with all the understanding of my life in general. I have had all the things that I wanted in life, but I cannot fathom my inner self, it seemed not complete. With the worries that’s bothering me for a long time; I tried my very best to comprehend things and balanced myself for whatever outcome I may decide to do in the future. The worries that I absorbed and the boredom constituted the decaying of my self-esteem which I cannot controlled normally.

I continue writing to the best of my ability; create the documents that I wanted for them to understand. It’s really the incentives for their goodness all throughout my life. They’re the moving force that binds with my being. Truly, a driving force indeed.

I gave my best to be a billionaire, to help others and to show my wealth to the whole world how lucky I was. But the pain still remained forever. I have to live with it.

The love that I had with Ayah Isabel lingered on but she didn’t have that saintly image to understand me. She despised for being me, the true colors of my life. I was thinking that she had been born to understand and love me, but the love was different from what I wanted her to be. I wanted her understanding so much for the sake of our children, but she distanced herself without thinking that I can be capable of losing them at the end. No matter how far away I was with her, still with the children are the reasons behind.

I totally finish all the documents for five days where I open the sanctuary door slowly and go straight to my private room. Instantly, Mike appears before me, ask about my health, if I’m okay all along for five days inside the sanctuary room.

“I’m okay Mike, don’t worry I can manage…read all these documents especially the one intended for Danielle. I have to take a bath…and Mike please…prepare for our drinks…let’s discuss something…,” as I left him wondering.

The coolness of water splashes within my body give comfort for my plans for the coming week. I knew the consequences and the danger that lies ahead. I have to do it. I have to give her a chance whatever it may takes. After bathing, I slowly towel-dry my whole body with the ease of gaining my momentum for my plans. It excites me, remembering the whole situation; really giving the time of my life.

Still the towel wrap on my hand I instantly move at the poolside where Mike’s waiting for me. He pours whiskey on the transparent glass, offer to me and I drink bottom’s up. It gives a chilling effect which I sit beside him looking at the pool.

“Marco, I read the documents….can you tell me what’s going on with you?”

“I have to do it….it gives excitement…with my boring life…I knew she’ll do it…”


“Because I want to return her a favor for what I’ve done to her. Besides, Ayah Isabel won’t let me into her life…ever again.”

“Can we find another way? Not this way?”

“Do as what I intend to do….sign the document…your document, so that you’ll safe whatever happens to me.”

“I can’t Marco….I don’t need that money…I want you to live….,” his voice stuttering with pain.

“Please Mike….don’t…I like to see you as a brave person…loving the way I live…”

“I’ll do it Marco…just for you…let’s drink…”

“Want to swim with me…come…” Mike undresses himself hastily and following me into the pool. We challenge each other swimming to and fro between pool edges and play in water like children. This moment is undivided from other rigors of our daily lives. We contributed each other moments to what God had bestowed on us. Tomorrow is another day.

The new three-hectare mansion that I built lies along the shoreline of Cavite wherein I kept it secret to anyone who knew me except Mike. I totally secluded myself to the hustle-bustle of modern living. In fact, I liked it this way for not showing my true colors to the media people who wanted to extract juicy items about me and my wealth.

As what we agreed, Mike prepared a special meeting with the couple; Danielle and Roger Ferrer of Dubai City, where they lived after marriage.

I instructed Mike to make sure that this meeting would give a positive result even though Roger’s coming with Danielle. I need the presence of Danielle, not Roger, but I can use him in some other way.

Our meeting is scheduled seven in the evening at the Paradise Inn and Suites Eagle Ridge in Cavite; a beautiful place with clean and comfortable rooms. The venue was suitable for my taste and well-being.

Mike rented a private place for us to talk personally and ensured that the waiters are fully advice for this purpose. I position myself on the table facing the garden with man-made falls along the open space of the hotel side. It reminds me of the beautiful scenes I saw while visiting other places outside the Philippines. Mike’s standing beside the concrete pillar holding the suitcase, viewing the visitors to come.

I viewed the couple approaching me at the table and I instantly stood up to greet them, “Hi Danielle….Roger…take your seats...nice to see both of you again…”


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  1. It reminds me that some thing can't be bought like forgiveness and happiness. It has to be earned.

  2. This is an interesting story. As the cliche goes, money can't buy and satisfy everything.

  3. Indeed, it takes a village to work as an OFW.

  4. Mike and Marco's friendship is something to be admired. Will Isabel take her husband back? As a husband and not just as the father of their children? Hmmm, intriguing:)

    JeniG Kalikotpepot

  5. Interesting! You got me there. Money really can't buy happiness and contentment. So Sad!!! :(

  6. Who says money can make someone happy and contented? Great reflection. I hope people get to read this.

  7. I hope Marco fixes his problems with Ayah though. They are still a family.

  8. It reminds me of my brother. My parents are telling him to be a seafarer but he's like, "what will you do with all those money if you're not even happy with your job?" Nice story by the way.

  9. I can't help it but ask, where did you take that photo of the gorgeous sunset? It is really charmiiing! :D

  10. Interesting! Money can be earned or lost through a lot of factors. But it doesn't always have a direct relationship with happiness. What's the use of money if you are empty inside? -_-

  11. Just goes to show money can't buy happiness ! Being an OFW is also hard and challenging at best of times. Interesting read !

  12. Definitely a wake up call of sorts for people who think money is everything! Keep the stories coming! :)

  13. It was deja vu when the main character positioned herself in a way that gave her courage and confidence. You should have a recommended song to go with your story... to evoke more emotions...

  14. It's sad, it's painful, and beautiful all at the same time. I hope things get sorted out with Ayah Isabel. After all, family is still family right?

  15. I am guessing there is a real Paradise Inn in Cavite? Is it a good place to stay in? I am looking for a nearby resort for the Christmas holidays.

  16. I am from Cavite as well and if you need someone to talk im just here!Remember, everything happens for a reason and things will get better in the end!

  17. so well written. Looking forward to its continuation

  18. Marco has Mike as a trusted friend. That's rare for a billionaire to have.

  19. A beautiful story with a great lesson. I am looking forward to know what happens next.

  20. That's, I guess, one of the problems money can bring to us. We focus too much on making money that we get too overwhelmed that it changes us as persons (who we really are) somehow that causes conflicts in life.

  21. I usually say, I could take all the pressures of work. I can work long hours to finish things and still be okay, than have an easy work with a lot of relationship stress or pressures. I would be devastated. I can't focus. We can have a lot in the world and not have life at all. Good reminder.

  22. Trust is definitely one to be earned!

  23. Money can not buy happiness, but it sure can buy a lot, LOL. Who wouldn't want to walk that path, at least for a day or two?

  24. Oh I know one place that you have cited as the setting -- Eagle Ridge! Keep going with the story. :)

  25. Intriguing.. the bond between Marco and Mike and the fact that money can't guaruntee hapiness!

  26. Marco will soon come to learn that powerful truth about love and money. Your story is developing nicely.

  27. Looking forward for the continuation of this story.... No doubt money is very important but for sure, money can't buy everything!~

  28. Thanks for sharing. So well written, I am anticipating next :p


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