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The Game FX #OFW59

Danielle and Roger Ferrer left the hotel after signing the documents and my men were ever ready to monitor them all the way.

After performing my daily ritual; injecting adrenalin-boost, workout and taking my diet pills, Mike reminded me to review once again the signed documents of Danielle and Roger. He persuaded a run-down for me to interpret by my own accord. I made these rules and I knew it beforehand that it’s very dangerous but I liked the excitement. Danielle could avenge her hatred to me and she could end up a millionaire too.

I knew Mike understood what I wanted him to do, but still kept on asking and reviewing about the agreement.

“Marco, do you realize this?”

“Yes Mike, I know what I’m doing.”

“Here on the document, it says that Danielle and Roger Ferrer follow you everywhere you go, find you…any terrain… and kill you….and your dead body must be brought to me to execute the transfer of money involve?”

“Yes Mike.”

“And, they must use any modern equipment to track you down including the old ones…as in anything they like to use against you?”

“Correct…and I can only use improvised objects…or tactics… manually to defend myself from them…and kill them too. Any military and authorities intervention must be kept at bay…if possible elude them….or eradicate them with my own accord. That’s the beauty of it…I liked it then…it excites me.”

“Marco, you don’t want to live anymore…it seems that living is like a game to you…why my friend?”

“I’m a damaged person, can’t you see Mike? I’ve got everything I have but I’m living with those drugs…and…and worries about my family…I’m alone…only you…don’t ask me anymore like that, okay Mike?”

"As you wish Marco…Also, in the document….you can use your ATM card only but not the actual money…and I will monitor the three of you…every hour. Gadgets are required for the three of you.”

“Yes Mike….rules must be followed by the three of us.”

“We have to announce this party, in the beginning of the game…..called Game FX…invites all classes of people; media, socialites, models, actors, actresses, banker, businessmen, writers, dancers, film makers, social climbers, friends, families, employees, politicians, etc..…etc…..Marco, it needs two months of preparation…..I supposed…”

“It’s a must Mike….to announce to the whole world….”Bored Billionaire Hired His Ex-Wife and Husband as Hit Men For The Game FX”…..Mike, am I correct…or…”Bored-Drug-Addict Billionaire Hired His Ex-Woman as Hitman To End His Life Called Game FX”….which one’s the best Mike?”

“Okay…okay Marco…but please....if ever you change your mind….just pray to God and ask forgiveness.”

“Hoping to find answers Mike….this is the only way…”

“I’ll start right away Marc…by the way, how’s your preparation for Game FX? Anything I can do for you?”

“Just check my adrenalin-booster, ATM bank cards and a rosary.”

“Okay Marco, I’ll go ahead with my assignments. Just stay foot here, don’t leave okay?”

I heard Mike last words but my mood swings indiscriminately that I nodded my head for confirmation. I stood up, went to my personal bar, poured whiskey on a transparent glass and gulped to quench my thirst. I poured another double shot to directly wash my throat towards my stomach. My body started to quiver profusely that I ran to the sanctuary room. The coldness of my flesh ran deeper into my bones, my vision formed distorted images and my mind’s floated into the air. I felt the world was distorted because of me. Images of the past kept hunting me forever. I can’t hide it anymore…Those evils remained on my being. I shouted in pain…”Living’s not an option anymore! You devil!! Go away! Go away!!!!!!”

Unknown feeling kept on agitating my soul, my vision’s vague and I held my body closer to my heart. I felt somebody’s injecting in my arm that I slowly recovered from wrath of the devils.

Outside the fence perimeter of my mansion, thronged of curious-media people; local and international, built their makeshift shelters in front my house. I can see them through my room where I observed some of their activities. They’re curious about Game FX and they wanted to know more about it. In fact, they arrived early as scheduled by Mike Luna.

It’s publicized globally; really, it made tremendous waves across the continents!

All over the world, Game FX was spreading like virus which gave hungry media people to know firsthand about my decision. Mike submitted some insights about the agreement we had with Danielle and Roger. Curiosity was the answer for some people why I have to hire my ex-lover as a hit woman and why I’ve decided this way, since I’m a billionaire.

Mike did all the preparations from decors, food, event personnel, servants, waiters and even maintenance staff. Every angle of his assignments was delicately composed of his prowess to organize people, equipment and time. It showed his ingenuity organizing this kind of event which composed of thousands of guests in one setting.

I was very happy for the result that I prepared myself for this occasion. My energy doubled when I knew that my plans are forming like what I wanted.

“Marco, the time has come, seven hours more….has to begin the party. Are you ready with your speech?”

“Yes Mike, I’m ready and excited!”

“I instructed our guards to strictly observe the policy, “For Invited Guests Only.”

“Great Mike….take good care of everything…my trust’s on you my friend.”

“I received reports that Ayah Isabel and your children are secluded in a secret place….Danielle and Roger too, in Dubai, they’re instant celebrities…but your two children for her…not to be found until now.”

“Thanks Mike, any more news?”

“There are other speculations that your soul’s condemned by the devil according to Christian’s believers. Government institutions all over the world are clamoring about this Game FX you’ve created, that the UN’s investigating about this, including the gigantic Americans. But, media and cyber people are fighting back for their freedom of expressions. Marco, this is much of a chaos when people notice you in the street….and media people will follow you everywhere…Are you aware of this friend?”

“I’m excited to know that people all around the globe are focused on my endeavor…I like it Mike…it makes me feel very important person, that they’ll give their attention to me…And, it’ll erase the worries I have had…Mike please, I need this very badly…,” as my tears are falling down my cheeks which I knew deep down my heart that I loved my children from Ayah Isabel and Danielle.


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  1. Where are the two other children? I also wonder where the secret place is. Every time we watch a movie and there's a "secret place" mentioned, I almost instantly assume that it would be somewhere in an isolated island that nobody has heard of.

  2. I wasn't able to start this story so I have to back read first but it seems that the secret place looks scary. I don't know, I have a thing for something secret as it can scare me sometimes.

  3. My first time to visit your blog. I think it's also my first time to encounter a blog like this. Good job on the novel.

  4. I'm excited to find out what will happen with the Game FX! But on another thought, I somehow feel sad for Marco. Actually, I feel sad for people who focused too much on something that he/she already forgot the other important factors in his/her life.

  5. This is a dangerous game. I just hope Marco just use his resources to make peace with his past.

  6. I love reading crime/suspense- related novels. I also love that you include an] hitman in the story :)

  7. This game is gonna end up bad. The money is not important to Marco and he should have just given it to Danielle since they have kids on their own.

  8. Would love to see the whole story in an ebook soon. Things are getting exciting at GAME FX!

  9. Hmmm, something's really wrong with this billionaire! To be hunted like that! Oh my, he only likes some thrill to feel that he's still alive...hmmm, affected much? LOL.

    JeniG of Kalikotpepot

  10. I feel sad for Marco but he's the most interesting character

  11. Looking forward to Game FX...looks intriguing, what will happen there.

  12. What's the modern equipment used to track nowadays that's legal to be carried? GPS / phone or any special device? Sometimes I imagine myself like in that situation (being chased by a hitman) and wonder how I can get myself out of it.

  13. Marco is a daredevil but much as I understand why he acts the way he do --- it's being pessimistic. With all the money he has he could have started anew. Go away and start a new life somewhere.

  14. This is my first visit but I like your writing style. Intriguing story.

  15. Nice story. The characters are so well rounded but I find Marco the most interesting one.

  16. I missed the beginning of this story but have caught up on the last few chapters. I agree with most other comments - Marco is the most interesting one. Are you going to try to publish your story (except for on-line) ?

  17. As the story goes on, it really proves how good of a friend Mike is. Marco should stop being hard headed! Not just because Mike is always there for him, it means he agrees! I hope in the following chapters, Marco would know how to deal with his problems properly.

  18. Im really getting more and more excited reading about this story. You should definitely write a book or publish this one. Its really a great story!

  19. I hate to think but I ended up internalizing Marco's character. Seriously I am seeing my character beneath his daredevilish side. Plus, I'm more of fond of such genres like this.

  20. Oh, I wonder if you fear someone would plagiarize what you have written here. From what I read, this is probably just a snippet from a novel you are writing. Honesty, I got scared of the story. Hope there is a silver lining somewhere.

  21. I'm starting to think that I don't like Marco very much anymore! It seems...... his only redeeming feature is his love for his kids. Maybe love can save him ultimately? Yes I am a romantic at heart! :)

  22. I don't know if in real life there are more people who's like Marco. I mean, they must be really bored with life so they keep finding more interesting ways and even dangerous ones.

  23. i think you should get your story published! it would make it so much easier to read as well

  24. I missed a few episodes but looks like the core of the story is getting exciting. Poor Marco, all the money in the world can't buy him happiness

  25. Oh my god, of all things, hire people to kill himself? This is so crazy! But I totally understand why he find that exciting. When he's depending on drugs to stay alive, he's almost someone without a future..

  26. I agree with Gillian, you will earn pa if you will make a novel and publish. This looks like a promising story.

  27. I want to know more about this Game and how it would play out. You really need to hang on for the next episode. Abangan!

  28. I wonder what will happen in the game. It's a real cliffhanger.

  29. And so the plot thickens! Fun and games to be had all around, huh? Great chapter!

  30. Wow. I didn't expect Marco to be so lethargic or suicidal! I would have thought he wanted to live for his children!!

  31. Now that is an interesting turn of events! I am looking forward to what you have in store for us next :)

  32. I like Marco's dark layered character ! The story gets more intriguing!

  33. Marco must have some bizarre sort of death wish to make such an arrangement with his ex. Unfortunately, for every bored billionaire looking for a thrill, there's a hungry creep around the corner eager to satisfy it.


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