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The Media And The Beginning Of Game FX #OFW60

“I’m excited to know that people all around the globe are focused on my endeavor…I like it Mike…it makes me feel very important person, that they’ll give their attention to me…And, it’ll erase the worries I have had…Mike please, I need this very badly…,” as my tears are falling down my cheeks which I knew deep down my heart that I loved my children from Ayah Isabel and Danielle.

“Marco….don’t…I can’t …please don’t …I can’t bear to see you like this…come on man!!”

“Mike….I’m lonely…I missed my children…”

“You need your booster now? I’ll get it for you?”

“Yes…before I begin with my Game FX…yes Mike. You know, those drugs are giving me much energy to live…to keep living….but I’m dead inside!”

“I know Marco…I know…relax okay?”

I stood in front of the huge mirror looking with my reflection, asking if it’s me or another person inside of me. I’ve got no answer but still I continued looking the wholeness of Marco Fernando, the thrill-seekers. I removed my shirt, got naked fully and again looked the image of myself. I turned to the left, turned to the right and fingered a pouch of diamonds. I went to the bathroom for my shower, towel-dried my body and back in front of the mirror naked when Mike appeared at the door.

“Marco, get ready now….one more hour to go, we’ll start the party. The crowds are very eager to see and ask you some questions.”

“Yes I’m ready.”

“Put on your brief Marco and the servant will massage your whole body…light massage will do….”

“Okay fine.”

After 10 minutes of light massage, another servant gave a glass of orange juice and took a rest on my bed.

The time has come for me to wear my single-breasted tuxedo suit with the help of my servant. Another whole body viewing of myself together with the servant; I was satisfied with my outfit when Mike entered, embraced me tightly and said, “Good luck Marco Fernando, you’re the best!” While holding his shoulders I said, “Thank you…I love you brother!”

Mike escorted me from my room going to the huge veranda overlooking the gigantic receiving area for our guests. The scene was so panoramic, grandeur and elegant. Even I couldn’t decipher my true feeling about my status as a billionaire.

I looked down at the guests who stared and applaused when I raised my right hand to them waving. I am not an actor in the movie; especially in opera house, but I had the charisma to tumbling them down through my antics. I used this before and it’s needed now.

Two beautifully sculptured stair railings are built for this purpose which made my entrance a dramatic one.

Cameras and videos of different brands, started to blind my vision. It hurts. I knew it. I continued my everlasting smile to them descending from the stairs together with Mike and the guards. I don’t like this way, it’s like I’m a prisoner!

I remembered those times when Ayah Isabel and I were walking from West Avenue up to the Luneta Park to discover something beautiful about Manila. Those were the days...those struggling moment of our lives...those stairways to my life...alone.

I couldn’t believe that Danielle contributed so much with my life ever since I was a struggling student; a nobody from the province of Negros Occidental, a trying hard person with lots of dreams, a dreamer, but now, I wanted Danielle to kill the erase those dreams.

I slowly went up the stage escorted by Mike Luna and the guards. I sat on the chair while Mike delivered his speech as the opening ceremony. I observed my guests sitting on their respective tables; buzzing and talking which made the area like an astrodome. Media people were moving from one place to the other to get the close-up footage of me and the activities.

In a table near the stage, I noticed Danielle and Roger were having their time chatting to each other, or discussing their strategy with the job? I don’t know, but all I knew Danielle wanted the job so much, to pin me down. I saw it in her eyes when I focused my sight on her. I liked what I saw on her eyes; her motivation to play this game.

At last, I stood behind the rostrum where I received a standing ovation for my guests. I waved my right hand, they stopped buzzing and I spoke my first words. “Good morning people….thank you for coming and I really glad your presence here today,” that I suddenly shouted, “Game FX!!” Everybody stood up and shouted; “Game FX” too, clapped their hands to the highest level. I raised my right hand again to silence them. It added to my ego to know that I can command them through this way.

“Today, it’s the starting point of the Game FX, truthfully, large sum of money’s at stake and the danger that comes with it. But this is my decision…its final. Agreement was approved by the two hit men. Truly, I think you know them too. Enjoy your food and drinks….All the guests will receive an envelope courtesy of my kindness to mankind. Mike will be in-charge for this gift. Right now, I’m ready to answer your queries...”

They applauded as a sign in thanking me. Media people at the front started to ask me.

“Sir Marco, I’m from FNN International; my question is….Why did you decided this dangerous game that could result to your death? Thank you.”

“I liked excitement….and I have all the material things that I ever wanted in my life. So, this excitement doubled when I knew that my ex-lover will do it.”

“Sir Marco Fernando, do you still love your ex-lover Danielle?”

“Actually, I have two children from her which she kept away from me….I missed them….She’s married now to Roger Ferrer, also, the accomplice for this Game FX.”

“And why you selected them to do this job, Sir?”

“As I said, it excites gives total the way I have to go, thank you.”

I hurriedly left the stage, walked briskly towards the sanctuary room, open the locked door and undressed naked. I hastily put on the camouflage, get dressed and carried my back pack. I opened the secret passage where the vehicle was parked for this purpose. I switched it on, push the accelerator and left through the back door.


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    Anyway nice intro.
    I like the way you introduced the core characters enough in short snippets, something I have problems with... just revealing enough.
    Something tells me this story is gonna be a hell of a rollercoaster ride.

    A toast, GAME FX!

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