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The New Billionaire #OFW56

I took my time inside our room where I slept without knowing it. I woke up but still Ayah’s not around and the children too. I went outside the condominium, hailed a taxi cab and went to a shopping mall near the Global City. I consumed two shot of espresso in a coffee shop, rent a car and drove to Villa Verde Subdivision in Imus, Cavite at the Governor’s house. I asked the guard about the Governor and the children, but still the same answer I’ve got. I went outside the subdivision and drove back to SM Shopping Mall in Makati. I sat down in one of the coffee shop when I saw Ayah and the children walking past the shop. I hastily paid my bill and followed them.

They went inside the pizza restaurant where I still followed them. When they sat down, I appeared in front of them. The children kissed and greeted me while Ayah not minding us. I sat beside her.

“How are you my love?” I whispered to her but she didn’t answer me. “Anne, Kent, what do you like today?”

“Daddy I like Hawaiian pizza…but we’ll be having three pizzas to all of us and two pitchers of cola drink.”

“Yes that’s fine….call the waiter…”

We ate together and the children enjoyed the food while Ayah’s not in the mood to talk to me. I talked to my children as usual, as their father which I observed them one-by-one. The time I spent with them was not totally in full force while I was staying in Dubai. I thought that this was the time to tell them about their education and to open up their concerns in front of Ayah Isabel.

“Guys, I decided to send you all to universities, so that all of you can interact with your friends while growing up. But be aware of the danger that comes with this new development. To all of you, do you have any concern that I want to know about?”

“Daddy, as for me I’m with you with that decision, and will take in-charge for my brothers and sister. Count on me Daddy.” Anne said.

“Very good Anne, I can count on you with this one…get in touch with your Uncle Eduardo for your needs, okay?”

The children approved with my decision and they’re glad for the outcome. Ayah’s only listening to us while sipping her cola.

“All of you must study and finish your schooling for a given time, no extra hang-out and be on time with your undertakings.”

We went home together which made me conclude that Ayah’s truly hated me. Her actions worried me too much, for I cannot make her understood my side of everything. I wanted that way of thinking from her ever since and I wanted it now and forever. My egoistic self was not to make amends but to keep at bay when things went wrong; study it and finds solutions. That’s me. But deep inside of me, it crumpled my heart by not learning to understand fully Ayah’s situation.

I met my brother Eduardo and Bryan, giving them written instructions on how to keep my children and Ayah, and of course the businesses in the Philippines. My planned itineraries were built in building my business empire in the Middle East, wherein Riyadh City’s the next destination.

At midnight time, Bryan and Eduardo went with me up to the airport for my flight back to Dubai. The weather was invigorating cool with light rain scattered in the airport area when I embarked on the plane. The thronged of passengers bothered me not for I was thinking of something that I cannot deciphered upon. The usual travelling from Philippines to Dubai didn’t give much excitement for me anymore. It’s rather usual thing to do despite the fact that our custom and tradition were very different from the Middle East people.

I arrived in Dubai with usual feeling, same as what I felt before, it gives me the power to go on with my ambition; to be a billionaire someday.

The next day, I composed my management personnel who were assigned to Riyadh City for our first business venture in that place. They in turn, disseminate information to them for their training. We took advantage of the season of coming to Riyadh wherein, we organized the main office along Takhassussi Road. The place was very convenient with our operations with a separate building for our inventories and maintenance. I built a commissary outside the city center as what the regulation of Riyadh Government.

We opened up four stores month after month which made my business revenues instantly higher by 40% compared to last year. The additional business assets were continuously gaining its momentum in the food market. I doubled the store openings afterwards that I recruited more staff to manage the spreading business.

I organized the whole manpower, selected more leaders, and unified the company’s system in the main office. I assigned my brothers; Eduardo and Manuel to be the COO of UAE and Saudi Arabia areas respectively. Bryan was left in the Philippines and recruited new staff for his manpower requirements.

I lifted-up some other business entities, assigned new leaders and monitored their developments. These businesses were moving steadily in upward movement that I took my time to discover some beautiful places around the world. Momentarily forgetting the family matters that I always entwined within my heart.

Together with Mike, we traveled from one country to another, developing relations with wealthy people globally. I developed new adventure with my newfound status that international media people wanted to extract some juicy-matters with my personal life. I wanted these people for my self-esteem to boast something from other people who have the money, but didn’t want to be what they wanted in life.

My new life gave me the courage to deal with wealthy people around the world. It relied upon my determination to live within the boundaries of my strength and capabilities. Really amazing to know the things that I didn’t have the knowledge before, but with my money, I can dictate the craziness of mankind.

“Mike, what do you think of me, I mean…my status in life? Really I want to know?”

I asked Mike Luna one day when we’re having coffee in the coffee shop. He looked at me, then, looked at the people passing by beside our table. His action meant nothing for him, but for me, it made me think differently. By his status in accompanying me everywhere, I trusted him with my personal undertakings. He’s right in some other ways, but I got his inner feelings to cooperate with mine totally. Our attitudes were reciprocal with our mindset, personalities and even dislikes.

With much luck on my side, I’ve got the title as the new billionaire, the “King of the Third World” in the business arena globally. I cannot say that I didn’t like the title but all I can do was to be with them as long as I’m gaining profits every second of my life.

I’ve got the latest and updated reports with my businesses and family through the centralized method of reporting; personal, business and news around the world. Eduardo, my brother was the one who’s in charge for this endeavor. Our communication’s bound for secrecy as what I instructed to him.

Even in Dubai, I knew what’s happening with my businesses and former friends especially Danielle and Roger. My heart still ached for my two children with Danielle which I didn’t meet a long time ago. He wall kept us separated. A pain deep inside who captured the essence of my well-being. I had children with Ayah Isabel but I knew that they’re protected all along. While these values kept on bugging me, peace couldn’t give much with my personal life.

“Mike…Mike…can you come here please…”

“Yes Marco…what is it?”

“What’s the doctor says about my health?”

“He said, continue taking the adrenaline-booster pills to sustain the energy you’ve sent everyday…..and stop taking worrying…”

“I’m taking my booster Mike…thank you…”

“You know what Marco, Roger telephoned me yesterday…wanted to talk to you….he said, very important….”

“Schedule him next week Mike, by the way, how’s your wife Lina?”

“She’s fine and my boy…in college now.”

I thought of Ayah Isabel at that moment, our children, three were in college and the two in high school. They’re growing up rearing to embrace the outside world; a place where they can explore its true meaning and expand their way of thinking through their noble hearts.

“Great Daddy Mike…”

“Thank you Marco, that’s because of you my friend.”

“You read the international newspaper today?”

“Nahhh, what about?”

“About your high profile lifestyle, it says here you spend millions everyday…..just to boast your wealth…”

“So what? What’s the point? They’re nothing Mike! Why…they can support me?”

“Uhuhhh…cool Marc…it’s just news…but it’s true, isn’t it?”

“Give me my golden box….come with me to the Sanctuary…”

“Marc, I told you before…stop this non-sense habit of yours….”

“Mike…go..…get the golden box!!” I shouted hysterically going to the Sanctuary room in the basement. I entered, felt the change in temperature and sat in the floor. Mike hurriedly prepare the solution and assembled the syringe.

“Mike don’t leave me…..okay…just stay…”

He injected into my arm to pacify my emotion, really it gave me the feeling of joy – the true happiness. It subside the anxieties and worries of my well-being. The drug diffused within my veins totally and instantly. The surrounding’s becoming vague while I held Mike’s arm. He carried me to my bed, positioned carefully and switched on the music player. The music soothed my mind and the wilderness besets within me.

Mike knows his job when this situation happened. He experienced this for a long time, where he took good care of everything within his reach. He’s loyal to me, that he gave his love taking care of my personal life.


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  4. It's great to see how Marco's empire has grown. He has really gone a long way.

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