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The Female Hostage #OFW62

When we arrived, I parked the car in front of the gate. I held the lady’s arm pretending to be my lover. I opened the door, seated her at the sofa and tied her wrists and mouth.

“Now, can you answer my question please? Cooperate with me, do what I told you to do…then you’re safe. Do not make any move that makes me angry, understood?”

She nodded with fear in her eyes….full of tears.

It’s evening time that I went into the bathroom to cool myself from the tiring chasing incidents. It gives me the liberty to release the tension from being chased by the two-hungry people. My wound’s deep when I checked, that I hastily dried myself, went outside the house to buy medical items from the nearest pharmacy.

She’s still there looking at me while I’m busy tending my wound, took off my mask, maybe she’s amazed with my facial feature; different from what she thought to be.

I’ve got the bullet inside my flesh, applied medicines and wrapped with bandage. I prepared our food, gave to her a plate which she eluded at first, but I insisted that she had to ate the food. I helped her when my mobile phone rang, “Marco, it’s me, Mike Luna. You heard the news about the chaos that you made?”

“Not yet Mike, I’m not reading the newspaper.”

“Be careful with the police and other government authorities…they’re following you.”

“Of course I will Mike.”

“Marco…Roger’s dead and Danielle left for this job.”

“Ohhh I see….what happened to him?”

“He was shot by the police yesterday in San Agustin Church in Intramuros. And, I heard that you captured a lady with you?”

“Yes Mike, I’m feeding her now.”

“So, where’s Danielle now?”

“She already knew your apartment and the girl…”

“The girl why?”

“She’s together with a man, right?”


“Danielle knows the identity of that man…that she wanted to help him.”

“Well…tell her to find me…and beat me…and kill me!”

“Where’s your next destination, so that I can give a hint to Danielle?”

“Where I studied…my college years….”

“Okay Marco…don’t worry at all…I’m here for you…bye!”


I kept wondering why Mike Luna said that, but I observed the girl, she’s beautiful like Danielle’s beauty. I sat beside her carrying my canned beer because my intention was to asked her identity. And, I’m curious about her; that I had to know so that I could talk to her when I needed something.

“What’s your name?”


“How old are you?”

“Seventeen going to eighteen…”

“Not a girl anymore but a lady….a woman…..right?”

“Yes sir….”

Still looking at her I remember my daughter but I persuaded myself for other things to talk about.

“When you need something or going to the bathroom, kindly tell me okay?”

She nodded and looked at me. I checked the house and the surrounding for our security. Any moment Danielle will shower us with bullets from her machine gun.

I switched on the TV; Saan Ka Man Naroroon was aired at that time. I watched the drama episode for twenty minutes which Aira’s watching too.

“You want to clean yourself first before sleeping? Tomorrow…I’ll buy you some of your personal items…I mean personal hygiene stuff…”

“Sir…not now...tomorrow after you buy me…”

“Buy me what?”

“I mean sir….personal…things…tomorrow…”

“Okay…go to sleep now...tomorrow we’ll travel.”

I handed-in one of the throw pillow to her which she accepted and hugged instantly. She has the charisma that pulled my being into her, to know her fully and why. I kept my distance to her, I swore to myself before sleeping near her.

I dreamed of something’s scary that I suddenly woke up, looked at the wall clock and it’s two in the early morning. I tried to decipher my dream but in vain. The stillness gave me the feeling of remoteness inside my heart. I observed Aira in the other side; she’s sleeping tightly. I sat down to clear my mind for a minute, went to the kitchen and drank a bottle of orange juice.

I heard a faint sound coming from the front door which I quickly went to the door and observed. I am sure somebody’s outside near the car where I parked. I peeped in the curtain that I saw a shadow near the car and other one at far end of the road. I squatted for a while, went to Aira in crouching position and woke her up.

“Aira wake up…quick….,” whispering to her but with urgency. She followed what I said where I gathered my things especially the back pack. It’s always ready and handy. We groped our way to the back door in the kitchen going to the concrete wall where I pushed her up totally into the other side. I carefully lifted her up for easy access to the narrow way going to the other street. We ran as fast as we can, going to Roxas Boulevard but the assassins were following us. They’re not together on this pursuit but instead allowing themselves to run after us.

As we ran farther from them heading to the corner of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard, we turned right going to EDSA-Pasay Rotonda, where I decided to enter into a Beer House. But the assassin fired a shot to us that a customer was hit in the stomach. The Police Patrol car arrived in the Beer House that we distanced ourselves to the place. We continued running even though dangers were looming to us.

I stopped a taxi cab which gave us freedom to go wherever we want, but it’s me who would decide for this game. My planned travel going to Bacolod City was finally materialized for this event. Even though I’m not sure which way I’ll decide to go, still, my conscience dictated me to proceed.

The thing that kept on bugging was the way the assassin stared at Aira when we’re in the Beer House. I knew its Danielle alone, but why she’s acting that way?

“Brother, take us to Manila Domestic Airport…hurry please…”

“Okay sir.”

We disembarked at the taxi cab, went inside an open restaurant and seated at the secluded area near the restroom. I ordered two meals for us and wait.

“Don’t make a move that betray me okay? Behave….if you don’t, there’s no other way but put this in your wrists.”

“Okay sir…I’ll behave as what you’ve said.

Our food arrived after ten minutes and I asked the waiter, “Friend, is there a travel agency here that’s open this hour?”

“No sir…just ask the one in-charge inside that terminal….if you can avail as a chance passenger.”

“Okay thank you.”

We ate our food without saying a word, just glancing to each other once in a while. I don’t want to reveal my true self to her. And, why I have to do it? She’ll ask me if she wants something. I looked at her, observed and gobbled up the remaining burger.

“You want some more?” I asked her while my mouth was full.

“I’m full...sir…”

“Don’t be shy…I want to eat some more...”

“And why you’re eating that much? Are you going to die?”

“I’m doing this as a game to excite me.”

“Life is beautiful, do you know that sir? Like this one, eating our food to live…for tomorrow.”

“Are you hoping to live when your life is in danger?” I asked her with sarcastic tone.

“You see, we eat our food as much as we want…. to live. Our lives depend on what we decided upon for ourselves…..”

“Maybe….maybe not….it depends…,” when my mobile rang, disturbing my thoughts about life. “Hello…Mike, what’s up?”

“Marco, where are you now?”

“In Manila, why? Is there an update?”

“Yes Marco, I disposed Roger’s body secretly…and…everything’s okay according to our agreements…and…Danielle asked me your whereabouts?”

“As what I’ve said….heading to where I’ve studied my college education…Mike, did Danielle hired another assassin for this game?”

“No, I think….none…none whatsoever…”

“Okay bye! I trusted you Mike about this game.”



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