Monday, December 8, 2014

The Revelation #OFW63

We waited until office hours to book our flight going to Bacolod City. I brought Aira with my own accord that I greatly took care of her even in a single minute. Inside the plane, I thoroughly watched her but she slept all throughout our travel. I, on the other hand felt the extreme emotional worry that I cannot explained. The thing that bothered me was unknown to my conscious mind, but I anticipated these deep inside.

After disembarkation, we went to the city center, looked for a hotel and rest until lunch time. I chained Aira on the bed, went outside the hotel to buy her personal supplies. When I’m back, she’s sitting looking at me that I put the plastic bag in front of her saying nothing. I gave her wrists a freedom to check the content of the bag.

“Can I have a bath now…,” she said while taking her clothes off. I answered, “Yes,” in a manner that I felt awkward about her actuation. She’s young and beautiful I knew that from the start. I was not inclined for her situation. All that matters to me was the game that excites me, and the energy that’s being released by my body when in danger. I needed it; I knew it.

I saw her came out in the bathroom wrapping her body with towel. She went directly to me sitting in a sofa.

“Where’s my new dress? You bought some personal hygiene only?” She demanded like a child in front of me. I got surprised by her action that I stood at once and held her arms.

“Don’t worry…I’ll stay with you until the end.” She surprised me again, that I went outside the hotel and bought her a pair of jeans and T-shirts. I came back hurriedly, opened our hotel room and find her in the kitchen making smoothies for both of us.

“Where did you get that stuff?” I asked her.

“Inside the fridge, why?”

“Nothing…is it fresh?”

“Yes…try this..,” as she gave me the drink. I tasted it and gulped instantly.

“Do you trust me now sir?”

“Why I have to do that to you?”

“Because I liked to be with you…I mean….always be with you. You know, I’m longing for my father for a long time now. My grandfather wanted us to forget him.”

I kept my silence thinking of my situation looking at her while she’s talking; when a sudden banged at the door made us both to be near each other and hide at the back of the fridge, where the towel wrapping her naked body dropped at the floor. I hastily got the towel in a crouching position and gave it to her. I fingered the gun that I kept inside my pants.

“Marco, I know you are there…where’s the girl? Let’s stop this craziness of yours!” I heard Danielle shouting at the other end of the dining hall. I knew it’s her.

“Why you wanted the girl?” I shouted back at her where my energy started to rise.

“You don’t know? I saw her in Manila….. I’m sure she’s my daughter! Don’t be a fool Marco!”

With my amazement for what I’ve heard, I suddenly looked at Aira who was looking for me too. “Danielle…your mother…,” as I whispered to her. She nodded positively. “Why my mother’s here?”

I caught by my sudden emotion that I held Aira’s body to stand up, clamped my left hand over her shoulder and make her a shield to Danielle.

“Are you alone? Show yourself at the open! Now!”

I viewed Danielle aiming a gun, eyes on us and ever ready to kill. I estimated my position to her angle and anticipated the recourse in defending Aira too. My conscience was to defend Aira, not as a shield but bait for Danielle to come out openly.

“Now Danielle, who is this girl I’m holding?”

“She’s my daughter Shaira!”

“Our daughter…?”

“Yes Marco!”

I whispered into Aira’s ear, “Is she your mother?”

“Yes…,” that she started to cry and said, “Why the two of you are fighting each other?”

I didn’t answer for Airas’ question instead, I asked Danielle, “Where’s Roger Ferrer….your husband?”

“He’s with Mike Luna at your house.”

“He’s alive?”


“Are you sure?”

“I said yes!”

“Then why you’re alone in pursuing me?”

“Because I want to get my daughter….that Roger didn’t want me to!”


“He wanted the money only….not my daughter!”

All of the sudden, I saw Danielle fall on the floor and blood started to spread onto the carpet. Aira cried miserably, ran into Danielle’s lifeless body and shouted in pain. I pulled her shouting, “Come…quick…”


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  1. wow!such a great writing...just enjoyed it completely.

  2. She wanted a dress but then instead a pair of jeans and t-shirt were given. I think that's fine. The thing that's more glaring is the death of Danielle. I wonder if her life can be saved.

  3. That must be traumatic for Aira. I think having Aira in the picture should have stopped this game already.

  4. I thought She's going to take off her towel! Nice! this story is getting better and better.

  5. There goes the twist! Great story. More please!

  6. I KNEW IT! I knew that she was connected to Marco! I had a strong feeling she was the daughter I just didn't say it in the former blog post because I might ruin your story. HEHE!!!

  7. OMG!!!! I totally saw this coming! She's at the same age!! I hope they bond while on the run!

  8. I've been following your write-ups for quite some time now, I think you should get this published :). Keep it up boss.

  9. great story teller...nice choice of words and the twist!

  10. The last few parts of the story have been intense. Looking forward to the next part.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this one, cant wait for the continuation :)

  12. I really enjoyed reading this one, cant wait for the continuation :)

  13. I was shocked! I did not expect that to happen with Danielle. A bit sigh here now, I don't know what to say.

  14. Aghh bigla akong nabitin, what a revelation.

  15. Haven't been able to follow this story for quite a while, looks like many revelations are yet to unfold.

  16. This part is tragic, will Danielle really die in the end?

  17. As I keep on reading this one, I am imagining how this situation being portrayed by the characters in the story as it is being filmed. Their dialogues are so common or familiar. What I am after is how do the character play their part in a movie that way you've presented it here. Very nice!


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