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The Ending Of Mike Luna #OFW65

The worries formed within me for a long time ceased in every minute I was with my daughter. She healed the anxieties by giving the love I longed for them. Even the darkest hour of my life as a billionaire, she slowly molded the hope of living inside my heart. The beauty of life that she planted grows tremendously. I never expected it though, but fate has its course for both of us.

I embraced her tightly as she nestled within my arms, closest to my heart. The warmth of her love gave everlasting moment for me. I love my daughter. I felt it. She extended her love without saying a word. She felt it too, I thought.

I had to keep her at the safe place for I will finish this game of my making. I never imagined that this encounter could multiply a hundred folds on my being. She soared like an eagle capturing me as her prey. I called Mike Luna before disembarking from the bus in Bacolod City.

“Hello, Mike I need an update?

“About what Marco?”

“Mike, is there a problem?”

“Actually not a problem….I mean…yes, the news about Danielle is that the Governor her father already claimed the body and news are spreading negatively about you.”

“Mike are you alright?”

“Forget it, bye!”

I was quite troubled with Mike’s behavior that I changed my plan; instead of staying in Bacolod City, going to my house in Cavite’s the best option to settle this game. Knowing what really matters with the Game FX agreement and I for one, changed my outlook with this game unto my life. I need to live more to be with my daughter and for all the loved ones I had with Ayah Isabel.

We traveled by plane that after two hours we’re in Manila Domestic Airport. I left Shaira in a hotel room, hired a car and proceeded to my house in Cavite. I was still wearing my mask when I arrived. I entered into the gate which the guard questioned me for my identity.

“Guard, call Mike Luna,” as I removed my mask.

“Yes sir.”

“Guard, what is it?”

“He’s not answering sir.”

“Okay, watch carefully.”

“Yes sir.”

I dialed Mike Luna’s number while parking the car; he’s not answering the phone. My instant actuation called for me to be aware with myself. This feeling of doubt since Danielle told me that Roger was here. He’s not dead, I thought. I have to find out.

Instead of entering the front door, I walked briskly at the back where I saw one of the house helper. I asked him about Mike Luna but he did not answer me.

“Why you’re not answering me Danny? Is there a problem? You know me, isn’t it?”

“Yes sir I know you.”

“And why you’re not answering!”

“Sir Mike told me not to talk to anybody about…sorry sir Marco,” he stopped and walked away.

I entered into the kitchen area where I found the house helpers were cooking but they didn’t bother of my presence. Minding their behaviors made me realized that I losing my focus and energy. So, I resumed my way up to the guest area. I heard somebody’s talking at the other end where I slowly peeped in and I saw Roger was talking to a man holding an attaché case. At the other side, Mike Luna had a meeting with three persons whose faces that I didn’t recognize.

I entered into a maintenance room where I can view them all and can hear their conversation as well. But my energy told me to appear before them, asked and questioned them for what’s happening right now. I fingered the gun to be sure that it’s with me when worst comes to worst.

I slowly appeared before them that Mike Luna and Roger Ferrer were caught by my presence. Mike ordered his men at once to capture me, seated in front of him and started to talk.

“How are you Marco Fernando? Surprised? Don’t worry I’ll explain it to you….all.”

“What about? Why like this? What happened Mike?”

“I’m serving you Marco ever since in Dubai, right? And….I helped you when you arrived in Manila. The thing is…I envy of your fortune…you’re lucky all throughout…and…and…I’m a big loser!”

“Why Mike, we’re friend isn’t it? I trusted you!”

“Thank you for that Marc but Roger told me that…,” he suddenly stopped that Roger punched me on my face twice. “Isn’t it you wanted this?” Mike showed the syringes on the box. “I will give this to you…your vitamin Marc.”

“Mike, I’m not using that anymore!”

“Owwww, Come on Marco the billionaire! You amassed your wealth through Danielle! And that’s the truth!”

“Mike, I trusted you with my businesses and you know all my wealth. You know that from the start. Why you’re behaving like this…friend?”

“As I said, I envy with you…understand? It’s a long time that I worked with you…and I have to take my share with your wealth. The agreement of the Game FX were faked by me…Roger knew it from the start…that he wanted to eliminate Danielle.”

“You’re the one who killed Danielle? How can you do that to her? She’s your wife, isn’t it Roger?”

“All I wanted…for her….her wealth only….not love Marco,” Roger said. “I married her for that purpose only but still she wanted you…I knew that even from the start….Danielle still loves you. Even when you’re not with her…she loved and idolized you. She married me just to make you jealous. I know it bastard! You’ve got everything…..wealth….good life….good family….and…ahhhhhhhh!!!” Roger punched me totally, all over my body. The pain that I’ve received from him never registered on my being. I absorbed it with such gladness in my heart. I wanted this pain so much that it made me happy and gave me the total repentance for being their friends. I looked at Mike with fire but Roger continued to energize the fire within me.


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  1. I have no idea what is going on here, but it sounds like I have to start from the beginning.

  2. Hahah! Oh my gosh, this is so dramatic. It sounds like a Taiwanese drama that I am watching now..

  3. This seems like a nice post although I am a bit confused.

  4. Wow!! Very dramatic indeed - certainly a great film based setting! Sim x

  5. I used to be familiar with marco and the game and danielle but there were stories I missed and I missed a lot. When will you be publishing the book? It is easier to stay in the story once everything is completed/

  6. Aaah, the things people do for love. And, the price that people pay for unrequited love. Nothing is more painful than being with someone who's never loved you from the beginning.

  7. I am at the edge of concluding that Mike Luna would be killed by Marco's gun. But the story held up for next chapter... very good story presentation, though, it is a common situation if everyone is used to reading short story of similar plot. I might be thinking that the end of Mike Luna will be a grappling of gun by Marco and himself and the gun's trigger accidentally pulled and hit Mike on his breast nearest to his heart. What do you thin? Sounds familiar?

  8. Interesting stories as always. Anticipate for the next chapter...

  9. I was wondering how other people got involved in the game. This was the reason I suspected Mike Luna would betray Marco. My hunch was right.

  10. Roger finally dared to show his true face directly, his hatred and envy are escalating and I don't know what is going to happen next and how far he will go.... It is incredible how much envy wealth and love bring into your competitors' eyes!

  11. Ive been waiting for this and you wrote another great story there. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  12. Such an addictive stories! You have a very good imaginative power. Shall wait for your next story

  13. Of all characters! I didn't expect that from Mike!! I was so sure he was always on Marco's side!! To hell with Roger. ugh.

  14. I wasn't able to follow the story since this is already a continuation. :(

  15. This kind of stories proves that money is the source of most evil. :( Sad that Mike chose wealth than the friendship they have built.

  16. I really need to bookmark and start from the beginning! Your writing is so powerful though!

  17. That last paragraph is so well-written. A confession that reveals a man's deepest secret and frustration. And it makes us yearn for the next episode.

  18. The first and last paragraph are wonderfully written. The entire post is wonderful.. it's just that the first and last paragraph got my attention. So full of emotion! :)

  19. Betrayed and double-crossed by best friend... and now caught... I wonder how is he going to escape!

  20. I knew betrayal and envy would kick in... Why can't we humans just be genuinely happy for others? It's the $64,000 question.

  21. I've been missing a few parts of the story, but this one is very dramatic indeed! It's really sad that money and envy can really destroy friendships in real life...


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