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The Revival #OFW67

A week had passed, as we walked near the garden, I felt the sun rays warmth my skin and flesh. An invigorating freshness, after an emotional outburst just like the multi-colored flowers around me welcoming for a new day. I closed my eyes, smelled the morning dew and felt my heart was beating for me to continue living. A beautiful life and a beautiful day indeed!

“Nurse, thank you... orange juice please.”

“Okay sir….a moment please.” The nurse served the orange juice with a smile on his face, “Sir, you want something to eat?”

“Thank you, later.” I said as another servant came. “Sir Marco, you have visitors at the guest’s house, would you like them to come here?”

“Who are they?”

“Your family from Manila sir.”

“Where’s your sir Edward?”

“He’s coming….on the way now.”

“Okay, send them here.”

My five children came running to me which I hugged them all at once. Tears were falling down on my checks, I missed them so much.

“Dad, you’re so dramatic,” Anne Rose said while wiping my tears.

“I’m so very happy to meet you all…my children!”

“Dad, how are you now?” Kent asked.

“Yes Dad, how’s your feeling now?” John said.

“Don’t worry….I’m fine now but the problem is….I can’t remember some of your name,” as I smiled to them. “Anne Rose..right?”

“Yes Dad! Yeheyy, you remember my name,” as Anne Rose kissed and embraced me.

“You’re a woman now my little princess.” I said to Anne. “And, this is Michael?”

“Dad, I’ll introduce them to you, alright?” Anne said and I nodded.

“Next to me is Kent Ian, then, John Philip and this is Danny Robert. The last one is Christine Mae….the youngest.” Anne pinpointed them one by one in front of me that I kissed and hugged them, one by one too. But the youngest Christine stayed with me by my side.

“Dad, I love you….I heard you’re a superstar!”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha….” I laughed lightly when Edward appeared.

“Hello my friend Marco Fernando?”

“Hello my friend Edward Ramirez?”

Edward embraced and hugged me. “How do you feel now? It’s been a week since the doctor injected some drugs for you to take a rest thoroughly.”

“I’m fine now Edward….and thank you for saving me.”

“Don’t mention it, I’m your best friend remember?”

“Yes, but how do you know about them?”

“Well, in Dubai City, I knew their situation, I mean Danielle and Roger. They’re quarreling about the money coming from you. And they’re not in good terms. I hired a detective service to follow them. Actually, the plan came from Roger Ferrer not Danielle or Mike Luna.”

“I see…thanks to you. How’s your wife, your family?”

“Actually they’re together with Ayah Isabel and Lina Luna at the shopping mall. They’re coming…”

“Thank you for everything that you’ve done to me.”

Edward smiled at me and hugged me again. “Your children are grown up now, seems like yesterday, huh?’

“Yes, I want to live because of them. Edward I remember something, my daughter from Danielle Gustilo….I left her in the hotel before I went here….her name is Shaira Gustilo Fernando.”

“Same hotel in Makati?”

“Yes Edward. Can you check her for me?”

“Okay friend.”

Edward called the hotel in Makati City and positively talked to Shaira.

“Marco, she’s still there at the hotel. I think it’s better that I have to go there, pay the bills and fetch her up.”

“Yes Edward…. and this is the best time to introduce her to my family. What do you think?”

“You know better than me Marco.”

“I think, I’ll fetch Shaira in Makati and Ayah too at the shopping mall.”

“You know better than me Edward.”

“You fool my friend..ha-ha-ha-…Okay I’m going…”

As Edward started to leave; my five children appeared before me. They’re joyfully smiling at me which made me think other than making me happy. I was very happy!

“Dad, we knew what you are talking about….our sister Shaira? Uncle Edward told us before that you had two children from a woman named Danielle? Don’t worry, we’re grown up now and we understand about this matter. All of us, wants to meet her and don’t worry about Mommy, we can handle this.” Anne said.

“Thank you so much Anne, Kent, John, Danny and Christine. You’re all…so understanding…thank you my children…”

“Dad, be happy for your life….we’re behind you always.” Kent said to me holding my hand. “Yes Dad,” and the rest of the children said in unison.

They entertained me while we’re waiting for Ayah Isabel, Lina Luna, Shaira and Vivian Montoya. Our bonding was very successful in terms of getting to know each other again. That for the past years I’m away with them, my heart still longing the very core of their being; the very essence of their love for their father. With my situation right now; sitting, observing and smiling at them while they made their own effort to show their prowess in front of me which they cannot get while I’m in a normal state.

Loving the way I felt for them were making a waves of intimate feeling that they’re longing for a long time. The reciprocal relationship confirmed that I will stay for them, love them and lead the way for their future.

The nightmare that I experienced with my friends changed to a very beautiful feeling not to be found from other people, only on my beloved family. It’s with my loved ones that triggered the most valuable essence of my being. It was with them all throughout, but I cannot see when a shroud of material things covered my entire self.


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  1. It took Marco a crazy life threatening game with several betrayals and life lost to realize that his kids are enough reasons to keep living.

  2. I have heard about how the story was going to be published into a book. Congratulations!

  3. Interesting, you sure know how to evoke curiosity even to the first time visitors to your post. looking forward to more....

  4. Children are precious things....definitely the spark to life xx

  5. At least Marco realizzed how important family is.

  6. Your story hooked me up from the first time I read it. Really talented writing :D Will you publish this into a book?

    1. Yes, it's on the publishing phase now. I think, this coming March 2015, it will be at National Bookstore nationwide.

  7. Family is what matters most. Good thing Marco realized it.

  8. Natauhan din si Marco.. Family is one precious gem to treasure.

  9. Ohana is love :)
    I love how this portion is about family and togetherness, which is something that a lot of us Filipinos value. This sends a strong message to readers, good job!

  10. And he forgot his children's scenes with father crying is a scene I missed witnessing. I haven't seen Dad crying or even having tears on his eyes. He was always lively even at the last time I hugged and bid goodbye to him not knowing that it was the last. Hmmmm makes me miss dad now.

  11. Such a beautifully written scene! Can't wait for the continuation! :)

  12. Hmmm... now I'm suspecting how real are his kids to him, or are they after his fortune too? Your stories have so many twist that I can't help but wonder about that!

  13. It's nice that Marco was able to reconnect with his kids. They'll have a lot of new memories to create.

  14. I m curious what will happened to Marco. Shall wait for the next episode.

  15. This is going to have happy ending, right? You should also think about making this into a movie. Sell to the story to movie producers perhaps.

  16. Got hooked. I'm now wondering what will happen next.

  17. The plot is now getting interesting.

  18. At the end of the day, our kids give us plenty reason to stay alive an keep on truckin!

  19. This has been what I've been pointing out in my other former comments. Marco is too obsessed making a living... making himself a billionaire when he doesn't need any of that. It's good that he finally realized that the love, care and comfort of his family is enough to have a good life.

  20. Loved one in life is important. Anticipate for the next chapter...

  21. Family is what matters the most. Despite all the riches Marco have, it's still the family that makes him happy and feel complete.

  22. It's getting intense! Good on Marco, though. At least he is still attached to his family.

  23. Family is the most important even though you have all the material things in the world. I'm happy to see that all the five children of Marco came to see their father.


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