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The Turn Tail with My Daughter #OFW64

All of the sudden, I saw Danielle fall on the floor and blood started to spread onto the carpet. Aira cried miserably, ran into Danielle’s lifeless body and shouted in pain. I pulled her shouting, “Come…quick…”

We ran outside the hotel’s room, up to the exit door, and find our way through the vacant lot. We hid for a moment at the back of the mango tree and climbed onto the concrete fence. The bullets still following us which I couldn’t decipher where it came from and who’s firing at us. But I knew that this was still part of the game. At the other end, I saw the narrow way and hastily pushed Aira inside while I came after her. The smell of the place cannot stop us from escaping the route. We finally got the chance to run freely into an open road, grabbed a taxi cab heading to the southern part of Negros Occidental.

“Just drive us south…money is not a problem.” I said to the driver.

I decided to go to Hinigaran wherein I can find a refuge for my daughter. I was still contemplating my situation while travelling inside the taxi cab. Danielle was alone. She needed a long rest in heaven…or hell? And I’ll be the next in the line. I held Aira’s hand which she didn’t opposed and hugged her tightly. She started to cry again.

“Be brave my daughter….Daddy loves you…”

“Daddy…mommy’s dead…,” Aira’s continued to cry.

“Stop crying Aira…we’ll find out who’s behind the killing of your mother, okay?”

“Yes Dad…”

“Where’s your brother?”

“He’s with me at the San Agustin church when you took me? Can’t recognize him anymore Dad?”

“I can’t recognize both of you because of your mother and grandfather took away from me….both of you…”

“Dad….sorry…I recognized you ever since…I have a photo of you in my wallet. And, I knew this Game X in the newspaper.”

“Shaira..…where are you staying in Manila?”

“Actually Dad, we visited San Agustin Church to pray together because Marco Fernando Jr. was hired by the American company to work in New York. That day his flight… and also….we’re in hiding with Papa Ben….it’s almost two years now. Junior and I separated from him after graduation. He’s very strict and demanding person….”

“Shaira, why you did not contact me? I tried to find you at Imus…”

“Junior…don’t want me to….he’s angry about you…”

“I see...and your Mommy never visited you?”

“Mommy’s only calling Papa Ben and we can talk through the phone. The last time I talked to her, she’s worrying about money…”

“I’ll leave you in Hinigaran and be back for you. I have to finish this Game FX first…it’s okay with you?”

“Dad, I want to be with you always, even it’s dangerous…my life’s nothing now….Mommy’s dead and Junior’s left me..,” she began to cry again that my heart’s falling into pieces. I embraced and assured her that we’ll be together.

When we reached Hinigaran bridge I paid the driver and I noticed two cars were behind us. My instinct told me to elude them and to shield my daughter in any danger. It doubled my energy thinking my daughter was with me on this game.

“Brother, two cars are following behind us….just turn right going to the Hinigaran dock….just follow me….we’re in danger!”

“Okay Boss!”

We speeded up going to the back of Hinigaran Elementary School and turn left heading the main road. The driver was quite experienced, I thought while holding Aira’s hands.

“Don’t be afraid….I’ll try everything to protect you,” as I kissed her forehead.

Our speed was constant that I ordered the driver to turn left going inside the place called Cabubu-an. We parked at the back of the sugar cane field under the huge mango tree. We stayed there until the next morning together with the driver.

I woke up Shaira when I felt that the driver was gone. I looked around but I can’t find him. We waited for almost an hour when he appeared at a far distance bringing coffee and bread.

We ate inside the car, said goodbye to the driver and find our way through the coconut plantation. I thought that going to my father’s house was not feasible at this moment. So, I decided to go to the town proper to withdraw cash in the ATM machine. We took a tricycle cab, went down at the front of the bank and withdraw cash. I saw the two cars that were following us and I grabbed Shaira’s left arm.

“Quickly….come…go..…go….,” as we ran heading to the town market. Camouflaging there is better than in an open space, I thought while pulling Shaira’s hand. The sound of the guns made the townspeople to panic, running in every direction, but my mind still focusing on our situation. We continued to run heading the public plaza where the police are moving unto different places. The assassins too, were following us wherever we went, until I entered inside the church and went directly to the altar to hide. The right door was the way going to the Madeleine Academy where I studied after graduating in a primary level. At the left side door; the way going to the priest’s house where another metal door was made for a back door. I knew this way when I was still a child; a road going to Hinigaran Elementary School.

The sound of gunfire outside the church reverberated as we hurriedly found our way at the back door. We resumed running up to the end of the road, which we entered into the sugar cane field. The hotness of the sun, the scratch of the sugar cane leaves and the continuous perspiration resulted for us both to elude the assassins. I pulled Shaira down that we squatted to monitor the surroundings. She’s quivering for fear. I held her hands.

“Look at me, you can do it lady, isn’t it?”

“Yes Dad.”

“We can stay here for a while, and then, we’ll move going to the railroad up to the Hinigaran Drydock. Then, we can proceed to the main road. We’ll go to Bacolod City.”

“Yes Daddy, I trust you.”

Almost three hours that we stayed inside the sugar cane plantation which can be compared the heat like hell. We move on as what we planned; walked to the railway going to Hinigaran drydock, and continue walking up to the main road near the gasoline station.

The sun sets naturally with its alluring colors painting in the sky as its canvas. The beauty it showed was the reverse of what I felt with our situation. The life seemed cruel when your belief was faltered by your own predicament. It’s not the people around you that made your fate but the way you shaped your destiny.

We waited for a bus going to Bacolod City along with some other passengers who were hoping the same as what we aspired. At long last, the bus came that we instantly climbed the stair and positioned ourselves at the rear section. The alertness which I indulged all throughout this travel doubled when I thought of my daughter’s safety. What I wanted for her was not for myself anymore, it’s for her life. My life was nothing compared to my young daughter who never experienced the freedom to live comfortably.

The worries formed within me for a long time ceased in every minute I was with my daughter. She healed the anxieties by giving the love I longed for them. Even the darkest hour of my life as a billionaire, she slowly molded the hope of living inside my heart. The beauty of life that she planted grows tremendously. I never expected it though, but fate has its course for both of us.


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